the most kick-ass dream EVER!

I just had the most kick ass dream of my life.

FIrst of all, in the dream I went to the pro-practice oc a bunch of famous Japanese fighters, for the first time. We did BJJ, and then we were going to get into no-gi stuff, but they had to change location. So everyone was packing up. The boss made me and sakura, who went with me, fill out this liability form thing, and also this third woman who looked a lot like Amanda Lucas. I suspected that they invited her so that I wasn’t the ‘only girl’ although that was totally unnecessary. I don’t care about being the only girl.

So I follow them across this huge grassy yard, and find some of fighters coming across the lawn from another direction. There was Shinya Aoki with Jack in tow (my former co-worker.) “I convinced him to come!” Aoki said in English with a big smile and wave. Jack said, “Well, I wanted a chance to see you, Roxy! See how you’re doing!” awwww How sweet of you, Jack! (You know AOKI!? XD LOL)

Jack must have brought the ‘work’ element of my life into my dream, because when we entered a red brick building,

I was suddenly in my new Language center supposed to teach. But was rushed and didn’t have time to prep anything. (start of a stress dream). I taught a special event lesson but we went a minute overtime after the bell, and then the parents wanted me to explain what I did in class (true story, except at that time I didn’t have back to back lessons). I was running to my next class and found it was English Beat 2, and I hadn’t even looked at the material! :O!!!! I thought it was going to be an adult’s class!

SO I grabbed the book and sprinted into class late.

They’re supposed to be like 10 years old, but they were like…17 year old teenagers. And there were like 8 of them- 6 is usually the limit. o.O They were sitting around bored with a ‘wtf’ attude written on their faces. I came in apologizing. I had them introduce themselves, kind of worried about why the hell they were 17, and about their attitudes.

THEY WERE LIKE SUPERHEROES. When it was their turn to introduce themselves, they did these kick-ass moves! One black girl (black? She’s supposed to be Japanese) ripped off her shirt and had this flashy yellow/sparkly leotard underneeth. Suddenly random men started attacking She started doing back flips and like beating them up. Then she shouted, “VANESSA!” XD Then this other girl lept up and started doing these poses, and I recognized the outfit and I said, “Archery?” and she gave me a sharp nod and shouted her name, plus, “KYUDO!!” (means archery in Japanese). Then this other girl ripped off her school clothes and this black guy in this crazy costume started attacking from out of nowhere, and she was throwing these metal disks at him and they were bouncing off making sparks. After he collapsed, she screamed her name, which I forget. This guy had on this tweed suit and started spinning guns and did this fsking sweet pose and shouted like “Takashi!” or something.


Then my alarm rang!! ;_; I woke up thinking, Nooooo GOD DAMNIT I WANTED TO TRY AND TEACH THAT CLASS!!!! XD…