update on a stressful but good week (pics)

This past week has been stressful. But I think it’ll turn out to be okay.
I have my news but can’t announce it yet.
Instead, a collage of pictures.

I had lunch with my co-worker Karen at this American Chicken and Rice place in Hiyoshi. We enjoyed chatting.

I went to Don Quixote and found Luffy’s straw hat! (Didn’t buy it)

I went to the 100 yen shop and found some stuff:
Yes, there IS HORSE fat IN THIS BODY SOAP ;_____;

Emotional brooms! Doesn’t it make you just wanna clean your house?

Cute animal-shaped cleaning mops and cloths.

Bulls eyes, for those of you out there who have trouble hitting your mark. XD

I really REALLY wanted to go training on Saturday, but for some reason I was just WIPED OUT. ;_; I did weight lifting instead. (sadly, but I haven’t done it so I’m sure it was good for me) but grrrr.

This is from a while ago, but I want to thank Kobayashi-san for punching me in the liver so hard I fell over and had to stop sparring. (I’m not being sarcastic! 🙂 ) Only Kadowaki-san has downed me with a liver punch before. Now I will definitely be more careful thanks to him. 🙂 This picture is only the reenactment. I didn’t look quite so happy during the actual incident.

On the same night, I saw him down another guy with a liver kick. Therefore, his nick name is “The Liver guy.” lol <3 He's really fun to train with. As long as I'm guarding myself. -I've discovered this new band "Epica!" I'll post more about them later. -Three out of my five fish have died, but the last two are hanging in there. I may have over-fed them, plus I didn't see the second half of the filter (got it in now), and they got a parasite, which I think may be gone now. ~_~ They are still not genki. -My 101-year-old grandfather is in the hospital. …