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DBZ, and too much internet

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It’s so cool how Goku can be so strong and still not want to kill anyone. He just wants the thrill of the fight. I can relate to that. That’s why he’s pure of heart. I’m on the episode where Namek is just about to blow up. (no, really!)

dbz team
I liked this moment. (They thought Freeza was dead, but it was a nice moment)

I also liked this moment. dbz praise

Praise! Praise is important. From your parent, from your boss…it feels good, right? And for YOU. Don’t forget to GIVE praise. At my job, there’s a section in a lesson evaluation form: “Did you praise the student?” It’s an important part of development and learning.

Sooooo. I was thinking, man, I posted a gajillion times on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. lol Especially ever since I got my iPhone a few years ago, I’m constantly online.

That’s it! I’m going to quit the internet! I should be doing mental training! I want to become a super Saiyan!
hahaha XD

Big Parfait, modeling Fightchix: Sale w/ free autograph!!

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Today, Brittany came especially to train with me in the morning class!! Thank you, my friend! <3 We did drills and stuff, and then I got Mamoru -san to give me a clinch lesson. I learned a ridiculous amount in the span of 15 minutes. O_O;; THANK YOU!! Brittany and I then went to a ....maid cafe! That's right! The waitresses are dressed up like maids and call the customers "Masters." We got dragged there with the guys from the gym last time, but the food was actually good. We ordered and split "omu rice," or 'rice omlette." R and B omlette
They wrote “R & B” (for Roxy and Brittany) in Katchup. Hah! We wanted to try their version of the “Big Parfait.” This puppy!brittany big parfait

It turned out to be superior to Shakey’s. No fruit, and I didn’t feel sick after eating it. 😀 Looks like we have a winner! Sorry, we weren’t allowed to take pics of the maids. lol

So I also got some clothing from my wonderful sponsor, Fightchix!

For the FIRST TEN PEOPLE!!!! With any purchase with Fightchix clothing, you get 10% off if you use the keyword “Happy” and we’ll send you a free autographed picture (post card sized):Roxy belts for site small

I actually already had a track jacket, so I got Brittany to pose with me, so we could be like twins! 😀 <3 brittany and roxy fightchix jackets

Click here to check it out on the Fightchix website!

roxy green fightchix

roxy pink fightchix
Here’s this one! I like this one.
link to website

Mail Fightchix if you have any questions, heehee.

Too much DBZ, training, and work

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First of all, I laughed like a maniac when I watched this: It’s a fan-made parody with fan voice actors for Dragon Ball Z.

I had kind of a rough weekend because I was so exhausted. I drank SOCK OFF, my super Senzu-style recovery supplement, which is a favorite of Groundslam members. I usually feel bouncy the next day, but it only helped keep me on my feet, barely. I worked from 8:00 AM to 5:30PM on Saturday. x_x; Back to back lessons with virtually no breaks are harder than one might think. Every student is at a different level with different needs, and then you mix in kids, and I go from teaching a kid “Throw the ball! Catch the ball!” to negotiating the price of a rental apartment in the next.

I met a friend from my gym after that, and amazingly, ran into a student in Starbucks, a 4-year old girl! She is soooooo cute, she melts my heart every time. ;__; THEN I ran into Ben and Tony on my way home, so I chatted with them a bit.

Then went home, drank more SOCK OFF, and passed out.
Sunday, repeat. 8:00 AM to 5 PM. This time, wondering why the hell Sock Off wasn’t being it’s normal super self. I think I’m over training. I felt deliciously sore, so I knew my strength training was working well. My training partners have been saying I feel stronger and punch harder lately, so that’s great! I’m really happy about that. 😀

I bought some pants at Uniqlo, did some sewing and other chores. I have a lot to do recently. I’m so busy, on top of training. Then I watched Dragon Ball Z for the rest of the evening. I wanna get the Freeza Saga done and over with, because I hate Freeza. ~_~; So much. Piccolo finally showed up on Namek. His voice actor is freaking the bomb: Toshio FUrukawa. *_* I love himmmm. Scott McNeil, the American actor, has a pretty sexy voice, too. They both do a fabulous job.

Okay, I went to youtube to find some voice samples, but I’m posting this one because I love seeing Piccolo kick a$$. XD

Vegeta’s Japanese voice actor, Ryo Horikawa, is super awesome, too. *_* See, this is the first time I’m watching the series in Japanese. Before it was English. Searching youtube…omg Horikawa can speak ENGLISH?!?!?!?! OMG!
Anyway, this is a DBZ scene .Starts at 30 seconds in.

Monday, I woke up too early. Watched DBZ. Vegeta just ..yeah. And that scene was much more moving in Japanese than English. I was really touched. That was when I started liking the character, actually. Then I ran two flights of stairs in my apartment building. Then went to the dojo and did pro training. Again we did lots of wrestling. :/ I prefer greco roman style. I just don’t have the physique to lift people up and slam them, the way Wicky was showing us. X_X But Sunabe-san, King of Pancrase, was there visiting from Okinawa. He’s like 130 lbs, maybe even lighter than me at this moment, and we trained together a lot, so that was fantastic! 😀

This weekend at the Filipino promotion PXC, Noripi (Michinori Takana) won a title belt! Congratulations to him! So proud of him!
nori-p and belt

I think I’m using the internet too much. I’ve been saying this for a while. I gotta cut back. Go meditate or something.

OMG I had to edit this entry to add this, LOL I LOVE SCOTT MCNEIL! “I am NOT a YOSHI!!!” LMFAO

Do what you MUST do, and do it well.

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Friday morning, I did my usual weight session with Mitsui-san. He added more weight to my one-armed rows. Yay, that means I’m getting stronger? I struggled. x_x But did it! 😀

I usually go to work after that, but Katsumura-san is in the Philippines to corner Nori-P (Michinori Tanaka, who has a title match!) so I’m the back up teacher in these cases. I don’t wanna train after my physical training session, so I figured I’d just instruct everyone else.

But only Arai-san came!
X_X; So I had to train. He wanted to do striking sparring, so I was trying to warm up. I could barely move. -_-; He knew I did some weights, so I think he felt bad about me training with him. I had the worst sparring session of my entire LIFE. After the first round ended, I thought, “This is not going to work. I’ll get injured. I’ll just apologize tell him to do grappling….”

No. No way. What kind of fighter quits in training? Unless injured or in pain? You aren’t always going to be your best in the ring. You can’t always do what you want to do.


I forced myself to do another round and, although it still sucked, it sucked less. I got hit because I had like zero head movement and went straight in and out, hahaha, but I did a few techniques I was thinking about, and got in a few hits of my own. I’m glad I didn’t quit. Then another guy showed up and the two men sparred, so I felt better about that, that Arai-san got some more training.

Every day is a fight.

Sooooooo exhausted. We did some grappling and my body was just not working, but did really well against that guy. I could tell he was really trying to catch me with stuff, and he defended hard, so I couldn’t get him, but almost got a choke.

Dragged self to work. Worked. “It’s okay, only 5 lessons today,” I thought. Thank goodness. I get to go home early, at 7:45 instead of 9:30. Thanks, Boss. Half way through shift, my boss comes in and says, “Can you work two extra lessons tonight? Another teacher is sick.”
I said, “Uhhh….” and thought about everything he’s ever done for me. Like the above. If I weren’t so dead, I’d be able to go to training.
“Yes, of course,” I said. Otherwise, he would probably stay. But I’m sure he had his own plans already made. Would I force him to cancel them because I was tired?

x_x; No motivation for work whatsoever yesterday. But I couldn’t go and do poor quality work. that wouldn’t be fair to the customers, and the company paying me for my services. It made me think. So many people don’t like their jobs. I happen to like mine. But I have pride. I want to do everything I do perfectly. We can’t always be perfect, though, but if we aim for perfection, then it will probably turn out at least one notch below – high quality. If you aim for “just being acceptable,” it might turn out ‘less than acceptable’ which is ‘unacceptable.’

(“do your best” in Japanese.)

thoughts, random things, today’s training, DBZ

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I’ve been rewatching a lot of DBZ latly.
The common theme is….when? When are the Saiyans going to arrive on earth? When is Goku going to arrive and save everybody? When is he going to arrive on Namek? When this, when that?

That’s why you always have to be prepared. For everything. At work, personal life, training. Seriously, you can learn so much from DBZ. I think Akira Toriyama was just a genius, and also an MMA fighter at heart. hah I bet you can’t name a time things went more smoothly when you were unprepared.

Just watched DBZ Kai ep 37. Freeza just transformed and skewered Krillin. I remember the first time I saw that when I was in high school, I CRIED. SO HARD. Like SOBBING. ~_~ And that image was forever burn into my mind, kind of traumatizing me. ~_~ That’s why I hate even the image of Freeza so ridiculously much. It might sound kind of silly, but I’m really sensitive, as a kid and even now. I just fasted forward through the part where Freeza is torturing him a bit. arg.

Today, Wicky ran pro class. I LOVE it when he runs class. He had been training at Urijah Faber’s “Team Alpha Male” for a long time, and brought back techniques and training methods. I also like his style of striking. I think there’s now a “team alpha male Japan?” However, I can’t do everything he can do. For instance, I don’t have his power. Today, he had us picking up people and dumping them. I am not a “wrestle-shoot-pick-up-dump” kind of figher. ^^;; And I was the odd one out, so I kind of let the men folk do their thing. 🙁 It sucked a little. But I really like doing drills with other pros.

I was doing a three-way drill with Uno-san and Lion-san. That was cool. Before class, at 8:30AM, I went in early and did my own warm up plus curcuit drill. 30 seconds jump over a human dummy bag, then 30 seconds ground and pound, then 30 seconds kick/hit the hanging heavy bag. I wanted to repeat that for 5 minutes, but didn’t have a second timer, so I put on Metalica’s “Fuel,” which was about 4:40 seconds, and stopped when the song finished. 😀 Because that’s the way I r0ck and r011.

Yesterday, I trained, and Steve and Harley were singing the Roxanne song by the Police to me. When they got a reaction out of me, they started SCREAMING IT. ARRRRG I hate that song so muchhhhhh. You both will pay dearly for that! Somehow! 😀
But you know you two guys are special. If someone I don’t love does it to me, I will actually be angry and stop talking to you. ^^; I’m serious. So if a fan comes up to me and starts singing, you will get to meet the Unhappy Warrior.

It’s summer, and the majority of older women are carrying parasols. I feel like saying, “Enjoy the warmth of the sun! Your skin makes vitamin D, and maybe in a few decades, humans won’t be able to to outside without protection due to the depletion of the ozone layer. lol

I’m training so hard and so focused on it. I’m having trouble getting motivated to go to work lately. ~_~; One of my recent goals is to get to work less early, and to stop thinking about it after I go home. I have a tendency to do that.

I’m really tired after training. I just want to go home and relax and recover.

Speaking of which, it’s my day off from work, but I’m going in to do a few kids classes and assessment. Because I r0x0r. I gotta keep telling myself that.