my plant

I have a plant.

Yesterday, I moved it from it’s place on the floor by the sliding glass doors, to the table so it wouldn’t be cold, and I remembered the time it almost died. Then I realized I’d never written about my plant before!

I first layed eyes on my plant in the 100 yen shop (dollar store) Daiso, in Atsugi. It was a tiny thing with maybe two stems in a little plastic cup. Yes, it cost 100 yen. It hadn’t been long since I moved to Japan, and I thought, “Wow, they sell PLANTS at the 100 yen shop? Cool, I’ll get one. My apartment could use another living being and a touch of green, plus a little more oxygen.

Over the years, it’s grown and grown and grown! I have to trim it back now and then. I had to throw away that little cup and by a proper plant pot and dirt. ^_^ It survived the transplant.

I leave it on my table, but the sun doesn’t really reach it, so I tend to put it on the floor next to the sliding glass doors before I go to work. One freezing winter day, a few years ago, I came home and I think it had been there for two days. It was dying! It was brown and frozen! OH NO!! I tried to keep it under the wall heater unit from then on, and cut off the dying stems, but like half of it was dead.

;_;!! aaaaah my poor plant!

BUT little by little it recovered! 😀 ANd now it’s a big, beautiful, adult, happy plant!

I love my plant. I don’t even know it’s species.
Here’s a picture of me (and there happened to be my mirror there, so I got to include myself :D)