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I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been doing the eliptical and a little bit of random weight lifting with my legs and biceps since I hurt my neck. Every day I wake up thanking the Universe that there’s nothing majorly wrong with it. Usually if I get it cranked or something, I get a really stiff neck, at worst to the point where I can’t turn my head to the side for a day or so.

But last Thursday through Saturday, I couldn’t hold my head up STRAIGHT without feeling PRESSURE on my spine. I was so freaking scared. But the doc did an x-ray and said he didn’t see anything out of place, and if there was any hernia or bulge, then it’d push on nerves and I’d be getting tingling and pain all up and down my arms and back and stuff, and there wasn’t any of that.

On Saturday, I took a paid sick day. :/ I’ve been watching a TON of One Piece during the time I can’t train. I think I’ve been watching like 3-4 hours a day. lol So I’m almost done the Impel Down part of the series, eps 420ish to like 443 now.

So yesterday I felt pretty good, but I still wanted to just make sure, so I went to Gold’s Gym before work. I got some good stuff done at work.

Today I went to Ground Slam in the morning! I had to leave a little early, but I did technique, and that’s all I wanted to do. I gotta write it down before the day is over….Brittany from Team Rodeo in Yokosuka showed up! 😀 We worked together. We did rubber guard until it came out of our ears. I LOVE IT OMG Katsumura-san is such a fabulous teacher.

Brittany, your training clothes are like 100000x cooler than mine. o_O; Actually, the only reason I wear a T shirt over my rash guard when training is cause I’m kinda shy….in that regard….. lol

Well, to each her own! XD
It was so fun training.

Then I had a lunch date with my former host mother Sadako-san, and she showed up at Kappa Zushi with Takagi-san, her cousin, who referred to herself in the third person as “Mother” so I always thought she was talking about MY mom. ^^;;; She was like “I’ll give you Mom’s phone number.” And I was like, “How does she know my mom’s number?” ^^;; lol

Then Sadako-san (host mom) said, “I told Takagi-san I’d show her your apartment! :D” lol So I took them to my place and thank GOODNESS I always keep it pretty tidy. ^^;;; I chatted with them and then my host mother fell asleep on my sofa sitting up IN THE MIDDLE Of our conversation (it was so cute, but come on, she’s 80 years old, so it’s okay ^^;;) and I continued chatting with Takagi-san until she woke up. hahaha

So now I’m getting ready to meet my former student friend from Atsugi this evening. Hopefully tomorrow morning I won’t have any work so I can go to morning training 😀 I think my neck is better now!

SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPYyyyyyyyyyyy again! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Megumi Fujii’s post-fight blog in English

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I translated Megumi’s post-fight blog into English:
Here is her original blog:

“On Tuesday I returned home to Japan. I’m feeling physically good. Thank you very much for all the warm comments on both my blog and Twitter. There were a lot of comments from everyone in Japan and also from people from overseas. I’m so grateful and thankful to receive encouragement from so many people.

Before my fight, it gave me courage.
After the fight, I reread those words and shed tears.

As for the fight, I used all my strength and fought as hard as I could. And I think I won the first round and the third round. At worst, I thought it’d be a draw.

It was the same as the year before last, when my fight with Zoila became my first blemish on my record. Not only Japanese, but there were also a lot of people from overseas who said that they thought I’d won. It’s so frustrating to see this and listen to this and just keep silent. I can’t turn my back on my feelings, so I’m going to write my exact feelings here.

I feel the same way. I thought I’d won.

However, I know it’s my fault for not winning decisively. Especially since I’m called “The Number One pound-for-pound” in the world, I know that I have to win decisively, or it’s the same as a loss. It’s gotta be either a submission or KO. Those are the only ways to win. But I couldn’t do it.
The taller the wall to climb over, the more I get fired up. I feel like, “I absolutely gotta get this done!”
I always think, I can still become strong and stronger still. But now, honestly, my mind hasn’t settled down yet. I’m going to take my time and think hard about what comes next. I still feel that I want to fight.

I don’t want to do anything half-hearted, so I have to think hard about how exactly to proceed and what exactly to do. Once I do, I’ll let everyone know.

Finally, I want to say that I think Jessica is very strong. Our the fight was very close and very tough. I have always respected her from way before this. In the interview after our fight, she said that ever since she debuted six years ago she and her coach have had me in mind as their goal to work towards. I felt honored when Jessica also said that she’ll always think of me as number one for all eternity.

Other people have also come to me and said that win or lose, to them I’ll always be number one.
So in order to not bring shame to their words, I’ll hold my head up, stand up straight and walk the path I’ve chosen for myself.
There are many things I learned from my loss.
I’ve made many memories and received many well wishes. Now, my heart feels very warm. It seems like things to learn are ever increasing.
I’m really hurt and disappointed but I’m also thankful to the result.

Thank you very much, everybody.”

awesome day!!! XD and awesome music

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Yesterday was insane! XD Insanely AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!

I went to Ground Slam in the morning. It was a small class, but I’m starting to like it like that. First we hit mitts. I held for this one guy, and when it came time to switch, Katsumura-san, the instructor, had him go hit the heavy bag, and HE held mitts for me! 😀 Yay attention from the instructor! He taught me this different way to punch that I’d never done before. I LIKE IT! It’s like Luffy’s “Rubber Pistol~!” in One Piece. We are both One Piece fans, btw. He didn’t call it that, but I do. hah Another ‘super’ technique for me, hehee. So then he taught us his special “Ninja Choke.” SO FREAKING COOL. And lots of set ups to get there. I guess like anything, you have to choose which techniques seem to fit you and your style.

I also got my hissatsu-waza! XD So happy to be meeting my goal of getting it at least once per training session. But I still have to get a top-level pro with it…that would be amazing. I almost got the ninja choke in sparring, but not quite ! Katsumura-san said, “Well, it took me 2 years to get it perfect, so don’t expect to get it immediately!”

I was so happy. I AM so happy.

So then I went home, relaxed, watched an ep of One Piece, and went to work. I taught our beloved, most “challenging” kids group- two 4/5 year olds. They: threw pencils and books, stood on chairs, wouldn’t sit down, colored on each other’s books, spoke too much in Japanese, tried to color on my pants with colored pencils, tried to climb up my leg and hang off my shirt…. ug. I had to threaten to send them home, and then they stopped for a minute. I SHOULD HAVE sent them out of the room. But they stopped at just the right moment, so I continued with the lesson. Gosh….I should have, which would have shown I was serious. -_- I even made a mean face, though!

Anyway, I was so high on life that that class brought me down to ‘average’ mood. lol Then I taught adults and got an excellent student feedback!!!! XD SO HAPPY!! XD

And I’m awesome. XD LMAO

I’m feeling a little crabby…. XD

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So after the last of my FIVE goldfish died, I totally lost confidence in my ability to keep them. I know that it might not be fair since they are carnival goldfish and those specifically tend to be weak. :/ But still…I tried so hard, but they died. I wanted to get another fish, but it’d cost MORE money to keep buying NEW drops, new filters, because my goldfish had that disease. I already spent like two hundred bucks on this so far. Too expensive. I have Drifter, the beta! 😀 I’ll keep him! 😀

So, I have this large tank and gravel….

I know crabs. I used to have lots of hermit crabs when I was younger. So I got two! 😀 I should have only gotten one, because I think they fight sometimes. :/ That’s actually why I stopped keeping them, cuz one caught the other when it was trying to change shells and tore it apart and it died a slow, painful death. I saw this and was freaking traumatized, partially because I felt responsible because I touched one to help it into it’s shell before the other one came, BUT it freaked out and RAN AWAY WITHOUT ANY SHELL into the corner…. -_-

SO I tried to put something as a divider down the center of the tank, but one of them STARTED CLIMBING IT with this AMAZING GRIPPING POWER. Man, I totally underestimated their gripping power.

They’re so tiny and cute! 😀 I’m gonna have to get glass…plastic or aluminum can be gripped.

I watched Megumi vs JAG& a translation

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I watched Jessica Aguilar vs Megumi Fujii. It was a fantastic fight and very exciting and entertaining. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. You could say that a fight isn’t truly won until someone KO-s the person, or gets a submission. That’s truly winning a fight. In the ZST organization in Japan, if someone didn’t win decisively, it was considered a draw. I kind of like that way.

Well…I tried to watch it without being biased that Megumi is my friend. I really like JAG and I’ve met her and chatted with her, and have known her online for quite some time.

I really respect both fighters.
I do think that Megumi won the first and last round, thus winning the fight. Jessica was landing accurate counter-punches, but Megumi was pushing the action. I don’t see how the judges didn’t give her the first round because she was pushing, pushing, and even got a take down. I liked Jessica’s arm bar attempt in the second round, and also Megumi’s. Masterful escapes by both of them. I think Megumi’s aggressiveness should have let her take the first round, and her dominance on the ground let her take the third round, and maybe Jessica’s accurate counters give her the second round?

I’m not a judge. That’s just my opinion. Congratulations to both fighters for an awesome fight. I’m really bummed out for Megumi. -_- I hate to say it because I like Jessica so much and I really don’t like commenting on other people’s fights, because I’m a fighter myself. We all put our heart and souls into a fight. I want people to NOT forget that. I never call a fight ‘boring’ or ‘horrible’ because someone’s soul is on the line out there. Please DO NOT forget that, guys.

I’m going to try and translate some blogs. Gotta go to training, so first a short one:

Abe-san (Hiroyuki Abe, AACC owner and Megumi’s cornerman/coach, posted this on his Facebook):

I made a list of some random thoughts:

-People can learn more from losses than wins.
-People who can’t bring together heart, body and technique can’t truly become strong.
-Strength shown in a victory or defeat isn’t in proportion to a person’s actual strength.
-I wonder why, out of the three ‘heart, body and technique,’ the person’s ‘heart’ comes first.
-I’m thinking about what things we learn through martial arts.
-Rather than making ourselves evolve, going “deeper” is more important and essential.
-To continue or to stop doing something is entirely someone’s own personal decision and responsibility.
-Parents have heavy responsibility, children have great potential.