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Phew, I finally finished writing about my Japan trip. Now I can write about the three weeks since I got back. LOL

My right foot was swollen from my fight, and it took two weeks to heal, so when I got back to Syndicate, I jumped right back into training. I didn’t know when my next fight was, but I have so much to learn and not enough time to do it. So every day, training! 😀

Let’s see. On the 4th I went over Coach’s house with the team for a BBQ and to watch the UFC, which is literally my favorite thing to do now that I’m back in the States. I had house parties with my team when I was a college student, and then moved to Japan and nobody does that. 🙁 I love hanging out with my team in the non-gym setting. Although I feel like a dork since I am decidedly ‘not cool’ and I don’t understand half their dirty jokes. I sometimes feel bad for being the only girl to mess up their ‘guy talk,’ but too bad, they’ll just have to put up with me. XD

adam cella
Adam Cella from TUF 17 was there! John had been an assistant coach on that season with Jones, and Adam sometimes visits Syndicate to train with him again. Who wouldn’t want to be coached by John Wood again? XD Super nice guy.

Jamie Moyle and Liz McCarthy are fighting in Invicta 9, which will be November 1st – coming up!

So they’ve been on the war path, and I’m trying to post pics on social media.

And thanks to Mei-Li fighting for sponsoring us with shorts!
roxy and liz sparring and john

Jamie, me and the new girl Kalecia! She’s tough! I like her a ton.
roxy kalecia jamie
And me trying to be intimidating…but first I have to get past my T-shirt.

OH, and I got a grappling match set in Fightblok, on Saturday Nov 8th in the Westgate Casinos! I’m fighting this lady Leilani Esteban. 😀 If anyone is in Vegas, come see me grapple! And buy tickets from me. I’m supposed to sell tickets. 😡

And I got a sponsor, Wartape! Their tape is awesome. It’s sticky enough to not peel off all the time, but not so sticky it tears the skin off my body. I love them. 😀

I’ve been watching Couple’s Therapy, that reality TV show Wednesday nights, because my coach John is on it with Jenna Jameson. It’s ….. well, let’s just say I feel really BAD for all of those people there. They are struggling. And the show is really making me think about my own life and relationships. I am super non-judgmental because I believe that *I’m* not in that person’s skin with those person’s past experiences having shaped my beliefs and actions. If I had lived through what they did, I might act similarly, right? Who knows.

One day after watching it, I got insanely depressed. Then I got angry, and the next day I wanted to smash everyone in training. I thought, “Geez, is this show really affecting me?!?” Then I got my period. LOL which means it was just PMS, which is weird since I usually don’t have super mood swings. I just get unusually exhausted for a day and a half.

Oh well. It’s a weird world.

(click to enlarge pic)
google suggestions
Really? Is ‘boyfriend’ really the second most searched for option?! No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m not looking, either. When I was in Japan, I didn’t even have enough time to sleep, let alone date anyone. Seriously, I was working and training full-time, and I was getting insomnia. I was lucky if I slept 4 hours. I started feeling like I was dying.

So it wouldn’t be fair to the guy, especially as a fighter where I need to prioritize my training and stuff. I got used to thinking like that. Now I realize that I’m sleeping more and I have more time to hang out with people. I’m very happy single, though. It’s easier. Emotional pain sucks. As long as I don’t get an impossible crush on someone, I’m all set. It’s just my luck that every time I get a crush on someone, it’s impossible – either they’re too old, or too far away, or taken, or personality-wise would be a horrible match, or the situation is such that it’d be a bad idea. I’m a logical girl, I analyze and decide. And then tell my heart to shut up.

Seems like the majority of relationships I see are unhappy. You know, I’ve started thinking that people need to be “taught” how to have relationships. They should have classes in high school or something, about the psychology of relationships. When you go to marriage counseling (my mom told me about it), they talk a lot of psychology. Why wait until you’re married and unhappy? I feel like I know a lot just vicariously.

Humans are really stupid sometimes. It’s like…before you have a baby, read baby books.

Anyway enough of that. 😛

Last weekend was fun. I hung out with Heather and her friends in Gameworks. haha I was riding one of those bike-racing video game things, and I felt someone tugging at my purse…trying to steal my bag! I whacked at the hand and turned around with a “hey!” and it was Bryan Caraway, who burst out laughing! Haha! :}
roxy heather pinball

purikura with heather

Then Saturday my friend Victoria offered me tickets to go see the play Wicked with her and her BJJ friend. YAY! I have ALWAYS wanted to see that play! So exciting! We went and it was AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!
wicked group pic
This week of training has been good. Monday was hard but awesome. But I limped away feeling broken. I skipped kickboxing yesterday and did jiu-jitsu, which was also awesome. But I still felt broken. x_x; Jake fixed me yesterday evening! #bestchiropractorever

I’m like two episodes away from ending the TV show HEREOES 3. (I think there are 4 seasons). I fell asleep watching it and had a SUPER NIGHTMARE. Where mutant humanized dogs were chasing me trying to eat me, and the world was like post-zombie apocalypse. I woke up NEEDING all the lights on. x_x

I returned to watching One Piece for my anime! 😀 I left off right after the Fishman Island. So I’m on ep 579 now! 😀

I just used “super” like three times in this entry. XD I think Frankie is rubbing off on me.

one piece pic