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Tingo, training, Spider-nori!

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Entry of Randomness!

On Tuesday, I went to my day-care outservice, and upon arriving, realized I’d forgotten my puppet. O_O Noooo! So I asked the daycare staff if I could borrow one, and they told me to go upstairs. Once upstairs, I found….TINGO!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG!
roxy tingo hoikuen2
(click to enlarge)

It’s the old puppet that my company used when we had the licencing agreement with Sesame. It has since ended, so we’re not allowed to use Tingo anymore. I think Tingo is superior to what we’re using now, so I miss the little yellow guy! This is me and Tingo getting reunited!

Hah that means this daycare has been using Berlitz teachers for over 3 years. So the kids came in and I was like, “WHO’S THIS?!?!?!?!?!! 🙂 🙂 :)???”

They were like, “Hey, it’s the puppet from upstairs!” I was like, “It’s TINGO!!!! ♪(o≧∇≦)o♪ ” LOL!!! So excited. The kids were like, “Ooookay…”

roxy tingo hoikuen1
I took like 10 pictures. These are only two. Wanna see more? I didn’t think so. XD

Wednesday I was supposed to teach for Katsumura-san, because he’s overseas cornering BJ-san. Nobody came! ;_; So I worked out with the dummies!! 😀 I made myself do a lot of uchi komis (drills) for technique Wicky showed me, and also BJ-san.
roxy and dummiessss

Work was stressful. Won’t go there. But very productive.

Today, I sparred MMA for the first time in two months with Harley! I wasn’t going to because I wanted to take it easy on my injury, but he ended up twisting my arm and forcing me into it, like this….

Harley: Hey Roxy, wanna spar!?
Roxy: Oh….I can’t…well okay, hang on, lemme get my gloves.

😀 <---- stupid Roxy But it was fun and I didn't get hurt more. LOL And I DID A MOVE that Wicky showed me ! In front of Wicky! And he didn't notice! ARRRG! XD Then Steve taught us a choke of DOOOMMMMMMM dooom de doom. Then I saw Noripi acting like spiderman, hanging from the pull up bar. *_* To be precise, I saw Steve taking a picture of Nori-pi, so I rushed for my own iPhone to get in on the photo op. XD hahaha spider noripi

Then I had lunch with my co-worker friend Karla, and we ate way too much. After bibinba lunch, we went to this cafe where she FORCED me to eat this cake with her.

Karla: Come on, have some cake. My treat.
Roxy: Why should I have cake?
Karla: Because it’s FUN eating cake together!
Roxy: …..that’s an excellent reason.

Man….does this mean my willpower is weak? LOL

parts of Japanese culture

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I’m watching One Piece, the saga of the Fishman Island. The huge arc Noah is falling towards the island. The king told everyone to evaluate. At first some of the townspeople started to, but then stopped. They were saying, “Luffy is fighting for us! What courage! I can’t leave! I trust him! I will stay here!” So everybody stayed on the island.

WHAT THE HELL!? He is fighting to SAVE you! What if he failed? Wouldn’t he want to know you were safe? Wouldn’t it be less pressure off his mind if you were safe? It’s like, there’s a gun pointed at you and someone steps in front. If the dude actually pulled the trigger, the guy in front CAN’T dodge, cuz you refused to move! It’s like, none of the heros want their loved ones near them when they battle, because the loved ones might get hurt. That makes no sense….it’s harder for the person trying to save you, no?

GET OFF THE FREAKING ISLAND, Fisherdudes. >_<; You might say that it’s just another dumb part of a movie where the audience groans. But no, I think that it is a cultural statement about Japanese people. That specific way of thinking: This guy is ganbatteiru-ing (doing his best) and sacrificing himself, so we ALL have to ganbaru (work hard) and sacrifice OURSELVES, too. Look how many people stayed behind and are living near Fukushima, the nuclear power plants? I mean, I’m not presumptuous to know exactly how those people feel about losing their homes. But people lived off the land, not vice versa.  People’s lives are more important than land. How can you argue that? I mean, if someone is invading, you wanna stand up for your home- I can understand that principle. But for a natural disaster where you can’t DO anything to effect it? I can’t understand. If a wildfire was wiping through the forests of Western Mass, I would grab my laptop and get out. lol So these recent One Piece episodes have disturbed me a little bit, after realizing this. I’ve always been so inspired by Japanese values and their hard work ethic- it’s what made me fall in love with Japan in the first place. However, I can’t accept this way of thinking. I am not saying ALL Japanese people are like this. Just, many. energy steriods

Also on One Piece, the bad guys are taking “Energy Steriods,” and it makes them big and powerful. But the characters say, “Oh that’s FAKE power. That’s not REAL power you earned with your own hard work!”

SO they were really coming down hard on steriods. I really liked that…. they actually put that idea out in One Piece 😀

Next, about my last lesson last night. One adult student comes late and is really struggling to learn. Being forced is NOT conducive to learning. I had a feeling his company was forcing him to come study English, and I felt bad because he didn’t want to. But his company expects him to ganbaru.

Actually, in that class, another student had said something in Japanese she couldn’t explain in English and it wasn’t in my dictionary, so I was hanging around to ask the staff what it meant. They were busy, though, so I sat in the lobby. That previously mentioned student was talking to our staff in Japanese, and overheard. Something about if he doesn’t get 80% he might get fired. Then he begged her to write that he was present even if he was absent, and our staff was like, ‘Sorry, we can’t do that….or other students will ask us…’

Then I realized that the 80% was attendance record. :/ I mean, if your company is paying for your language lessons, they want to make sure you attend and don’t just stay home. I felt bad for the guy even more. I can’t do anything to help the situation! All I can do is try and make a fun class for him and his classmates. ~_~ I was really trying to make it fun, but it’s so hard sometimes.

Many students don’t bring motivation to the table, but that’s one of my goals – find a way to motivate our students of ALL ages to enjoy learning English!!

Meeting, Magic Man, training!

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I had an interesting day yesterday!

It was my day off from work, but I went to a Kids Coordinator meeting in Shinjuku, because that’s the day it was scheduled on. (overtime bonus! :D) It was great, but made me really frustrated with certain things at my job.
After that I went home, helped a friend with an essay, and then went to Hiroki “Magic Man” Mihara, for osteopathic treatment. He’s learning English, and I was impressed with his improvement yesterday! How exciting for him. 😀
Seriously, I can’t say enough about Mihara-san. I limp in there, and he says, “Look, one leg is longer than the other by a centimeter.” I look and am like “WOW you’re right?” *press stretch massage* “Okay, it’s fixed.” WOW, YOU’RE RIGHT. Like, my pain just DISAPPEARS after he’s done. It’s remarkable.

Except my current thing, which has to do with a damaged ligament, so he can’t fix that. X_x; Anyway so then I left his clinic in Shibuya, ate something, and went to my gym, Groundslam. He’d gotten there AHEAD OF ME (which irritated me, but I ate and he must have rushed there after my treatment) lol Even though we went the same route, hahaha. From 8 to 9, Wicky taught striking technique!

Kikuyo (Ishikawa) said, “Onegaishimasu” which is “Let’s work together.” I was like, “Really?” :/ Our striking can’t even be compared. She’s the kickboxing INSTRUCTOR for Wednesdays. And I’m a really really slow learner when it comes to striking. Wicky said, “Okay do this combo” *bam bam bam* And she went, “Whack whack whack.” I, on the other hand, was like “Question! Where exactly do I stand? Where do I hold my hands exactly?” She was like, “It doesn’t matter,” but it DOES to me. I need to know exactly, or I can’t get the move. X_X;; It was fun training with her, though. Kind of. Besides the fact that I hate striking. LOL But I learned a lot and I think I added doable combos to my repertoire.

mihara san and I 1.28.13
This is the Magic Man himself! 😀 (I’ve been mentioning him for months now) He’s good at kickboxing and karate! He’s built like a gynmist because he used to be one. If anybody needs any osteopathic treatment, he practices “Jyu-jyutsu style,” which is “gentle style chiropractic-type.” No hard cranks to realign bones. Visit his clinic “Hope Cure 9” in Shibuya!
linkie to his website:

Then we did Tetsu’s BJJ class! I worked with this nice guy “Hiro.” Oh I love BJJ!!!! XD SO MUCH FUN. It ended so late, though…I got home around 11:30 PM and in bed by 12:15 AM. ;_; But I love BJJ! I just wanted to do more sparring but if I ended at 10:40, then I’d get home even later. *sigh*
This is Seiko Nita-san! Her gi is …very pink.seiko and pink gi

Hah I said to Tetsu-san, “pink desu ne.” He said, “Dare?” Which means “who?” I said, “What do you mean, WHO? She’s the only one with a BRIGHT pink gi here!” He said, “Oh, I thought you said ‘genki.’” Oops, my pronunciation was the English “pink”’s “k” only. I didn’t add the vowel sound “u” to the “ku” like Japanese people do. In order for Japanese people to understand me, I have to say “pinku.” Hah my pronunciation was too good. X_x; Remember that, ye learners of the Japanese language! You can only be understood if you murder your native pronunciation! 😀

I made this happy video the other day, for those of you who missed it!

a bright spot in a black hole

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A few years ago, one of my co-workers was lamenting over an unfavorable schedule, and I said, “At least you get to go home early!” “You know, Roxanne, you could find a bright spot in a black hole,” he said.

I was so touched by that.

In this entry, I’m going to balance everything I say with something positive. Let’s see if I can do it:

*My injury hurts. — But I can train, and I’ve had fun going to my classes, and participating!
*I’m working overtime. — I’m making extra money.
*I’m working some unpaid overtime. — I feel personally satisfied that I’m doing an outstanding job which will help not only myself, but others.
*I had an assessment for a little 4 year old girl. She cried a little because she was scared. — She gave me a big smile as she was leaving the school, and told her mom that she had fun. Her face was angelic.
*One of the boys in my other kid’s class wouldn’t pay attention and purposefully said the wrong thing. — Another boy focused and could remember everything.
*I don’t know why, but my bicep hurts so much, and so does my shoulder, so that I can’t lift my arm. — I must have had fun doing it, in training! LOL
*I forgot to put make-up on a cut over my eye. — Nobody said anything?
*I had a stressful conversation with my boss over prep time. — He usually tries to help me, and gave me a pep-talk when I was depressed about my injury.
*It was so cold outside, as I was walking home. — I looked up and saw the stars and they were beautiful! — My neck started feeling funky arching it back. (my neck sucks, omg, I can’t even look at the stars for more than ten seconds?) — *But it was dark enough for me to be able to see Orion! It’s a rarity where I am in Japan with all the light polution!
*I was so busy today, and worked overtime. — I got to relax in the morning, and watch One Piece!
*I had stomach pains again today. — At least they happened near the end of work, so I didn’t suffer through my lessons! 🙂

and now for some random pictures!
Mihara-san’s golf umbrella! hah!
(click to enlarge)
golf umbrella
My locker at work!!

(click to enlarge)
locker photo
How did I do!?

super busy week (training&work)

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This week has been ridiculous. I feel like I’ve been on the run constantly, which is the life style I love! I love being productive! I’m just exhausted and my body is in pain, lol. Monday, I had my double training, and I slept SO poorly, which made my long day Tuesday really hard.

I have some projects at work that are really important and need to be done, but I’m not given paid time to do them…but I want to do them anyway, because it eats at my mind, and I’m responsible for it, so I work anyway in my free time…. I’m stuck. >_< It's not fair. I should just not do it but my concious is telling me to do it. *sigh* So I got really stressed out this week about that. I also wanted to pick up a few extra lessons, like two, on Thursday, my normal day off. I got FOUR....It's too much, I was already exhausted. lol oh well. x_x I worked A LOT this week. Too much. I'm stupid and naieve about business, and I know it. I wanna eat this so badly. Banana cake and brownie and stuff... super awesome desert

I finally cracked down on myself and lost two pounds this week. Yay.

I trained a lot this week, which is great. My injury still hurts. I’m worried about if it’s getting better or not. :/ It’s better to a point…but will it keep getting better, or stay in this condition? I don’t like what the doctor had told me. I’m worrying about it every day. I was able to train on Monday morning, Monday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning! On Wednesday, I showed up and it’s usally only me, Arai-san, maybe Kakki and another guy or not. I came out of the bathroom and suddenly WICKY was sitting there! O_O! Apparently he wanted to get more drills in. So we did striking drills, which were amazing. I’m practicing them now by myself. Then Katsumura-san said, “Okay now for Roxanne’s seminar!” I was like “Oh yay seminar, wait, what, ME?!?!?!” D: I don’t have anything I can teach such an elite grappler such at Katsumura-san!!

SO I taught him my hissatsu-waza and another point that I thought up on the fly WHILE teaching it, which made everybody go “oooooh!” So I was SO excited. XD I made everybody go “ooooh!” 😀 😀 😀 :D!!! Hell, I was excited because I just taught myself at that second, too. That’s how frick’n AWESOME and dudical grappling is. XD

Thursdsay, Steve taught some cool stuff. I gotta write it down in my notebook.
These are the guys at the pro training, but I didn’t actually participate.
thursday morning training I didn't do
Wicky is on the far right, and Steve is in the rvddw shirt. 😀
I had to run right from training to Shibuya to see my osteopathid doctor (Mihara-san) and then run BACK to Kawasaki for work. Finished work at 9:15. SO tired.

This morning I woke up at 3:30 AM, thinking, @#)($*%&#$(&*#$(%&*#$%!

THANK YOU BRAIN for falling back asleep until 6:00!!
Today I have a lot of work, too, and then the weekend, which is insane work. x_X
I’m trying to save up more money. It’s really hard, on my salary and with the expenses of living in Japan. I feel like I should have more saved away by now, at 30 years old. I’m not such a big spender, either. I just have training expenses and gym expenses, which are a lot, and then my New Years/ Christmas trip is expensive every year. -_- Time is passing and I feel that my bank account is not growing so quickly. My plan was to suppliment my teaching wages with fight money. That’s not happening now. 🙁 I don’t really care about having tons of money – I’m not greedy. I want to be safe and secure when I get older and I have to take care of all my injuries that built up over time. LOL OR if I do have to have some major medicale procedure, I don’t want to be limited by money. :/

I’m concerned about that, too.

Otherwise, life is great. 🙂