My Thanksgiving Party, 2011

Boy, I had a busy day! But it was so awesome! 😀

Last night was Tuesday, I was freaking out because my turkey I’d bought Monday afternoon hadn’t thawed out enough in the fridge. I read websites and they said not to leave it out on the counter unless I wanted to give my guests food poisoning from bacteria. I was so worried that I actually had a nightmare about it, and I woke up at 4 AM, despite going to bed at midnight. ^^;

It was fine, though! 😀
In the morning, I prepared the ingredients for my party, and then went to the gym. I managed to work out for two full hours before noticing the time. I got a lot done.

Then my guests arrived! The presentation of everything wasn’t so beautiful, but I think it tasted good. I certainly enjoyed it, and people had seconds. 😀

We played a card game where we have to do a pose like what’s drawn on the card. XD And Thanksgiving trivia! 😀

After everybody left, I actually stopped by the Gold’s Gym potluck party. Am I crazy? I only ran into one dude I saw around, but nobody else I knew! Nobody from the AACC went. I was kind of disappointed.

I spotted this mother and a teenage daughter looking kind of alone and depressed, so I struck up a conversation, and we all had fun. 😀

Then there was this bodybuilding demonstration. I’d never watched one before. It was kind of funny, kind of cool. THEN they announced this guy, Takanashi? Some champion of something? They turned off the lights. Somebody from behind me started screaming ‘Gorilla! Gorilla!’ And sure enough, he did look kind of like a gorilla.

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy watching body building guys or girls.

But he was beautiful. He did some flexing routine to some cool music.

I don’t know what it was, but it was mesmerizing. I wasn’t the only one. Everyone was SILENT. He was so cool. Then when he was finished, everyone started SCREAMING for an encores. He came back, and I got my wits together and took a few pictures.

I am so tired. But so happy. I had such a wonderful time with my friends. 🙂 And I trained well. I totally enjoyed this national holiday. I ate so much today. But you know, I don’t care if I gain a pound (which did). Today and tomorrow, I already decided I am going to enjoy myself. Sakura said, “I’m so glad I’m not fighting this month or next~!” and you know what, I found myself thinking, “Me, too.”…