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I’ve been rewatching a lot of DBZ latly.
The common theme is….when? When are the Saiyans going to arrive on earth? When is Goku going to arrive and save everybody? When is he going to arrive on Namek? When this, when that?

That’s why you always have to be prepared. For everything. At work, personal life, training. Seriously, you can learn so much from DBZ. I think Akira Toriyama was just a genius, and also an MMA fighter at heart. hah I bet you can’t name a time things went more smoothly when you were unprepared.

Just watched DBZ Kai ep 37. Freeza just transformed and skewered Krillin. I remember the first time I saw that when I was in high school, I CRIED. SO HARD. Like SOBBING. ~_~ And that image was forever burn into my mind, kind of traumatizing me. ~_~ That’s why I hate even the image of Freeza so ridiculously much. It might sound kind of silly, but I’m really sensitive, as a kid and even now. I just fasted forward through the part where Freeza is torturing him a bit. arg.

Today, Wicky ran pro class. I LOVE it when he runs class. He had been training at Urijah Faber’s “Team Alpha Male” for a long time, and brought back techniques and training methods. I also like his style of striking. I think there’s now a “team alpha male Japan?” However, I can’t do everything he can do. For instance, I don’t have his power. Today, he had us picking up people and dumping them. I am not a “wrestle-shoot-pick-up-dump” kind of figher. ^^;; And I was the odd one out, so I kind of let the men folk do their thing. 🙁 It sucked a little. But I really like doing drills with other pros.

I was doing a three-way drill with Uno-san and Lion-san. That was cool. Before class, at 8:30AM, I went in early and did my own warm up plus curcuit drill. 30 seconds jump over a human dummy bag, then 30 seconds ground and pound, then 30 seconds kick/hit the hanging heavy bag. I wanted to repeat that for 5 minutes, but didn’t have a second timer, so I put on Metalica’s “Fuel,” which was about 4:40 seconds, and stopped when the song finished. 😀 Because that’s the way I r0ck and r011.

Yesterday, I trained, and Steve and Harley were singing the Roxanne song by the Police to me. When they got a reaction out of me, they started SCREAMING IT. ARRRRG I hate that song so muchhhhhh. You both will pay dearly for that! Somehow! 😀
But you know you two guys are special. If someone I don’t love does it to me, I will actually be angry and stop talking to you. ^^; I’m serious. So if a fan comes up to me and starts singing, you will get to meet the Unhappy Warrior.

It’s summer, and the majority of older women are carrying parasols. I feel like saying, “Enjoy the warmth of the sun! Your skin makes vitamin D, and maybe in a few decades, humans won’t be able to to outside without protection due to the depletion of the ozone layer. lol

I’m training so hard and so focused on it. I’m having trouble getting motivated to go to work lately. ~_~; One of my recent goals is to get to work less early, and to stop thinking about it after I go home. I have a tendency to do that.

I’m really tired after training. I just want to go home and relax and recover.

Speaking of which, it’s my day off from work, but I’m going in to do a few kids classes and assessment. Because I r0x0r. I gotta keep telling myself that.