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meetings and kids and Christmas cards

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On Monday, I squeezed in 35-ish minutes of hard sparring at Ground Slam before dashing off to a Union meeting in Tokyo. I arrived a little late, but better late than never. Then we went to another Union event that I’m not going to talk about here. u_U But I was pretty tired. I had lifted weights on Sunday, and was PRETTY sore. I did some shopping and got home around 4, so I had a light dinner, watched part of Collateral Damage, played my iPhone ap Cityville games obsessively, before crashing at 9 PM.

Woke up at 4 This morning, which could have been worse. Taught my two kindergarten classes. First class was awesome but the second ones were slightly younger and wouldn’t settle down at all. That was more of a challenge.

Then went to my nomal office and taught, and did an assessment.

After work, I hustled to the massage place “Relax Hands” and Miss Nara worked on my neck again! SHE IS GOOD, and I’M SO Happy that I can make it in before they close officially at 9:30. 😀 YAY. I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, but it’s on Christmas shopping…..

I’m gonna lift weights tomorrow morning, work in the afternoon/evening, and spar with Akano (only??!) at night.

THURSDAY I’m LEAVING! I can’t wait!! XD DADDY!!!! MOM!!! XD CHRISTMAS! oh boy oh boy.

With every kids Christmas lesson I make, I have to make a Christmas card WITH the kids as a sample, so I have like 5 Christmas cards that I’m gonna present to my mom. It looks like a 10 year old made it. XD Actually, the kids can usually draw better than me. XD Art was never really my strong point. I was good at charcoal, though. And photography.

Jewels 17 observations

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After a long day at work, I hustled to Jewels in the venue “Shinjuku face.” I arrived at 6:15, about 45 minutes after it has started, but I hadn’t missed anyone I knew because they sprinkled amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai fights throughout the card.

The place was packed. Seats were sold out. (I think 1000 can fit? or was it 700, I forget) so they were selling standing tickets only. I got a guest pass because I’m a Jewels fighter, thank goodness. I said hi to Celine and my AACC training partners in the back locker rooms and then spotted Sakura, sitting on some steps. I joined her.

The fights were REALLY good. I kept thinking how much the talent level of female fighters, especially in Japan, has risen over the years I’ve been watching Jewels. Nagano’s striking no longer looks amateurish. It’s true she got out-struck by her opponent V.V. Mei, but she did good. Celine got out-muscled and out-struck by Emi Fujino, but I saw improvement in her game, too. She never backed up, she had some NICELY timed double-legged shots that I don’t know how Fujino managed to sprawl out of. It makes me frustrated to see such improvement in my friend but she can’t seem to pull off the win. Misaki Takimoto vs Yukiko Seki was another REALLY exciting one. Seki’s nickname is “Bomber.” She is sloppy but she just keeps charging forward and bullrushing her opponent, so Takimoto really had to work to keep distance, and ended up backing away most of the time, but ended up pulling off a split-decision. Sakura had fought Seki and couldn’t manage to escape from the pressure so Seki had won by decision.

My friend and AACC training parter Rina Tomita had a hard but exciting fight against Emi Tomimatsu. It was kind of close, but Tomimatsu got the decision win. 🙁 Same with Tama-chan and Sachi. Sachi looked good, actually, but I was rooting for Tamada.

Kikuyo Ishikawa vs Sugi Rock was another back-and-forth exciting fight. Ishikawa trains out of Ground Slam, so I saw Katsumura-san cornering her. Both of their movement was really good and smooth. I wish I could move like that…. Sugi Rock won by decision, and also secured an arm-bar win over Takimoto later in the tournament. Fighting twice in one night is rough- gotta hand it to Sugi Rock.

I’ve had a few people asking ME for HER contact info…. apparently people are after her because she’s ranked number one. Guys, I don’t know, and I’m not in the position to give out or find out anybody’s info. ^^;; No, even though we’re both in the same country, we don’t train together.

Just wanted to say that.

It was too bad that Ham So Hee hurt her back during her and Ayaka’s title match. 🙁 Ayaka was upset, too, that her first title defense ended with her almost submitted in a triangle, and she said after the fight on the mic that she felt more of a responsibility to show good skill as a champion should. :/ Just goes to show that the “W” isn’t everything….but at least it’s something nice to walk away with that’ll get you your next fight offer.

I want to fight again.
But I have to figure out my training first. >< Right now, things still feel kind of...scattered.

fantastic Thursday with Celine and training

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On Wednesday, I was pretty busy- weight lifting first thing in the morning, then met a friend for lunch, then went to work, then sparred MMA at the AACC at night. I had to bring 4 changes of clothing for all that, plus gear, so I brought my huge blue wheely camper bag thingie. Everybody was asking me if I was going on a trip. lol

I spotted a Hello Kitty tour bus.

AND the poster for the UFC in Japan in February! PSYCHED ABOUT THAT. I’m going to have to take a day off from work to go. ^^;;

I had such an awesome Thursday.

In the morning, I was tired from Wednesday night’s sparring with Akano-san, so I just watched Christmas movies. Nester, the long eared Christmas Donkey, was made by the same team who made the puppet Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer. I’d never seen it before! Have you guys? It was ‘okay.’ Maybe it wasn’t pushed because it was religious. I chatted with friends online, played Holidaytown and Cityville, etc. I went shopping and got Celine a Christmas present and did chores.

Then I met Celine and we went to Kiddyland- the best toy store EVER, located in Harajuku. After that, we chatted in this Italian Cafe because Johnathans, our preferred diner, was packed. ;_; It was so nice, though. We chatted about a lot of things. I’m so lucky to have nice friends like Celine, and glad to have met her. We seem to run into each other a lot because we’re both in the MMA world, and she comes here to fight in Jewels.

I went to Asakusa after that to finish Christmas shopping. I’m done 😀 Finally, I went to the AACC and had a great night. I hit mitts, and held them for this one guy who said he really enjoyed it, so that was cool. Abe-san showed a nice bicep crusher and I worked with Takahashi-san, this nice lady who got MUCH better since I last trained with her. That was cool. She went from a sloppy beginner to snapping on the arm-bar really tightly. Good job! ^_^b Then sparring!

I seem to have been selected as the training partner of choice for Hitomi to prepare for her fight, which is fine. We’re close in size, fight experience, and skill, so it always makes for good roll. I would think that training with men who could over-power her and challenge her EVEN more would be best, but Japanese don’t think so, I guess. She currently out-weighs me, which is the way it should be if she’s going to be fighting AT 135.

I’m jealous of people who can work out and gain mass, while I just gain body fat, even heating healthy. 🙁

Anyway…. I sparred a lot of just grappling, which is what I love to do the most. It FEELS different doing grappling compared to doing grappling while sparring MMA. It makes me so happy! 😀 I had so much fun! ^^

I love Holidaytown.

I played a lot today

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“Our family is moving overseas for my husband’s work next month, but my daughter and I don’t speak English!”

This is why I want to go to work every day.

I taught this one girl I’ll refer to as “N-chan.” She’s maybe ten years old? Her mom took lessons at the same time in the other room. I actually tailor-made her EBS lessons from the usual course because she could only take 20 (usually 30) because she has to leave in January! She always tries so hard, does all her homework, tries so hard to communicate.

And we have some kind of weird connection. We’ve said the same thing at the same time a FEW times. It’s so weird. And today, I had her read this passage over and over again because she kept making mistakes. What amazing power of concentration for a ten year old…but I’m sure she was getting tired. The long “Phew!” sigh could have been an indicator. About five minutes left to the 1st lesson.

So on impulse, I got up and got the basket of toy vegetables, plus my shark oven mitt. And had her feed the shark. I taught her how to say, “Give me the asparagus, please!” And then hilarity broke loose. The shark’s mouth couldn’t fit around the lettuce, so it went rolling all over the place. She kept teasing me by stealing my cucumber pen, so I hit her shark over the head with the asparagus when it was her turn to use it. She kept dropping the tomato, but she caught the apple in mid air, which was amazing. We were laughing and giggling our heads off…. She eventually balanced the shark puppet on the basket handle!!! O_O! I took a picture.

How old am I? lol My body feels like it’s 50 sometimes, my mind is 29, but my heart is still 10. :}

In the next lesson, we did a toss game where we throw my marimo plush toy and count up as high as we could. I always do that with my youngest kids, but somehow it seemed alright with her? SHE LOVED IT…maybe a little too much. We were doing two pillows at the same time, trying to hit them in mid air. She couldn’t say the teens (13, 14, 15 etc) at first, but if we dropped the pillows we started again, so she remembered. XD

Then we did the next chapter’s reading and activities, and at the end of the class, played hang man. She learned a lot of spelling and classroom English. She had a chance to speak out. What a fun, productive class.

I had a busy day, and I taught almost ALL kids today. I horsed around with my kindergarten outservice (literally singing Old McDonalds and making horse/pig/cow noises). Hah x_x I have a light day tomorrow. Time to train! Weights in the morning, meet friend in afternoon, work in evening, sparring after that.

reminiscing about last year….

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I got out these flannel-lined sports pants that are warm, and it reminded me of the March 11th Tohoku Earthquake. That’s because they were one of the two pants I packed when I ran away to Nagoya with Daniel. :/

I’m watching Christmas movies and enjoying the music. One thing I love the most about Christmas is the month I get to listen to the music! And watch the movies! 😀

But I remember last year, how I made the hard decision to sacrifice my time that I always always always spend with my family, to fight in the largest MMA show in Japan. Only a fight would make me sacrifice that time. I planned to return for New Years.
I was so excited.

And I got so sick I couldn’t fight…. and Kunioku was there, trying to encourage me to do it. And all my friends were there. I remember being in the bathroom for hours, and not being able to sleep since I was shivering so bad with chills. I remember laying in the freezing cold hospital with an IV in my arm the morning of my fight. I remember the doctor telling me, “They want you to fight!” And then my chills stopped, like 30 minutes before I was up. I was like, “….sh*t my chills stopped, but I can barely hit the mitts….” but when I walked out into the ring, I’m sure to the viewers nothing looked wrong. At least if I puked, it would have been obvious I was sick. 🙁

Kunioku actually took a picture of me back then….he knows I always take a lot of pictures, but I could have done without this one.

The worst time in my entire life. What would have happened if I had tried to fight?

What would have happened if I’d gone home that Christmas?

I was talking with Rosi on Skype this morning. She gave me lots of advice about weight control and other stuff. Thanks. After our conversation, I was reflecting. I felt stronger back then, like when I fought Jennifer Howe. I know I’ve improved skill wise, though. Why am I on a four-fight losing streak?

The standards are rising.
“There are kids coming up who’ve only known MMA!” Rosi said.
Damn! But as she said, we still have fights left in us. I’m 29, I’m not sure how old she is. A few years older, maybe. But I don’t remember 5 years ago weight-cutting being such an issue.

Anyway. I stayed home from the AACC because I’m at the end of a cold. I probably could have gone, but ….. I didn’t. What’s the point? 🙁 *sigh* I got a lot of chores done. And I had a good weight-lifting day.

My throat was scratchy this morning, but I’m wondering if it was because the air is so dry? I lifted weights, though. I wish I could train tomorrow, but I work. I wish I could train more. :/ I ate so much junk food today…it was bad. But delicious. XD Tomorrow, I’ll be good.

Celine is here for Jewels and I’ll probably see her later this week. Another friend from out of town is here, so we’ll hang out, too. I have to prep for the kids Christmas lessons, and my boss hasn’t given me time to do that yet.
This Saturday is Jewels. To be completely honest, I don’t really want to go watch. I want to fight…it makes me depressed to watch, but I have to support my training partners….

It should be a busy week. And then NEXT WEEK I SEE MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still obsessively playing “Holidaytown.” I’m up tp 88 elves and I’m totally running out of names. I’m using names of students, friends, etc etc….lol