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I had a work stress dream and I just realized why.

The bell rang and I was supposed to have a kids assessment, but some other duty had taken me away, and I was late and rushing to change my clothes, but the bathroom stalls were occupied, so I had to find another place to change. Then I had to go do some errand, and I’m thinking, “oh no, the customer is waiting.” Finally I rushed in, holding material for Starter 1 Orange for kindergarteners. However, the boy was 1) NOT Japanese, maybe like Indian, 2) at least 11 years old 3) His father and brother were in the classroom, too, and 4) He had an English Beat 1 book sitting on the table. I was like, “Uh, the staff didn’t tell me he was a former student?!” He stood up and said, “Hello, I’d like to introduce my father!” I thought, wow, that’s amazing English… “Uh, nice to meet you, sir,” and then I started talking to them. I was thinking he was at least level EB 2 or 3, but then the BELL RANG and class ended before I could decide!

I think it’s because a kid’s sit-in assessment occurred in a yesterday class on my day off. ~_~ My co-worker is capable, but assessments are one of my responsibilities as Kids Coordinator. Oh well, I’m sure it was fine.

Yesterday, I had planned to watch practice, then go swimming, then come home and go to the movies to see Berserk. However, I woke up achy and with a slight fever! ;_; 99.1. ( My normal temp is 97.6) I scratched watching practice and swimming. ~_~;; First, I talked to both Mom and Dad on skype! It was the first time to sit down on Skype with my Dad! We did a test run once before, but this was our first “date,” so to speak! 😀 SO WONDERFUL to actually see him while talking, rather than just hearing his voice! He is a little slow to use this kind of technology. My mom’s been using it for years, though.

I checked my fever and it had gone, so I slowly made my way to Kawasaki.

Btw big news, I got a new printer! 😀 It also has a scan function and a photocopier function! It’s amazing…only 65 bucks! I needed to talk to the security guard/ maintenance man about throwing it out, since you have to pay some fee, so I went looking for him. I found him, sitting in the garbage shed, peeling the labels off plastic bottles with a knife. O_O

After greeting him, I said, “You have to do all that?!” He replied, “Yes, I can’t put them out like this! The caps have to be off and labels off, but most people don’t do what they’re supposed to! ;_; I even wrote this nice sign here, but people even mix metal cans inside their kitchen garbage. If I notice, I have to go fishing through it!”

Poor guy! So I listened to him for like 15 minutes. I felt bad for him, but I got to know him better. I see him every day, so that was nice. He is a 70 year old Japanese guy with a daughter who is a Chinese teacher, and has traveled the world. ^_^ I like him. And I hadn’t known I was supposed to put my plastic garbage in a separate bag. ^^;; I knew about bottles, but not like regular plastic. Oops. So I’m gonna be super careful now. He should write another sign, saying, “If you don’t peel your labels, I’m forced to do it,” so people will feel guilty.

On the way to the theater, I bought gym shoes (mens’, cheap on clearance price and low quality, just for being indoor shoes to lift in), Calcium pills, and Tupperware. Then I saw the 12 o’clock showing of Berserk. It was such beautiful quality, obviously, compared to the TV series. I hadn’t realized that they changed voice actors from the series, because I hadn’t watched the series in forever. I SWEAR that I heard “One Piece’s” Franky’s voice in there, but I checked online and I couldn’t find his voice actor’s name. Also, Grifith sounded like Sasuke’s voice actor sometimes, but the websites said not. < I SWEAR they were in there! Hmmm weird. And the show was SO violent and SO gruesome. ;_; It was rated 15+ but I made a point to NOT look around the theater, because if I saw someone had brought their kids, I probably would have made a big scene. -_-; I don’t wanna know. Limbs were chopped off and eaten, heads were flying, blood was spurting, women got raped, etc. uggg Usually people get desensitized to violence, but I’m the opposite. I’m sensitized. I used to watch the series in high school, but I have a low tolerance to graphic violence nowadays. I closed my eyes a lot during the show. ^^; I'm often glad that I have bad vision, because I can watch without my glasses and then know when the scene is over. berserk shot

ANYWAY I really hoped they would go PAST what they did in the series. ~_~ I was sad when the series ended, but it doesn’t look like it they’ll make more. I have a hard time understanding the manga because the Japanese is hard, and the ancient guys speak in Classical. Anyone know a fan translation site? ;_; email me! Basilisk875 (at) yahoo.com!

I ran into Celine in Kawasaki outside the theater! 😀 That was nice, but I didn’t chat much, because I didn’t wanna give her my cold (which is gone today. I feel much better, other than a runny nose)

I then went to the Dotour coffee shop and studied Japanese for THREE hours straight! And I wrote my book! It was fantastic. I got so much done. I resisted eating Dotour’s delicious milk crepe cake. I’m very proud of myself. I had low calorie (80) ice cream instead. I also bought this melon pan bread shaped like Mt. Fuji, that I’d always wanted to try, but only had a few bites. Saved the rest for this morning. Resist! Part of training.
mt fuji bread

I had lots of beef for lunch but didn’t get a stomachache at the time. I was shocked. I got it in the evening, though. Maybe that’s when stuff hit my intestine. 😡 oh well.

Came home, and read a lot of A Memory of Light. So exciting! Dude, I keep forgetting who the characters are. I forget which of the Chosen did what. Their names are becoming a blur. and people keep getting reincarnated and getting new names. ~_~; So whenever the author embeds some hint about their past actions, I’m so grateful. lol…