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What is a pro-fighter? Survey results:

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I didn’t intend for this to be a survey, but I found the results interesting, so I’m going to post them here. I got a mix of responses from fighters, fans, people who train, and reporters alike, via Twitter and Facebook, to the question:

Describe what “professional fighter” is in your mind with 5 words

My answer: courage, glory, unbalanced, pain, hard work

Everyone else’s:
-Forever stressed and sleep deprived
-Sportsmanship, Dedicated, Artistic, Resilient and Courageous.
-Fights in monetary reward fights
-honorable, virtuous, skillful, charismatic,myself
-somebody that fights for money
-Someone who fights for money
-Paid to fight, sanctioned.
-Dedicated, role model, heart, humble.
-Gets punched for a living!
-a boxer who gets pay to fight
-a fighter who gets paid
-disciplied successful fighter with recognition
-a fighter that makes weight.
-Devoted Individual With Sheer Will
-Highly trianed, dedicated, brave warrior.
-Physical and Mental Perpetual Honor
-Gets paid to smash you.
-Passionate, self-driven, motivated, misunderstood, persevering
-Doing what you love everyday
-dedication, drive, heart, technique, and motivation
-Passion and desire over money
-Honest, Tenacious, Disciplined, Controlled, Patient
-paid disciplined honorable pugilist!
-One paid to fight competitively.
-Always struggling to make it…
-Makes weight and brings it.
-War followed by a handshake
-legally fights for a living
-Tough, proud, loyal… and hits hard.
-A soft-spoken murderous striker

Fun in Japan w/ fighter friends

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I trained early in the morning.

Then I went to a meeting in Tokyo and it turned out very well. Very very very well. >:D

After that, I met Joe Lauzon, Chris and friends who had gone to Akihabara as I suggested. I’m glad you guys liked it! It was about 3:30, and they said they’d meet me in front of the SEGA arcade…only there were THREE SEGA arcades. lol Thank goodness Chris’ iphone worked.

I took them to Asakusa – a favorite place for tourists to visit. We ran into Ben Henderson and Tracy Lee and a few others. XD It was fun…kind of cold. Finally, they wanted MEAT so I googled Gyukaku and took them to Yakiniku! The chicken took FOREVER to grill. ^^;; The service was REALLY bad. I think they were understaffed that night, and never came when we called, so I had to get out of my seat and get the server like 6 or 7 times. ^_^;; All in all, I think they enjoyed it. 😀 I did! Thanks for all the advice. And it was so cool hanging around other Americans again, not to mention from the same area! (Massachusetts). We know the same people back home, speak the same lingo, etc etc. It was so fun.

My weight is OKAY I think. Time to start cutting salt and pounding down water.

I went to UFC 144!

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Today I took a day off from work and went to UFC Japan 144!

I’ve only been to one other UFC, when it went to the Mohegan Sun in CN, when I was a college student. I went with Kozo, a guy friend who owns the restaurant Fukuzushi I often go to, and who also trains. It was a treat for both of us- I haven’t been to a HUGE event in forever, and he’s NEVER been to a huge event, since he works at his restaurant at night.

I was really surprised by the big showing! I thought that since it was like 9:30 AM Sunday morning, only die-hard fans would go. I guess I was wrong. Even on the train from Kawasaki, we saw people with cauliflower ears and MMA shirts. 😀

The event was kind of long. It started right on time at 10, opening with Mizugaki. Too bad he lost by decision. ;_; I thought he won. I was rooting for all the Japanese guys. Wow, the crowd really boo-ed Akiyama. ^^;; I really wanted Mitsuoka-san to win, but he looked pretty good, as did Okami. GGAAAAH SO CLOSE >_< Okami totally should have won that. OH well, that's the name of the game. Those were really amazing interesting uppercuts. The dude practically threw them under his own arm. :O I ran into old training partners, Mizuho, Bettiko, and J-taro + adorable daughter in the hallway on the way to the rest room. 🙂 Actually, I had an appointment and Kozo had to get back to his restaurant, so we left slightly early, after round two of Rampage. If we waited until the end, we'd both might be late, and the trains would be MOBBED. I was fine with that since I mainly wanted to see the Japanese guys. I didn't see the main event. ^^;; yeah yeah I know...I'll watch it later. Overall, it was an excellent event and really fun experience. I'm inspired to fight more now!

Hashi and I

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I tapped quickly. Toida-san’s submissions came fast, hard, and merciless. The bell timer rang. Damn, and I’d hoped to get away with less than 5 submissions this time.
The heavy double metal doors of the underground Keishukai Headquarters slammed I heard “Osu!” Rubbing my neck, I squinted at who came in. It was Hashi. I squinted at the clock. Maybe it was about 9:30 PM. Sucks her work ends late sometimes, I thought.

I went another round and by then she came over and slapped my hand to spar. I felt her strength wash over me as I was muscled backwards and into a bad position. I struggled to regain guard and defend the submission. We went back and forth for a bit before she got me. I tapped. I hate losing to another female. My neck tensed up. That’ll hurt for a week, I thought. One minute left. I got top position for a bit before she swept me, and I was back to being on the defensive. I felt the ligament in my shoulder straining. The bell-timer rang. She went off to spar someone else.

I hate being bested by another female fighter. I wondered what would happen if we’d both been fresh. I’d done the technique class since 7:30, and left around 10:15. I have no idea when she eventually left. As I called out “Otsukaresama” (goodbye) she was hitting mitts held by her main trainer Koizumi.

I came out of the dressing room and bounced over to Moriyama-san, our teacher, who was sitting on the floor shuffling papers.
“Good evening, Moriyama-san! Are you genki?” I said with a big wide grin.
“Oh, Roxanne! Of course I am!” His kind eyes twinkled. “You?”
“I’m great! I wanna fight soon! I just can’t seem to get an offer.” I paused, strapping on my knee pads. “What’cha got there? Is that a contract?”
“Yep,” he answered.
“What for?”
“Oh really! Wow! Who’s is it?” I exclaimed.
She jabbed. I stepped into it and connected.
“Hmm my reach is longer,” I thought.
“Don’t just block, counter! Counter!” Koizumi screamed at Hashi.
She countered. It hit me square in….I have no idea where, because my vision exploded into bright twinkly lights. I fell down, got back up, staggered, got back up. I’d never been hit that hard before. Ever.

We had MMA gloves and shin guards and took over the far corner of the room at Keishukai Honbu (HQ). The tired gym members sitting against the wall all watched us female fighters sparring all-out.
We exchanged more strikes and she clinched. What a powerful clinch! I couldn’t break it. Koizumi screamed coaching advice again and again. That’s nice she has somebody, I thought idly, circling. The sparring progressed and we ended up on the ground. I got on top and grounded and pounded. She just covered. Another fighter shouted some advice to her.

Nobody shouted advice to me.

I wonder how it would be if we really fought for real? I want to fight her in a real MMA fight.
“Hey, let’s go out for dinner sometime!” I said.
“Sure,” Hashi replied. “Sounds great!”
“I’m inviting Mizuho. I was thinking Oden. Do you have a preference?”
“I love oden,” she replied, with a smile.

Uno, Hashi, Kadowaki and myself were all invited to the Koga Matsuri together with Moriyama-san, and although he passed away in an accident, we went to honor his memory. 2007

living in the threshold

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First, thanks to my sponsors Fightchix and Tussle for sponsoring me in this upcomming fight.

I worked all day yesterday. I only had 5 and a half hours on my contract, but I was at work from 9:30 AM until 9:30 PM. That’s about 5 hours of unpaid work. I just had a lot I wanted to do at work. I had to make resource folders, do kids reports, organize kids stuff etc etc. It’s kind of bad because I’m setting myself up to be taken advantage if my boss thinks I’ll do work without him having to pay me…. :/ I think I’m lucky in that he’s a good guy and won’t do that…. Actually, the staff needed to confer with me about things and since I was there, they could. If I weren’t, what would have happened?

I think I ate too much yesterday.

I got a fruitcake in the mail the other day from a wonderful, thoughtful fan! 😀 I was gonna save it until after my fight, but I thought, “Ah that’s okay, I’ll just have a tiny sliver every day and milk it. If I save it until after my fight, it’ll be gone in like two days. lol.” Well, it’s disappearing TWO slices at a time. ^_^; SO yummy. That’s okay, no more for now.

I was walking down the street listening to some rock, visualising my fight….really focused. Then at the crosswalk, I spotted one of my 5-year old students. His adorable face broke into a smile and he waved.

That was a very bizarre moment. Because I was not an English teacher at that moment. I was a fighter, but he melted my heart and forced me back. As if I was in warp speed and I got caught in some kind of quantum net that jolted me out of hyperspace abruptly and uncomfortably.

My two worlds do not mix. I spend my time living in the threshold of each.

I got soooo much done yesterday- unfortunately, by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Best music video ever. My all-time favorite.