my UFC 170 experience. Mike Pyle won!! :D and amazing fans

One of the coaches at my gym Syndicate MMA, Mike Pyle, beat down TJ Waldburger to win by TKO.

I wanted him to win so badly… It’s been a while since I wanted another man to smash the living daylights out of another man with my entire heart and soul….and vocab cords. I was screaming sooo loudly….

Okay….back up. Woke up Saturday morning feeling tired, decided to skip grappling and do kickboxing sparring that morning. I warmed up, sparred a while, and accomplished two out of four training goals.

For the first round, Chaz, one of the Muay Thai coaches, invited me to spar. I said, “Oh sorry, I’m going with Fanny first.” “Well, F*CK YOU!” he yelled at me and turned away to find someone else.

hahahah Just kidding, of course. That was hilarious. We sparred later for the first time. 😀 Fun. And I got good feedback in front of my other coach, who TEASED me to cover up how SECRETLY PLEASED he was. 😛 😛 😛 I know, don’t worry. I get it.

Then I chose to spar with this karate guy who’s not a member of our gym. Very nice guy. I like him. But he does moves that I wonder, are they really meant for sparring, or just kata and then street fighting? Because they’re kind of …damaging. Like spinning back crescent kicks to the head with the heel, lots of spinning kicks and stuff…. And he bends over and shows his back, so in MMA, it wouldn’t work because we can tackle him, but we were doing kickboxing on Saturday. I went with him because I wanted practice blocking kicks.

I resisted soccerball kicking him in the face when he was bent over in half. That would be kind of mean, right? I think he was baiting me with like an upward donkey kick or something. I tried a spinning back kick and he countered with a spinning crescent kick downwards onto my leg. It checked it perfectly! It was so cool!

….except his heel hit me really really REALLY hard in the thigh, in the T-band area….and my leg died and went to heaven. I could put zero weight on my leg. It hurt so bad. That was not cool at all. I hopped around on one leg for the last like…30 seconds to finish the round, and then had to drag myself to the side.

So I had to sit out for the rest of practice.

SO PISSED OFF!! ~_~; GRRRRR Fanny was like, “oh we gotta rub it out or it’ll knot up,” and tried to help me. I think I actually screamed. Thanks for trying, love.

One other teammate offered to beat him up for me, but I can’t knowingly condone that. The key word is knowingly.

Anyway, I went home after that, then went to UFC 170!! 😀 I could hobble around after icing it for a while. The event was great! This is my first time to be a spectator at a UFC since I fought in it. I got stopped a ton of times by fans to take pictures. It’s really my honor to meet people, and I’m so glad people are made happy by meeting me! 😀

I had to wear my disguise. And you know what, I had Heather lead me to the bathroom while I wore my disguise, and nobody said a word! Then I took it off, and a lady in line shouted, “OH, ROXANNE!!!” and wanted a picture. HAH I KNEW IT!

It worked!!

roxy heather disguise
But don’t tell anyone about this disguise. It’s only between you and me, okay?

:} I got to hang out with my friend Perry, and we had dinner together afterwards! In the arena, I sat with my friend Heather! And Phil Baroni was like three seats down, but I didn’t recognize him because he has full beard, rather than his usual styled one.

Dude, during Pyle’s fight, Phil and some other guy started getting into it! I heard “You wanna go? You wanna go?” and some people stood up.

I wanted to be like, “Hey, sit down and shut the F*UCK up, one of my coaches is fighting!” but you know. That would have been a very.very.bad. idea.

So I got up and moved in between the first and second round. I found myself next to two gentlemen from England who were very nice, but they kept talking to me. I just wanted everyone to shut UP and let me watch the fight…I was so nervous and freaking out, and I don’t wanna talk about my life history or how sound Pyle’s strategy is or not. ;_; So it looked like things settle down, so I went back to my regular seat in time to see Mike winnnnn YAY!

At one point, I was walking down the hall and I saw this fan with HUGE FAKE HANDS. I turned around.
Roxy: HEY! Awesome fake gloves! haha
man: OH, it’s ROXY!
Roxy: Can I take a picture with you?
Man: Can I take a picture with YOU?
Roxy: will you face off with me?
Man: Will you sign my GLOVE?!?!?!
Roxy: YES!
Man: YES!!

fan with huge gloves