veggie issues, Slamming good time

This morning I had great sparring as usual at Ground Slam.

This is Katsumura, the boss, who gave me the towel and is really supportive! He’s so cool! He invented the “ninja choke” and he’s called “The Real Tiger Mask” (a comic book super hero).

After training, I hung out with Celine in Johnathans.

I went home and now I’m watching a movie on my computer.
Had dinner. Now I’m gonna go to the AACC. Sakura’ll be there 😀

So….lately I’ve had to make sure I check vegetables and fruit very carefully to see where it’s from. Almost ALL peaches are from the Fukushima prefecture, and I’m sorry….but I’m not buying them, because they’re probably contaminated. 🙁 I mean, I don’t know, but I’m sure the government isn’t going to tell us…. And other vegetables, too.
Sorry, broccoli and asparagus…no. This is in the supermarket under Kawasaki Station. It’s usually super cheap and I always shop there. 🙁

Then at the 100 yen Lawsons shop near my house, I bought these peppers, took them home, and then noticed the label. DAMNIT. Well, I supported Fukushima. And now they are in the trash. 🙁 The bugs can enjoy. I’m sure if there’s ANY amount of radiation, it’s very minute, but I’m sorry….I don’t wanna shorten my life span for another second if I don’t have to.