so happy! Wonderful day, and Tony’s here!

I had a FABULOUS day. 😀

I brought Tony to Groundslam!

(Is it just me, or do I look like I’m 13 years old in this pic? lol)

I managed to do this new take-down that Katsumura-showed me, on one of the pros! I sparred Tony a bit! And BJ-san. Then we did the regular class! Had a lot of fun! Steve taught some nice sweep I really dig, and Tony showed me some cool moves! XD Then went out for lunch with Team Groundslam Gaikokujin!

Following that, I took Tony sight-seeing in Ueno Park, and Ameyokocho. SO tired, but it was so much fun.

We saw this street performer called “The HangerMan” who did tricks and stunts. XD

We ate ice cream and then dinner at my favorite restaurant, Tofuro. Today couldn’t have been any better. Karma owes me big time for yesterday evening and that traumatizing kid incident. I couldn’t stop thinking about him ALL Day. It bothers me so much that I failed to discipline him adequately. I’ve decided that next time he misbehaves, am GOING to force him to stay in an extra classroom with the staff and not give in. Because he’s not sorry, and he needs me to not give in.


What a fun day. XD It’s good to have friends!! <3 <3 <3 and I love my big brother! And my teammates! BJ gave me a pat on the back on the way out. XD I AM SO HAPPY!!