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Posted in work on October 29th, 2011 by roxyfighter

I should write about something positive now.

I have a Friday kid’s group of five 7-year olds. I call them “My Friday Rugrats” because of their lack of attention and cooperation at times. They’re really smart, but two boys talk to each other (and themselves) in Japanese, and distract the girls.

I figured out how to manage them, though, with an immediate point reward system which equals stickers in the end, along with assigned seating. 🙂

Now they’re 80% better.

Our focus is on vocabulary and memorizing set phrases to speak. However, we are also supposed to teach blended sounds, even though our main focus isn’t phonics. It’s kind of hard with the materials we’re given. We’re only given a book with sounds written, like “o” and then a few words with examples like orange, octopus (that they can’t read) and sk/squ/sn (skip, squirrel, snowman). So I’ve been using the older kid’s “blends books,” which are colorful picture books with the word “Squirrel” on one side, and the picture of the animal on the other. Basically, it’s sight-sound recognition. They only need to hear “squ” and identify /squ/.

This system just got implemented recently, so I wasn’t confident that the kids would really GET it. But this past week, I did various review game, and I saw that they got it! When they did the karuta game, the slap-game, most of them were very competitive! I uttered the sound “Sh,” and they all raced to hit the card with the picture of the “shoes” on the front. Then I said a totally unrelated word, like “Shinjuku” and they were able to understand that “sh” was the first sound of the word.

I was very proud of them. Except one girl slapped “Sn” when I said “rabbit.” ^^;; Oh well.


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“When will I be strong again?”

The voice is always there. Every morning, every afternoon, every evening, it talks to me. Even when I’m smiling at you, inside I’m ignoring it. Most people can never understand the various obsessions that fighters deal with.

Today. Full day at work. Four kids classes. x_X Afterward, what should I do?
When will I be strong again?
I could go to ZST…it’d be nice to see the ZST guys again. I’ll go.

Got off at Oimachi station.
But stopped.
When will I be strong again?
They’ll say, “How’s your fighting going?” and I’d say….

I can’t.

I’m too ashamed and embarrassed to show my face there, after having lost again. I swore to Kojima-san and Ota-san after they cornered me for Akano that I’d work hard and win my next fight. How could I tell them I lost? I can’t go back until I win.

I got back on the train. Went to Gold’s Gym Omori. And trained physical conditioning stuff. I trained and trained. And I trained and trained. A while later, it was 7. I thought, I don’t feel like kickboxing. I want to train more. But what could I train? I already did that muscle group…I already did that…I already did this one…I did that one on Thursday, so and that one on Thursday, and that’s feeling tight so I shouldn’t overdo it, or it’s pointless. But I need to train more….but I have to recover, or it’s all for nothing.

All for nothing.

I went upstairs. Stretched. Ben was teaching. I realized that I decided I didn’t even feel like grappling, or fighting at all. I left. He probably thinks I’m avoiding him, but I’m not, I swear.

I had some of the chocolates Michele gave me for Halloween. They were yummy. Thank you. But I noticed that I gained some weight and it’s not muscle.

oh what the hell ever.

Being active

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Yesterday morning, after talking to my mom on Skype, I went to the gym and did some light working out.

Then, I went to Tokyo to a meeting and showed my support to my fellow co-workers and company employees. >:|

I got some reading done in between. I’m on Robert J. Sawyer’s book “Rollback.” He’s a wonderful Sci Fi author. I’ve loved every single book of his that I’ve picked up.

Yesterday kind of felt like a day off, but it’s because I blocked my open schedule to go to the meeting. I was sent to a different school. One of my students didn’t show up, so I read Rollback.

I need to start sending my query letter to literary agents to try and get my book accepted, but I’m not sure who to send it to. 🙁

I’m pretty sore, but I’m going to go to the gym early. I’m gonna go to the AACC in the evening. No Ground Slam this morning….the body just ain’t up to it. I’m gonna go to COSMO WORLD- a mini amusement park in Sakuragicho. [edit- WTF it’s closed on Thursdays! WHY!? DAMNT) But first, let’s finish watching Omar’s instructional training videos…

I got a good 6 hours of sleep last night!

Finally, a flub of mine….not the best way to greet an old friend from college after a long time of no chatting….can’t blame autocorrect on my Toshiba Laptop. lol

…a broom

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At office

Roxy: Good morning Michele! 😀
Michele: Hey!
Roxy: How’re you?
Michele: I’m fine….o_o *eyes my back pack and the long handle sticking out of it* Is that…a broom?”
Roxy: Oh yes ^_^
Michele: Why? O_o
Roxy: So I can chase little children!
Michele: o_o;;;
Roxy: EEEhehehehehehe! *cackle cackle*
Michele: O_O;;;

I went to my kindergarten outservice yesterday.
I played a game where I dressed up as a witch. I sat in the middle of the floor. The kids gathered at one end of the room. At the other end, behind me, I taped a picture of ‘haunted house’ and ‘candy’ to the wall. I told them that there was candy in the haunted house, and they had to get it. I held up number cards, for example, “2.” They had to take two steps forward and say “Trick or treat!” Then I’d hold up another, until they walked up to me (each time practicing English by saying “Trick or treat.” Then I chose a kid and held out four cards face down: two were candy, one was a witch, and one was a black cat. If one kid picked ‘candy,’ they had to run past me and touch the candy on the wall. yay, they win! If they pick “witch,” I would drop the number cards, pick up my broom, cackle like a demon and chase them back to where they came. If they picked the cat, I would drop everything, grab my foam cat paw toy, meow like a demon-kitty, and chase them back where they had come.

All in all, there was a lot of chasing, swooping, screaming, giggling, meow-ing, cackling, and I worked up a sweat. XD

Roxy has good ideas, if she does say so herself. XD XD XD EEEHEHEHEHE!!!!

(This is Michele making Yaya do the “Royal Dancer” pose)

High-Low training, and pen vlog

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Monday, my neck felt okay and cold was better, so I went to Ground Slam and did 4 rounds of hard sparring: BJ twice, Caol Uno-san, Kobayashi-san, and felt my limit for the day… I was just taking my gloves off when Rumina Sato walked in for sparring. @_@; Damn! Just missed a chance to spar a ledgend! Well, not like I would have been a challenge…but wow.

Did chores, watched One Piece, studied the video’s Omar sent me, and around 5, went to Gold’s Gym and did some physical conditioning stuff- a combination of what he showed me, and then the Powermax Bike that Take-san showed me. It went pretty well. My neck hurts again. 🙁

A friend showed me this article about high-low training days, and it’s REALLY true! I mean, I know about over training and how one should rest, but nobody’s ever quite worded it and explained it like this article does. It really describes me exactly- feeling like it’s a challenge to make it through every training session, and then I get stuck ‘in the middle’ with no real gains. I feel limited by my work schedule, so it becomes like a crime if I can’t get the most out of each session. I think I was shooting myself in both feet ever since I started training in the morning, because I always tried to go hard then AND in the evening, instead of choosing one hard session and one light. I just didn’t know any better. I thought, everyone else is doing it! But I missed that one key aspect- intensity.

It’s really quite amazing. I think the up-and-coming fighters will be stronger and better than the veterans because they’ve started out knowing all this, how to maximize their potential.

“8 weeks out article on high-low training”

But I’m still 29. I’m a veteran but not out of the running yet! I swear. I will get stronger. Winning my next fight, whenever it may be, is something I think about every day.

I also made a video blog about my pens.