Too much DBZ, training, and work


First of all, I laughed like a maniac when I watched this: It’s a fan-made parody with fan voice actors for Dragon Ball Z.

I had kind of a rough weekend because I was so exhausted. I drank SOCK OFF, my super Senzu-style recovery supplement, which is a favorite of Groundslam members. I usually feel bouncy the next day, but it only helped keep me on my feet, barely. I worked from 8:00 AM to 5:30PM on Saturday. x_x; Back to back lessons with virtually no breaks are harder than one might think. Every student is at a different level with different needs, and then you mix in kids, and I go from teaching a kid “Throw the ball! Catch the ball!” to negotiating the price of a rental apartment in the next.

I met a friend from my gym after that, and amazingly, ran into a student in Starbucks, a 4-year old girl! She is soooooo cute, she melts my heart every time. ;__; THEN I ran into Ben and Tony on my way home, so I chatted with them a bit.

Then went home, drank more SOCK OFF, and passed out.
Sunday, repeat. 8:00 AM to 5 PM. This time, wondering why the hell Sock Off wasn’t being it’s normal super self. I think I’m over training. I felt deliciously sore, so I knew my strength training was working well. My training partners have been saying I feel stronger and punch harder lately, so that’s great! I’m really happy about that. 😀

I bought some pants at Uniqlo, did some sewing and other chores. I have a lot to do recently. I’m so busy, on top of training. Then I watched Dragon Ball Z for the rest of the evening. I wanna get the Freeza Saga done and over with, because I hate Freeza. ~_~; So much. Piccolo finally showed up on Namek. His voice actor is freaking the bomb: Toshio FUrukawa. *_* I love himmmm. Scott McNeil, the American actor, has a pretty sexy voice, too. They both do a fabulous job.

Okay, I went to youtube to find some voice samples, but I’m posting this one because I love seeing Piccolo kick a$$. XD

Vegeta’s Japanese voice actor, Ryo Horikawa, is super awesome, too. *_* See, this is the first time I’m watching the series in Japanese. Before it was English. Searching youtube…omg Horikawa can speak ENGLISH?!?!?!?! OMG!
Anyway, this is a DBZ scene .Starts at 30 seconds in.

Monday, I woke up too early. Watched DBZ. Vegeta just ..yeah. And that scene was much more moving in Japanese than English. I was really touched. That was when I started liking the character, actually. Then I ran two flights of stairs in my apartment building. Then went to the dojo and did pro training. Again we did lots of wrestling. :/ I prefer greco roman style. I just don’t have the physique to lift people up and slam them, the way Wicky was showing us. X_X But Sunabe-san, King of Pancrase, was there visiting from Okinawa. He’s like 130 lbs, maybe even lighter than me at this moment, and we trained together a lot, so that was fantastic! 😀

This weekend at the Filipino promotion PXC, Noripi (Michinori Takana) won a title belt! Congratulations to him! So proud of him!
nori-p and belt

I think I’m using the internet too much. I’ve been saying this for a while. I gotta cut back. Go meditate or something.

OMG I had to edit this entry to add this, LOL I LOVE SCOTT MCNEIL! “I am NOT a YOSHI!!!” LMFAO