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work, training at ZFC, and dude on twitter

Posted in fun, training, work on April 30th, 2011 by roxyfighter

Work yesterday was pretty good. It’s always a struggle to get through the morning. Especially when I eat breakfast at 4:30 AM, I’m starving by 9:30. My lunch break is at 1. I end up snacking (omg I typo-ed ‘smacking’) between lessons, so my co-workers think I’m always eating. lol But I had some good lessons. I taught some idioms to some high-level business guys, and they used them correctly in the lesson after that. Roxy-sensei was happy. ^_^v

So after work, I was feeling more energetic than earlier that morning. lol I went to ZFC and people showed up for early pre-practice sparring! 😀 Of course Kojima-san, and Ota-san, these other two guys, and a fellow Shimizu-san, who fought in the Sengoku card I was supposed to have fought on. >_<
Check out his record!

But I met him at the press conference and stuff. He’s so cool! After sparring, when the average classmembers were warming up, he took me asside and showed me a few COOL moves that I will definately be able to use! I almost wonder why I never heard of them until now, but they make perfect sense! 😀 I’m very excited about those! >:D

He’s so cool. I was watching him kick mits and thought, “Holy crap that’s fast! Will I ever be able to kick that fast?” Hah probably not, but I gotta make that my future goal! Ota-san held pads for me, but I pooped out at 8:30. I guess it’s not bad for intensive practice since 7. I went until 10 once….7 to 10, but I got ill the next day. Man…it’s so hard to balance everything in my life. I guess everybody says that, though. But getting home at 10 after ZFC really does work for my time schedule, rather than getting home from the AACC at 11.

That last pic is Shimizu, some random guy who joined sparring, and a third guy came up after we were done and said, “I got in the picture from behind!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!” Hahahaha

BUT I STILL WOKE UP AT 3:00AM, even with the Ambien. That stuff is just not working for me. ;_; Maybe I’ll quit after one week of using it…this is day 4. This sucks. ~_~; I had hoped it would solve my problems. *sigh*

I’m still hoping to get a fight soon….I thought something looked likely but I’m not sure now. My diet is good, just in case. My cardio is good, just in case. It’s hard to do extra cardio and cut weight when you don’t know if you’re fighting or not. Well, no use complaining! I’m a professional MMA fighter and I must act like it!

….so what’s up with that dude on twitter who linked me (@) and said “Women’s mma is just a dream and a dumb one at that. Because women’s mma takes away space on fight cards that can be used for legitimate fights ie men.”

I mean, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I respect that. He doesn’t wanna see women fights, fine, don’t watch. But why does he have to go and bother ME? What did *I* ever do to him? It’s kind of rude, don’t you think? I don’t see him messaging other fighter girls (although he was kind of rude to Tito Ortiz and other fighters). I’m not really upset, just kind of puzzled. o_O;; Then when I politely asked him, “So only men can be athletes?” he called me a glorified amateur and said that women get in the way of men on the wrestling mats. Okay, so if a woman goes in just to flirt, I admit that’s kind of getting in the way. BUT if she trains hard, then it’s alright.

People on twitter are telling me that he’s just a troll and not worth my time. But if the poor guy has a misconception, I wanted to try and get to the bottom of it. ^_^ He’s a person like me with opinions, right? I mean, I’m against drinking. I never drink alcohol. But you don’t see me going around to everyone trying to get them to stop drinking, do you?

Let’s just be nice to each other, and don’t try and crush each other’s dreams! He should try and be more positive.

btw, you like my shirt? Matthew Kaplowitz from drew it!

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Posted in amusing, every day on April 29th, 2011 by roxyfighter

This morning, after WAKING UP AT THE CRACK OF DAWN, I wrote some of my story. Then I watched like 3 episodes of Naruto. Pain is attacking the village. u_U Then I wrote some more and it was only 8:30! O_O;;;

I went to work, had a snack, taught some lessons, wrote some more of my story, and then went to the gym. It’s a holiday so I only had 3 lessons, but the AACC was closed, so I didn’t go there. I made up this great cardio circuit drill that I can do by myself. I’m REALLY sore from lifting so much yesterday, though. I hope I’m all good for sparring tomorrow.

I’m really tired now… but I’m enjoying that website SO much. I’m guarenteed to laugh! My abs hurt, actually, so maybe I should stop…and I’m sure my neighbors can hear me. But I love it!

omg I’ve just watched 2 and a half hours non stop of Naruto. That’s like thre months worth of episodes. But this battle is long…and lots of stuff reminds me of DBZ. Hurry up, Naruto! Sakura cries. You have to come back and save everyone. Like everyone always freaking waiting for Goku. Turns up like a Super Saiyajin, does the distructo disk. (I dunno the Japanese name). Man I’m sleepy…I gotta go to bed. But it’s the middle of a battle… I am so pissed off at Masashi Kishimoto. How dare he kill off characters I like?!? ARGOSDLFDSLKFJDSKJ

Some of the scenes were really disturbing. 🙁

scary nightmare pill

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Today I started miraculously feeling not exhausted. Now I can get back to training like a crazy woman! This morning I lifted. Then, met a friend for Okonomiyaki/Monja yaki lunch, and then went back and lifted some more. I didn’t go to class because I don’t wanna over do it and get sick or something. I’ll spar hard on Saturday at ZFC!

Last night, I took the variant of Ambien that the doctor prescribed for my sleeping problem. And….I still woke up at 3 AM. -.-; Fail. Luckily, I did not sleep-walk or sleep-eat or have sex in my sleep (with who/what?) as my co-worker warned me. ^_^v

Instead, I had FOUR horrible nightmares IN A FREAKING ROW! In one, my mom plunged to her death off a roller-coaster. I woke up from that sucker. Managed to doze off again….and suddenly, I was taking part in a Union protest at my college over budget cuts and class reduction. Following that, the “college Union members” nearly all rioted in a chicken-wing bar because the waiter refused to serve more than 3 beers per person. I felt frustrated, lost, out of place, and starving. Finally, the ear-nose-and-throat doctor screamed at me for seeing another doctor (the sleeping doc) and for questioning his judgment and asking so many questions. Like shouting/screaming. ;_;

GREAT. -o-; (perplexed)

I’ll take it again and see what happens. But man, I was seriously depressed when I woke up and called Mom ASAP. Thanks to everyone for coming into my chatroom. You helped cheer me up.

Today I wrote a lot of my story before and after lifting. Now I’m going to watch Naruto eps in a row before taking the scary nightmare pill again. 🙁 I’ll give it two more chances (and if you don’t behave, I’ll turn you into a goon! – name that reference!)

ON A POSITIVE NOTE…Thank you Sam for posting that screencap of I’ve been thoroughly enjoying stuff! 😀 So if you have an iPhone, sometimes if you spell something wrong, the program automatically changes it to the ‘right’ spelling. But sometimes it fails!

Like this one!


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I feel like crapola… I feel completely drained, no matter how much I eat.

I made it through Kunioku’s practice in the morning, which might have been a mistake…felt light-headed. Considered calling in sick to work, but I had 4 kids classes in a row. The hardest kind of work, but also the most difficult to find a replacement teacher for. I had two assessments. Only 5 lessons, but blarg.

Got through that. Thank you boss for canceling my morning lessons on Wednesday. Now I’m home and going to go in for afternoon and night-time lessons.

I also still can’t sleep very well. wtf is going on with me lately. I mean, yeah the earth is shaking every day, and I’m busy at work and working over time, and I’m responsible for more kids classes and new teachers, I’m trying to train full-time, but that’s nothing new! Well the shaking is…but wouldn’t I have not been able to sleep when I was escaping to Nagoya? Things are calming down now. And the kids are kind of new…and the working over time…and the mentoring…

Last night, I slept from 9:15 PM because I was dead, to 2:45 AM. That’s 5.5 hours! BETTER THAN THREE. Then I dozed somewhere and got up at 4. 🙁 On Monday, after sitting in the docotor’s waiting room for FOUR HOURS, I got medicine. I’m going to fill the prescription today and see how the sleeping pills go.


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What happened to today?

Sunday, I was so exhausted and sleep deprived (I’d slept 3 hours) that I went to bed at 8:30 PM. Of course, I woke up at 1:45. I was hot and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I took a Benadryl and maaaybe slept from 3 to 5 because I have no memory then.

Woke up…kind of…felt like a zombie. Talked to Mom on Skype, and went to the hospital.

I got there before the front desk even opened at 8:30, and I still had to wait on line. I went to the psychiatry department AND I WAITED FOR FREAKING EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I was so miserable -_-;; because I couldn’t even read because I kept nodding off, and I just sat there in limbo for three hours before some doctor could see me. I got prescribed some medicine, but now that I’m looking it up, it looks like it helps you ‘fall’ asleep, not ‘stay’ asleep. WTF -_-; Well, he heard my explanations, so he must think it might help if he’s prescribed it. He actually listened to me for a change. I went to this big famous University Hospital. ugg Finally caught a bus at noon.

I then talked to my boss and we had a very important AND SUCCESSFUL conversation. I am SO happy.

I celebrated with an ice cream. Okay I wasn’t so good today. Tomorrow I’ll get back on my diet.

I was pretty exhausted…I felt like I was dragging myself all day…. dragged myself home, to the gym, and did a brief 30 minute work out. I’m worried about getting sick, so I didn’t want to over-do it. :/ Came home and wrote more of my story! Then I made this awesome video made out of random screen caps I took of me trying to set up my camera, and I didn’t get around to deleting them. Actually, I was taking the caps and …just felt like fooling around and made funny faces. XD It’s great.

I just watched 3 eps of Naruto, and now I’m going to bed.

This entry sucks. oh well.