my feelings about UFC 168

America was founded on freedom. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I believe people can say whatever they want. “Doing” whatever they want, of course, should be within social guidelines.

Regarding MMA, I am conflicted, because of the obvious conflict – “This is the hurt business” vs “This is a sport.”

I appreciate how trash-talk hypes fights, and what it adds promoting it, and making people excited. I appreciate how there are “good guys” and “bad guys,” whether they intend it or not. I think it’s BEST that fighters show their personalities, and that it distinguishes them from their peers.

Then there’s sportsmanship. I’m not trying to rip off your arm and beat you to a bloody pulp. I want to hit you so you fall down, so my hand is raised, so I make a ton of money and get famous. I train hard in the gym, sacrificing things, for my time in the spotlight. So did the other guy.

But should one fighter respect the other one, right?

I don’t care if Nick Diaz flips off cameras. But somehow it’s different for me for the females. Maybe because we have only a few women who are in the spotlight right now, to look up to.

I care VERY MUCH that my little 7 year old girl student is posting on Facebook pictures of herself in a T shirt that says “Stay calm and break arms,” scowling, with a mean face, trying to be like Ronda. Don’t be angry, you’re 7. I choose to be “the Happy Warrior” as an adult choice. Tons of young female fighters – from 4 yrs old and up, are looking to her as a role-model.

But Ronda should do what’s in her heart. She feels that Miesha is being fake. Who are we to expect her to go against her heart and shake Miesha’s hand in what society deems as ‘sportsman-like?’ And how about flipping her off on camera in TUF all the time?

I won’t say what she should or should not do. You, the fans, all are entitled to YOUR own opinions about that. I was upset by it because I’m a kids teacher. I have my own perspective on things, and my feelings come from my perspectives. I’m trying not to judge anyone. Their feelings come from their perspectives, too. I read somewhere that Ronda made another comment that she’s not going to talk as if there’s a 5-year-old in the room all the time.

That’s fair, too.

Ronda she said in her post fight interview about how she can’t shake the hand of Miesha who disrespected her family. I mean, if that’s the way she feels, that’s how she feels, and everyone is entitled to their feelings.

Does everybody know what she was talking about? They saw her shun her opponent. It’s about the pranks Miesha and team played on her on The Ultimate Fighter, right? I guess? Ronda she said she respected Miesha as an athlete. That’s great.

All that being said, it was a superb fight. Miesha showed how much she improved, and Ronda showcased her BEAUTIFUL Judo techniques. Ronda did an outstanding job of dominating the fight, and Miesha was wily in getting out of most of it. I applaud both women, and congratulate them both.

It’s great seeing how people are no longer like, “Oh this fight has to prove that women deserve to be in the Octagon.” No, people are like, “Man, who do you got? Who’s gonna win? Ronda’s Judo blah blah” and discuss each fighter’s attributes. I love it.

I was so upset Josh Barnett lost like that. He someone I’ve watched fight for a long time, and I know him personally. 🙁

I don’t wanna even think about Silva vs Weidman. I wish Silva a speedy recovery. I wish I could un-see that break.

I was really moved at how Miesha found it within herself to even OFFER to shake Ronda’s hand, because I know how much the fight mean to her.…