Sportsfood, and the UFC expo pt 1, famous fighters!!

I noticed a product called “Sportsfood” and was curious about it. I saw other fighters taking it. I checked the website and saw it was electrolyte strips that dissolve on your tongue. Okay, sounded interesting. Then the owner contacted me, encouraging me to try it, and I bought one. He threw in some extras for me. I took them a bunch of times, just to make sure I really believe in them before I sing their praise. Well, laaa laa laa 😀 (i.e. singing praise). I like them. I don’t feel like energized, but I feel like my thirst is quenched better when I drink water. Have you ever exercised and sweat a lot, and drink water and drink but it doesn’t feel like the water in quenching your thirst?

Dr. Oz actually talked about that (said my mom), and that you need to replenish other things in your body to make your body able to absorb the water! He recommended sea salt. Just water won’t enter your cells so easily. This product is 12 mg potassium and 12 mg sodium.
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sportsfood collage1
I like the Sportsfood strips, so I’m introducing it to you wonderful readers of my blog. 🙂

Oh Wednesday, I just got done Mitts with Chaz when Bomba( TUF Brazil 3) and Uriah Hall (TUF 17) walked into Syndicate for training! 😀 😀 I’m such a fan of both of them, my head almost explooooooded XD XD weeeeeeeee
roxy and bomba

roxy uriah hall

I admit I totally went to the Fashion show mall open workout JUST to meet Ariel Helwani. XD
roxy and ariel helwani

Yesterday, I taught kids, and then went to Tuff-N-Uff with my training partners, Serena and Fabricio.
roxy serena fabricio at tuffnuff
We watched my friend Shannon Reid win, Syndicate teammates Corey Turner and Andrew Lopez win hard, fast-paced fights! Congrats, guys! Syndicate MMA all day! 😀 All the way! Yay! 😀

roxy and shannon after fight
Today, I felt kind of crappy, so I just laid around watching TUF 19, Tiger and Bunny, and napping all morning. Then I met my long-time fan-turned-friend Michael.

The manager at Citizens, a restaurant in the Mandalay Bay, gave me a complimentary dessert! How nice! What a great restaurant, too! Everybody go eat there! XD

carrot dessert from citizens
Michael and we went to the UFC 175 weigh-ins together. I don’t really care about watching, I just wanted to talk to Michael. haha
roxy and michael at weighins

As I was walking down the stadium steps, a few people spotted me and shouted, “Happy Warrior!” More than 100 people in the area started cheering! And then like 30 people stood up and asked for picutres. I was soooo touched!! <3 Thank you for the love and support, guys! <3 I have the best fans ever. I totally photobombed a fan's picture with him and his buddies, but he seemed happy about it. hah. And I met Chuck Liddell. lol roxy chuck liddell