Genes. Thoughts.

If you could see into the future and you knew you were going to get hit by a car and die next week, what would you do?

You’d do whatever the hell you wanted to do, right?

If you knew that you were going to lose your sense of taste, what would you do?
You’d probably eat a lot.

Ask yourself: What are you doing now? Are you doing what you want to do?

We never know what will happen in the future. Of course, we have to assume that we’ll live for a long time, so we can’t go out and blow all our money and act like wild people without consequences. However, we could get hit by a car and die tomorrow, or get sick, and not be able to do the things we can do now, and never appreciated.

We shouldn’t settle for being unhappy. Make changes within reason- you only have a certain number of days on this earth to do things, and that number is unknown to us. Change can be fast, or it can happen slowly. My grandfather lived until 101, and deteriorated slowly, whereas my MMA sensei Moriyama-san was hit by a car and killed, still in his 40s.

Don’t forget – every step you take is more than some people can take. Every breath you take is more than others. Every friend you laugh with is more than some people have. Be glad for what you have, and it’ll make you a happier person. When you are having fun, relish in the joy. I try and find happiness in every single little thing – I’m excited to be alive- that’s why they called me “The Happy Warrior.” When you eat a delicious meal, savor it. When you’re having a bad day, remember at least you HAVE that day. And if you want something, make a plan and go get it. Now.…