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picture picture ~ and my weekend

Posted in every day, fight, friends, fun on February 24th, 2013 by roxyfighter

So, first of all, the UFC happened this weekend with the first female fight.

It broke my heart and brought me intense joy, all at the same time! I want to celebrate for myself and female fighters! I want to cry because it’s been my 10-year dream since college to be the first female fighter in the UFC. My dream was broken. But I’m going to try and glue it back together. Or rather, tape it. “Athletic tape fixes anything,” I used to say. lol Just put a little tape on it and get back in there.

I gotta climb the latter with everybody else.

Next, I’m DYING to train, and waiting is killing me. I can’t sleep well. I’m stressed out because I’m not grappling and releasing my stress. ~_~ I had a hard few days at work. On Saturday, I totally snapped at my friends?

My day Sunday was a little nicer. Work was okay and then I met friends afterwards. I want to train so bad. >_< The doctor said one more week! But I'm still nervous. My book isn't going as well as I had hoped. :/ blarg Anyway, here are some pics I took over the past few days. Click to enlarge them. buri and pancakes

I went to this pancake cafe with Brittany, but I couldn’t eat because it was too late at night. >< Torture! I gotta go back because it looked really good.;_; buri lottery

Brittany won a dollar on a scratch ticket I bought for us. 😀

ferret 2
At Brittany’s place, her ferret “ferreted out” my cereal from the bags. LOL There’s a reason that expression exists.


figure clips

goku hair guy

This guy in a grocery store was wearing Saiyan hair. I have NO clue why. I tried to take a pic as discreetly as I could.

politeness sign

I love signs like this. People should know, but people don’t do it, so it’s great Japan makes signs to point out the obvious.

kanehara shirt 2

Kanehara-san was wearing this great shirt, with funny English on it. XD HAH
kanehara shirt back

quick update: wicked busy, interview transl., teaching, kids, sushi

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Quiiiick update

First, my scleritis is better. (zombie eye). Yay! 😀 No going blind!! XD

Monday: busy as HELL
Morning: watched training and taught Harley and Brittany a grappling move. Then they joined Mitsui-san’s ViPR class and I watched and was jealous.

viPR training1

Then, then English lesson, followed by osteopathic treatment and therapy, followed by another English lesson.
Then, I rushed to Yokosuka to help Brittany interview Mizugaki preceeding his fight in UFC JAPAN on March 3rd. Whoooo!

mizugaki brittany roxy

Tuesday: Kids day-care early in the morning.
Then, hoped to go home and prepare stuff to get my book published, but instead, I worked for 3 hours of unpaid office time to prepare kid’s lessons for this family moving overseas next month. ;_; Kids. sheesh!

Then taught English, and then on my way home, I was just thinking about those kids lessons, when this Filipina woman (sorry I can’t spell that word properly) stopped me in the station and asked me to donate to this ‘save the children’s’ cause. I was thinking dude, I just donated 3 hours of my life, to these kids. I’m doing a lot. Plus, who knows where that money is REALLY going.
But she gave me these puppy eyes, so I wipped out my wallet and handed her ten bucks and was like, “JUST TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT!!” ;_;


Wednesaday, woke up exhausted, rushed to the gym, lifted weights a little but my shoulder hurt, so did other stuff, and then had an English lesson. Then, went to meet my host mother for a sushi lunch, but she got lost driving to my place, so I ended up trying unsuccessfully to doze on the sofa of the restaurant for AN ENTIRE HOUR waiting. ;_; I was really annoyed, because I was realllllly busy with stuff I don’t have time to do. But I don’t meet her much, so oh well. It was nice to chat with her. Hah, she ate ten plates of sushi and I only ate 5. But I get stomachaches easily, and I got a small one after that. -_- It didn’t last too long.

Today, I wanna work out, but my shoulders hurt. God my shoulders suck. >< I wish they didn't suck so much. I wrestled with myself for about 10 minutes about whether or not to pack my knee pads, in case I wanna kneel to show some technique, but then if I bring them, I'll wanna train. That is NOT allowed for ONE MORE WEEK!!! Then I might try lightly. I'm meeting Brittany today after her work. Yay

busy weekend, fully booked Monday, still zombie

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Soooooo this weekend was busy, as usual.
My scleritis is still freaky.
See previous blog entry for pic and explanation

On Friday, I went to the doctor for a check up on my injury. The doc said I can start practicing next month, but I still have doubts, because another trainer said something else, but they’re both specialists in different fields, soooooooo. >_< *sigh* Who do I believe? I DO NOT KNOW. Anyway, I'm looking forward to start training with this personal trainer. I'm glad I've been saving money. I also just ran out of supplments...glucosamine and Protein. I've been procrastinating buying more. >,< I think Buri-chan can hook me up with cheaper protein from the base.... After work on Saturday, I went straight to the gym and lifted. BORING. I wanna train so badly. THen I went to a cafe and studied Japanese and wrote my book, but wasn't as productive in my book as I would have liked. But I learned a lot of Japanese. mohaya owari

I like this phrase. I’m not sure I can use it, cuz a friend was joking around with my on Twitter, but I’m not sure how serious he was that it means “you’re dead.”

Must double-check today.
kanji ap

And I love this phone ap that lets me write kanji with my finger, and the program looks up what it’s close to. So if I don’t know the reading, I can find it. SO USEFUL, omfg. Even though my writing is so inaccurate with my big finger. It can still figure out what I’m trying to write! haha

Sunday, I got a lesson cancelation, so I got a lot of office work done.
I have a few issues that are not within my capability to resolve, so that’s been bothering me. I had four assessments in the span of two lessons, and they were a little hard because age and ability didn’t match for one of them, and plus courses we offer and the experience of people teaching these courses. I had a stress dream about it last night.

When kids are concerned, I care so much and bend over backwards to help them. :/
Then I had a meeting after work and talked about important company stuff, and my brain was SO tired and shot after that. Got home at 8 and prepared for my next English lessons. Then I translated Mizugaki’s interview for Buri-chan today (Monday).


Despite being late, I watched 40 minutes of Hunger Games before bed. Wow, I like it a lot so far!! They picked good actors!

Then I woke up at 3:30 AM thinking about my 3 assessment kids going to the US next month. >_< Will they have an ESL helper, or just be thrown into the school with no language support? WHY AM I STRESSING ABOUT THIS, they are not my kids. >_< IF their parents want them to become fluent, they should buy a ton crap load of lessons and come to my school every day. I should not be personally worried about them. But I am. Is that what makes me a good teacher? Hah that's what makes me a stressed out teacher. LOL GTR FTW. (kudos if you know what those stand for) My day is TOTALLY booked, from 7 AM to 8:30PM to late, with Mizugaki's interview. I really need to talk to my boss about stuff.

Scleritis-ridden zombie-eyed Roxy got stopped by a cop

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My right eye was bothering me a lot yesterday, and I woke up today with it BRIGHT RED and like…I poked a lump and the cornea was like droopy? AAAAH WTFFFFFff At the very bottom are pictures of it, so if you don’t wanna see, don’t scroll down to the very end.

I’m just lucky like that, I guess? I can’t train, I have a cold, I didn’t even get PUNCHED and I get another eye problem? (I’ve bruised my cornea like 15 times already).

Soooooo I went to watch morning practice.
Worked a bit with Harley, and that was cool!
Omigawa showed us (him) this Judo throw for MMA, which was cool! I wrote my book.
omigawa and harley

Then I went to the eye doctors. ;_; My doctor was like, “Is it the same as usual?” hahaha No, I replied.
He was like, “Hmmm wow, you have scleritis. Take these drops and come back in 5 days.”

Uh huh. Scleritis is an inflammation of the sclera (the white outer wall of the eye). Symptoms: Blurred vision; Eye pain and tenderness – severe; Red patches on the normally white part of the eye; Sensitivity to light – very painful .Yeah, Wiki.

But that’s not going to stop me from going on with my day! My day off from work! ;_;

So I put in drops and went and saw DIE HARD 5, baby! Yippee Kai-yay! It was good, but I think it could have been better. I wasn’t really interested in the plot. I wanted more witty dialogue. ~_~; They didn’t utilize Bruce’s dialogue/ acting ability to his full potential. But the car chase scenes were amazing! I wonder how many cars they destroyed making that movie, hahahah.

Then I went to my friend Kozo’s restaurant Fukuzushi. My legs were kind of bothering me, but I wanted to go away. ON the way, I wanted to take a picture of my eye, but it was dark, so I stopped near a vending machine where light would reflect.

I didn’t see anyone around, because, it is kind of weird and embarrassing. lol

Then a cop came up to me. I thought he wanted to use the vending machine, so I moved and started to walk away, but he was like, “Wait a minute… Are you a traveler?”

WOWZERS, MY FIRST TIME being stopped by a cop! He was polite, and I explained that no, I’m on my way to a friend’s restaurant. o_O; “You caught me taking a picture of myself, how embarrassing! hahahahaA” I laughed.
He said, “Gee you have a really big bag…. what’s in it?”
“Oh, nothing,” I said. “I’m studying Japanese! Look!” I whipped out my notebook.
“Are you a student?” he asked.
“No, I’m an English teacher,” I replied, starting to get a little uneasy. “Am I suspicious? I’m suspicious, aren’t I?” I said. “Taking pictures of myself and all.”
He laughed! “haha no, no, but I’m sorry, can I see your residence card?”

So then I had to explain that the ID card also doubles as my actual VISA, so if I lose it, I’m screwed, so I carry a photo copy. He got kind of stern and told me that I should always carry it around with me, but then he smiled and said I could go.

Yeah yeah. As I said. Lose visa = screwed –> exportation or police station

Luckily you can’t really see my freaky looking eye unless I look down.

I made it to my friend’s restaurant, and I was the only one there for like two hours, so we chatted a lot and he cooked me the most delicious fish dishes ever!!!
I love Fukuzushi. ^^


of my
If you
scleritis 2

That was the pic that got me stopped by the cop. If I hadn’t been acting suspicious….haha



it hurts, tho ;.;

crazy pain, joy, kids, Tingo knows BJJ, weights, studying

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I am not happy I lost my to-do list. ^^; I can’t remember zippity doo-dah, so my to-do list is that only thing that keeps me a responsible person. LOL

Tuesday! Had fun at my kindergarten. I played with TINGO!!! XD Tingo can do Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Tingo knows chokes.
tingo knows bjj1
Tingo knows arm-bars.
tingo knows bjj2

Tingo knows knee-bars.
tingo knows bjj3

Tingo sucks at ankle-locks.

tingo knows bjj4

And then I looked up from doing jiu-jitsu with Tingo (alone by myself LOL) and realized it was 10 o’clock and my kids should be bursting in the room any second! haha that would have been embarassing if they’d caught me. hahahaha XD

I wrote my book between my work shifts all afternoon.
I had a stomachache all day. >_< Then my co-worker told me that my shark socks aren't actually sharks...they're aligators. I was like, "No! They're sharks!" but he said, "Then why do they have nostrils? And arms painted on them? And a green underbelly?" shark aligator socks I was like….oh. HAHAHA luckly, aligators and crocodiles are my SECOND FAVORITE animal! XD

Today, Wednesday, I got the day off as a substitute holiday called “Happy Monday.” I practiced English with my coach, and then watched class and wrote my book. Then, I met the new trainer I’m going to be working with. His name is Mitsui-san. He did a kind of assessment for me. Hah I was listing all my injuries and he said, “Geez, you have a lot of them.” Yeah, geez, now that you mention it. ^^; He said a few things about my strength that really made me feel crappy, but I knew them to be true, and it affirms that he knows what he’s doing. He also didn’t think my injury was what the doctors had said.

That threw me off…. Really? He said, “I think it’s these muscles and this ligament, not this one.” Nah, I thought, my muscle is fine…? Then he started massaging the muscles and I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It hurt SO freaking much, it was unbelievable. “This is really tight,” he said. OMFG IT WAS. I was laughing to keep from crying. X__X;;

I wonder if that’s it? How is that possible that I’m so incapacitated? I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that? I could not walk after he was done. Is that good or bad? I was limping really bad … like dragging my foot, on the way to the train station. -_-; He said it’s natural. I’m limping less by now. I’m sure it’s not damaged worse because he just massaged the muscle, and I have a greater range of motion now?

Omg that hurt…

Then I lifted weights with my upper body. My obliques were ridiculously sore from some exercises I did the other day. I wish I could lift every day, but I’m so sore that I better take two days off or I won’t recover enough. ~_~; I’m kind of excited to start training with Mitsui-san. I really need to build myself up before I can fight again.

My heating blanket broke! Nooooo!
I need more protein powder. I wonder if I can get Brittany to take me on base to get it cheaper!