My fight, great training, NAGA tourney, fun times w friends


Okay, most important thing first. Next….
Last week was great training.

I’m so excited that my kids class is getting bigger. We’re getting a regular 8 or 9 kids per class now. I also went to the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) tournament. I used to fight every event when I was in college! The owner Kipp is good friends with my former MMA coach Kirik, so in addition to competing, I used to drive down to New Jersey and places in New England to help set up.

Then I moved to Japan, 8 years went by, I came back to the US and found that NAGA traveled all over the country! How cool! I want to compete in gi again sometime but I have a fight coming up, so not this time.

Saturday morning I did yoga training and then went and coached a student in my class, Nicholas. Actually, I think his father signed him up for Novice but he got put in the Beginner’s division where kids had more experience than him. I was trying to pay attention and figure it out before hand, but the staff kept telling me “It’s okay, he’s next” and I didn’t want to be that annoying coach always leaning over the table, so I believed him. Now I know WHY PEOPLE DO IT!! It was his first tournament ever. 🙁 I felt really bad about that. But he went out there like a champ and tried his best. In practice, sometimes if the guy gets the choke, he taps right away, but I could see Nicholas trying not to tap and fighting hard through it in his first match. The kid was a little bigger and had four stripes to his two. Eventually at the very end he got tapped with it, but I was proud of him. He escaped it a bunch of times and escaped mount and even got on top for a bit. In his second match, he got tapped with an arm lock. But he didn’t cry, and was very brave.
roxy and nicholas
He’s six and has been training for 8 months, so there’s SO much I haven’t been able to teach him yet. I want to teach more throws but we have so many 4 year olds in the class and if they fall down they’ll hit their heads and get hurt. -_-;;; I gotta just figure out a way to teach them something different and teach the older kids throws.

The more I coach, the more I find myself repeating stuff my coach John says. Well, he is the best coach ever. I tried to say word for word to Nicholas after his matches something John had once said to me: “Even though you didn’t win, you did everything you could do and that’s good enough for me. You trained hard before the match, you prepared as best you could, you went out there and fought really hard and never gave up. You should be proud of yourself.” ^_^

I’ve been feeling very fatigued Saturday, Sunday, and now this morning. I think it could be hormones, though, but it still sucks. Yesterday I did livingroom yoga, sprints, eliptical for 10 minutes, stairs, and then got a massage. I had planned to do eliptical for another ten minutes before bed, but I was exhausted and fell asleep at 9:30 PM. I don’t even remember what happened in the Outlaw Star episode I was watching. Something about pirates and burried treasure. lol Oh well. It was a filler ep so I’m not gonna bother rewatching it. I can’t go to bed TOO early or I wake up at 3 and then my day feels so long and miserable. My weight has been at 140.2 for the past week, which is slightly perturbing. I wanted it to be 139 by now. I always write my target weight on my calendar so I have a visual image of my progress. It’s fine, though, all it means is that I have to make more of an effort, but I can lose 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I always diet down to 135 and then cut 10 lbs of water/food weight.

I’m so excited to be fighting DeAnna Bennett in March!

roxy vs deanna poster

This is a cool poster, made for social media!

This is the official event poster.
invicta poster
It’s a little……..They should put more faces on there. 😀 but I’m so happy my former training partner Ayaka will be fighting! And Amber Brown should absolutely get a title shot. Yay. Ayaka will have her hands full. I’m interviewing Ayaka for so keep your eyes open for it next week. 😀

I’m trying to smack talk Deanna on Twitter, so tune in and enjoy!

Serena came to Vegas for a week and we hung out and watched Deadpool together one day! I miss her. ;_; It was also awesome to see Heather, and hang out with our fan-friend Joolz from NJ again.
roxy serena heather joolz

My fan-turned-good friend Tynan took me to see the show “Recycled Percussion” two weekends ago! It was so cool! Not just music but funny stunts and humorous skits. People banged on old pots and pans. haha Thank you! 😀

tynan and roxy recycled percussion

Great training! Thanks Drew and Shawn, and all my other Syndicate brothers!
drew shawn and roxy