I’m so lucky

I’m used to buying my own gloves and shin guards and gear. I always bought my supplements, vitamins, protein powder. And I was jealous when I hear about fighters getting sponsorships, especially new fighters who only had a few pro fights. Man, I had over 15 and I still had to buy my own stuff.

I’ve had two loyal clothing sponsors, Fightchix and Tussle, have been with me for years, even when I fought on little tiny shows that could barely get them publicity.

Fightchix made the warmest fleece shirt I own.

I like to say, “If there’s a nuclear disaster, it’d be the first thing I’d grab.” And it’s funny cuz it’s true – I was in Japan when the nuclear power plant blew, and it WAS the shirt I grabbed when I evacuated Tokyo. lol

And Tussle makes the coolest designs of T shirts I’ve seen in a fight company. I love them.
roxy nagoya castle2
(pic of me having evacuated to Nagoya after the disaster)

roxy chris safe
Roxy and my friend’s friend safe in my friend’s friend’s friend’s apartment in Nagoya. March 2011. lol

And my Webmaster Wetdryvac.net has been making my site and helping me ever since college.

But recently, I’ve gotten a few more sponsors. I want them all to know how grateful I am. Thank you, from all my heart, to my sponsors, because they help me follow my dream!
If fans support these companies, they support me, because I become worthwhile as a sponsoree.

Recently, I got Revgear gloves, shinguards, T-shirts, hoodies , and a gi.

R is for Revgear
“R” is for “Roxy with Revgear”

I also got supplements and nutrition advice from the company “Dominate your Game.”
dominate your game