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so happy! Wonderful day, and Tony’s here!

Posted in cultural, friends, fun, training on August 30th, 2012 by roxyfighter

I had a FABULOUS day. 😀

I brought Tony to Groundslam!

(Is it just me, or do I look like I’m 13 years old in this pic? lol)

I managed to do this new take-down that Katsumura-showed me, on one of the pros! I sparred Tony a bit! And BJ-san. Then we did the regular class! Had a lot of fun! Steve taught some nice sweep I really dig, and Tony showed me some cool moves! XD Then went out for lunch with Team Groundslam Gaikokujin!

Following that, I took Tony sight-seeing in Ueno Park, and Ameyokocho. SO tired, but it was so much fun.

We saw this street performer called “The HangerMan” who did tricks and stunts. XD

We ate ice cream and then dinner at my favorite restaurant, Tofuro. Today couldn’t have been any better. Karma owes me big time for yesterday evening and that traumatizing kid incident. I couldn’t stop thinking about him ALL Day. It bothers me so much that I failed to discipline him adequately. I’ve decided that next time he misbehaves, am GOING to force him to stay in an extra classroom with the staff and not give in. Because he’s not sorry, and he needs me to not give in.


What a fun day. XD It’s good to have friends!! <3 <3 <3 and I love my big brother! And my teammates! BJ gave me a pat on the back on the way out. XD I AM SO HAPPY!!

I had a melt-down

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Super busy day.
Woke up at the crack of dawn.
Went into work and prepped for kids. Finished my birthday present to my Dad this morning. Ran to teach Katsumura-san English. Did a little training. Went back to work. Played really hard with my kids.

I’ve experienced all sorts of bad behavior in kids.
I’ve had kids who’ve thrown stuff in the air. Kids who’ve thrown stuff at ME, and at other students. I’ve had kids who write on the table with colored pencils, who color the OTHER kid’s books, or my teacher’s sample books. I’ve had mischievous kids, spiteful kids. Kids who touch the CD player, even when I tell them not to. Kids who open the lid while it’s playing. Kids who touch stuff I tell them not to, get under the desk, open the door, turn off the lights. I’ve had kids scream and shout, kids who speak in Japanese and don’t pay attention. I’ve had kids who hit or punch me or other kids. I’ve had kids who rip the flash cards or the teacher’s book, or their own book.

I’ve had many different kinds of kids who do different things. BUT never ONE child who does EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE THINGS. HOLY mother of…! I had a melt-down in class today. It was my last of three kids classes in a row. I played with those first two kids classes so hard, so I was hanging on to my sanity and energy for dear life in the last lesson….and MY FAVORITE adorable little boy, who’s laugh I love so much, was bad. Like…really bad. The above. All of it. I was SO so disappointed. ;_; I was looking forward to playing with him, and of course, his cute classmate.

I gave him all the discipline methods I could think of, and finally tried to send him out of the room. It was stabbing me with his colored pencil that did it. I COULD GET INJURED, and I mean a BLOODY PENCIL IN THE PALM. By a 4 year old. NO THANKS.

So out he went. Except he said “No! no! sorry sorry!” (But it was the billionth time). So I told him to get out. He wouldn’t. I lifted him up and carried him out.

He SCREAMED AND SCREAMED. -_-; I bet my boss and the other students in the school loved that. SCREAM. @#$%)#U$# I told the secretary what happened, and that he needed to sit there for two minutes. I wonder if she could hear me over his screaming. I said, “Just two minutes, then he could come back.” He was rolling around on the floor. “Oh second thought, put him in the classroom.” The poor secretary looked….perplexed. He then CLUNG TO ME and SCREAMED bloody murder. -.-;;;;; Okay, that was my first time for such a scene. In my previous school SY, the kids glumly sat outside and looked very unhappy, but didn’t do what this kid did.

I detached myself and tried to walk away, but he SQUIRMED out of the secretary’s grip and followed me and grabbed my hand and gave me red-blood shot puppy eyes and said “I’m sorry!~” like 10 times. This had been going on for about 4 minutes, so I thought maybe I tortured the kid enough that he saw I meant business. I said, “Be good?” and he said, “yes yes waaaaaa yes.”

So I let him back in.

The second we were back in, he took my hand, which he was holding, and squeezed it with all his might…and his nails.

I was in confused shock. I didn’t know the psychology behind that. Maybe he was angry at me for making him feel so hurt, so he was showing me his anger. He did other angry things, which was really bizarre because he was also sad. OR what was he? I TOLD HIM TO STOP doing stuff, and he OBVIOUSLY KNEW it was wrong, so WTF IS HIS PROBLEM with the screaming? And I KNOW that psychologically, if you tell a kid to STOP doing something, they want to do it MORE, so I said stuff like, “not this, but THIS” and presented a different OPTION.

Managing kids is all about options.

Usually, if the kid knows he or she does something wrong, they kind of pout….but never lash out angrily?

I wondered if I should send him back out. But he was quiet and not screaming, so I just made him sit down. He did a few other bad things later, but I tried to ignore him and pay attention to his classmate.

The girl was pretty good. I was so damn bummed out, because I love this boy. ~_~; His mother is a good mother, too…I overhear her talking to him and trying to discipline him, but he just won’t listen. I like his mother. -0- I wish I had studied more child psychology to figure out how to handle him. I give him PLENTY of praise for good stuff done. I’m good at various distraction techniques….

I never wanted a class to end as much as that one. I think I started talking to myself. When I came out of the classroom, I was shaking. PHYSICALLY SHAKING. Not with anger, but like “I just sparred 10 rounds” shaking.

Then I went and met Tony at the train station, and we had yaki tori. XD Yay! I’m gonna bring him to the dojo tomorrow morning.

I did more stuff today, but I’m exhausted and going to bed now.

Training, English, omgwhatsonmyface

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Yesterday was great. I sparred mostly with Celine in the morning at Groundslam’s morning practice. I usually prefer training with men, but Celine is really talented and skilled. It’s also really good for me to spar another woman who doesn’t have a huge strength advantage on me, as a man would.

Also, yesterday Maezaki-san came to the morning practice, a lady who usually does the evening BJJ class. I was surprised. She said she came because she knew Celine was coming. Okay, so cool, we sparred, although I outweighed her by a lot. I worked on the recent techniques Steve had been showing me, and I got a few down! 😀 Then nobody came to the morning regular class after that, so Steve and I worked on a few things, and then quit early.  I’m pretty sore and I have a pretty bad headache, but I ran out of headache/anti-inflammatory medicine. ;_; Tony will bring me more from the good ol’ USA. XD

I was looking in the mirror to part my hair after training, noticed this huge bruise/scratch/thingie on my forehead, and did the Home Alone Macaulay Culkin “AAAAaaaaaaahh~!” ;_; OH well, at least it’s not a deep cut, so make up will cover it, no problem. XD Yay. Cuts suck because make up HURTS and you can’t cover up the fact that there’s a dent in your skin. x_x; lol

Steve said I’m getting buff! XD I dunno, but thanks anyway!!! <3 <3 <3 I hope so! Must be all the ice cream I've been eating. XD MY POWER FOOD!! *coughBrittanyParfaitofLOVEsooncough* Katsumura-san and I practiced English for three hours after practice, instead of our usual 2. He's really improving. I'm impressed daily by everything he can remember and produce fluently. High accuracy. Then I went for my osteopathic treatment with Mihara-san. Poor guy is Mizugaki's friend and was going to go watch his fight in Las Vegas. Mizugaki's fight got canceled with the rest of that UFC card, so he has plane tickets and plans in New York for the following week, so he couldn't cancel! So he's going alone. lol I really would have liked to teach him more emergency English before he left, but oh well. I taught him a few things. Then, home again. Exhausted. Almost done writing my dad's birthday present. My friend from the US is visiting Japan for a few weeks! 😀 He's coming TOMORROW, so I wanna be finished with stuff before he comes. :O I'm kind of rushing now. My dad's birthday is coming up.... I should mail it by next week.

work’n for a living

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I’ve been sleeping very poorly again lately. Well, I’ve been getting 5 hours, only by going to bed at 10 and waking up at 3. ;_; My shoulder has been killing me.

I saw Prometheus in the theaters! I loved it! Although I closed my eyes sometimes when people got brutally killed. 🙁 I can’t stomach that. But on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it an 8.

I saw Batman: Dark Knight (the previous one) that my boss lent me. I don’t think I’ll spend the money to see the new one in the theater.

I was irritated all weekend. It was work. Just certain lessons I taught. 🙁 Usually we have a mix of high levels and low levels, but I don’t think I taught a single high level. We can’t really have a conversation. Lots of repeating myself, trying to figure out how to simplify easy sentences even more, struggling with material above student’s heads…whatever, I shouldn’t complain. It could have been so much harder. I only taught one kids class.

Saturday, I really wanted to train with Sharp, a fellow who visited my gym, but my shoulder was too hurt. ~_~; I just went and jumped rope and ran stairs.

By the end of Sunday, I just wanted out of the office. I just wanted sleep. But I had to go to a meeting in Tokyo. Very productive. But it went an hour overtime. Come on, guys…

Well, I hope I can sparring AND the technique class tomorrow.

“You did well,” he said

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I had a pretty good training session on Wednesday. My wrist was hurting SO SO much, to the point I couldn’t bend it without it killing. But I taped that sucker up and did my best. We worked on, oops I can’t tell, cuz I want it to be one of my hissatsu-waza. XD On Monday I got my first hissatsu-waza! Psyched. Katsumura-san complimented me and said that I’m really getting the hang of the new style he’s teaching me, and he’s so happy, too.

Wednesday I only sparred a little bit, but did well. Lots of technique training. I really love what Katsumura-san is teaching us. Speaking of that, he remembers all the English words I teach him. He even remembered to ‘bless me’ when I sneezed. I was so happy. lol He is REALLY soaking up the Englsh I’m teaching like a sponge. It’s remarkable.

Wednesday evening was a little stressful because I almost didn’t make it to my lesson (work) on time in Shin-Yokohama because the trains are really confusing and leave from different tracks in Higashi Kanagawa. X_X Damn trains, and I’m a train veteran, too! Another teacher missed the train recently and I had to cover. ~_~ They should STOP sending us to different schools with only enough time to get there if catch all the connections perfectly. Stupid company rule.

Anyway. Thursday, I sparred a bunch of rounds of MMA with Celine, and one with Yoshino-san before I called it quits because of various pain. My body hates me. I was intending to do the technique class, too, but decided not to. 🙁

I was walking past BJ-san, sitting and stretching after class.
“You know, Roxanne, your ABC technique has really improved. You’re not doing this and that anymore, you’re doing this well.”

He gave me a thumbs up!!! 😀 😀 😀 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy! I was grinning from ear to ear. XD

Omigawa-san posted this pic he got one of the beginner class’s guys to take. Of course, I am not as talented as everyone else. But I have to believe that I will become champion one day.

How many people in this pic can you recognize?