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Okay, most important thing first. Next….
Last week was great training.

I’m so excited that my kids class is getting bigger. We’re getting a regular 8 or 9 kids per class now. I also went to the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) tournament. I used to fight every event when I was in college! The owner Kipp is good friends with my former MMA coach Kirik, so in addition to competing, I used to drive down to New Jersey and places in New England to help set up.

Then I moved to Japan, 8 years went by, I came back to the US and found that NAGA traveled all over the country! How cool! I want to compete in gi again sometime but I have a fight coming up, so not this time.

Saturday morning I did yoga training and then went and coached a student in my class, Nicholas. Actually, I think his father signed him up for Novice but he got put in the Beginner’s division where kids had more experience than him. I was trying to pay attention and figure it out before hand, but the staff kept telling me “It’s okay, he’s next” and I didn’t want to be that annoying coach always leaning over the table, so I believed him. Now I know WHY PEOPLE DO IT!! It was his first tournament ever. 🙁 I felt really bad about that. But he went out there like a champ and tried his best. In practice, sometimes if the guy gets the choke, he taps right away, but I could see Nicholas trying not to tap and fighting hard through it in his first match. The kid was a little bigger and had four stripes to his two. Eventually at the very end he got tapped with it, but I was proud of him. He escaped it a bunch of times and escaped mount and even got on top for a bit. In his second match, he got tapped with an arm lock. But he didn’t cry, and was very brave.
roxy and nicholas
He’s six and has been training for 8 months, so there’s SO much I haven’t been able to teach him yet. I want to teach more throws but we have so many 4 year olds in the class and if they fall down they’ll hit their heads and get hurt. -_-;;; I gotta just figure out a way to teach them something different and teach the older kids throws.

The more I coach, the more I find myself repeating stuff my coach John says. Well, he is the best coach ever. I tried to say word for word to Nicholas after his matches something John had once said to me: “Even though you didn’t win, you did everything you could do and that’s good enough for me. You trained hard before the match, you prepared as best you could, you went out there and fought really hard and never gave up. You should be proud of yourself.” ^_^

I’ve been feeling very fatigued Saturday, Sunday, and now this morning. I think it could be hormones, though, but it still sucks. Yesterday I did livingroom yoga, sprints, eliptical for 10 minutes, stairs, and then got a massage. I had planned to do eliptical for another ten minutes before bed, but I was exhausted and fell asleep at 9:30 PM. I don’t even remember what happened in the Outlaw Star episode I was watching. Something about pirates and burried treasure. lol Oh well. It was a filler ep so I’m not gonna bother rewatching it. I can’t go to bed TOO early or I wake up at 3 and then my day feels so long and miserable. My weight has been at 140.2 for the past week, which is slightly perturbing. I wanted it to be 139 by now. I always write my target weight on my calendar so I have a visual image of my progress. It’s fine, though, all it means is that I have to make more of an effort, but I can lose 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I always diet down to 135 and then cut 10 lbs of water/food weight.

I’m so excited to be fighting DeAnna Bennett in March!

roxy vs deanna poster

This is a cool poster, made for social media!

This is the official event poster.
invicta poster
It’s a little……..They should put more faces on there. 😀 but I’m so happy my former training partner Ayaka will be fighting! And Amber Brown should absolutely get a title shot. Yay. Ayaka will have her hands full. I’m interviewing Ayaka for so keep your eyes open for it next week. 😀

I’m trying to smack talk Deanna on Twitter, so tune in and enjoy!

Serena came to Vegas for a week and we hung out and watched Deadpool together one day! I miss her. ;_; It was also awesome to see Heather, and hang out with our fan-friend Joolz from NJ again.
roxy serena heather joolz

My fan-turned-good friend Tynan took me to see the show “Recycled Percussion” two weekends ago! It was so cool! Not just music but funny stunts and humorous skits. People banged on old pots and pans. haha Thank you! 😀

tynan and roxy recycled percussion

Great training! Thanks Drew and Shawn, and all my other Syndicate brothers!
drew shawn and roxy

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I really enjoyed having Kerry and also Emma here from England to train! Kerry was here for two weeks, Emma, one. Kerry first visited when she came for TUF 23 tryouts and decided to come back. 😀 She’s super cool – a strong woman personality wise and physically. She’s a police officer back in England!
sparklie eyes smaller
I wish we could have hung out more, but my normal life style leaves me tired and not wanting to do anything after training and teaching kids. u_U ah well.
kerry emma roxy jessica pic

I’ve been learning lots of cool stuff in my kickboxing mitt sessions with John. I feel like I have more tools in my tool box to use in fights. However there is one move that I hate and can never do and he wants me to practice it and I think in our next session I’m gonna get scolded when I protest… lol ^^;;

Anyway! This week has been great so far. My weight is going down slowly but surely. My cardio and stamina is going up. Thanks to Magic Masseus Teri G, my body is holding up! I’m fighting soon. Hopefully the announcement will happen soon because I’m not supposed to say.

My second book is out! 😀 “How to Be Positive: Mental Training by the Happy Warrior.” I introduce ten ways of thinking and then give example problems and ask the reader to think about how they would think about those situations in order to be more positive, or at least less negative. Check it out in the store of my website here:

I rediscovered Outlaw Star, the anime!
outlaw star image
I watched it in 1998 when I was 16! Now I found it in Japanese. It always feels different in Japanese in the native language it was intended to be, and I’m SURE they cut out the scenes when Gene stayed with the hooker in that hotel. HAH Or maybe I didn’t get it at the time.

I’m also working on One Piece. Ep 696 now. I tried and abandoned Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. No feasible plot and goals! Candy and I tried watching it together. Moving on to World Trigger. My internet has been sucking for the past 4 days so I watched Once Upon a Time season 5, the first four episodes. :/

More kids are coming to my kids class! I’m happy about that. Some of them are super young, though, and it’s hard to get them to train with the older kids. u_u Oh well. As long as a few young ones come, they can partner up.

4 year olds
My last few weeks of classes have been really good. One of my kids will do the NAGA in two weeks so I’m trying to do cram courses on how to do and defend the armbar. I don’t wanna teach the 4 year olds armbars, though, so it’s hard.
kids bjj group
Here’s one day’s group!

But I love them. 😀 I just invented a code that I finally implemented. I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to do it for a while now. My Judo teacher Harry Chandler in the Dalton Judo club in Mass used to give us the same speach every day when we sat in seiza after class. “Always listen to your parents and teachers. Don’t do drugs. Don’t do judo outside the dojo.” Etc etc. But I can never remember it and everyone is too hyper to sit still for my little speach. I was 15 when I started Judo but my kids are 4-7. lol
roxy line up kids

So I made it four simple sentences that I say and they have to repeat: “I will respect my parents. I will respect my teachers. I will be nice to my classmates. I will always do my best.” It went over well yesterday! 😀 We had a trial student yesterday. I hope she comes back!

It’s very very VERY important for me to be a good example for the kids. They watch adults for the proper way to behave and copy our speech, actions, mannerisms, etc. I never curse, follow all the rules, I make sure no kids are around before I jaywalk….lol I’m not perfect, but I try to be. And I want to teach people that if you aim for perfection, even if you can’t achieve it, you’ll achieve a high level and high quality of things you do. Kids are our future, our treasure. And the parents are trusting teachers to basically help raise their kids for a few hours out of the day. I don’t have any kids and it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon, so I’m going to do a good job with other people’s kids. 🙂

I went to the MMA awards last Friday! Thanks Adam Hunter for getting me a ticket and letting me be your second date. XD
adam gina roxy mma awards
It was so much fun! I enjoyed predicting who was going to win, and loved the skits, especially Renato Laranja. Freaking hilarious. 😀 And Jabbawokeez. I’ve always been curious about them. I loved being able to sit down and chat with Adam and also Gina. 🙂 I loved seeing Adam laugh so hard he wheezed. He’s a comedian making other people laugh so I’m glad he gets to laugh sometimes.

I ran into my teammates Vinny and his son, and Enzo. Vinny’s son has the same smile. XD
roxy vinny enzo mma awards

Capitao is back! 😀 Our Brazilian brother who does his camps at Syndicate!
capitao is back

Mike Pyle won his UFC fight last weekend! I’m so happy! I really look up to him. He gave me grappling lessons for a few months in payment for a Playstation 4 I got on TUF. lol I got the better end of that deal, for sure. I think I actually squealed like a little girl while watching the fight. @_@
John’s lockerroom post fight pic.
mike lockerroom pic
alehouse with ladies mike fight
I watched it at the Alehouse with Kerry and Emma.

My Mom’s best friend she met in elementary school just passed away, so my poor mom is suffering a lot. :/ I’m trying to be supportive.

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Last week and this weekend were pretty good. Training is great, as usual. Kind of a struggle near the end. I had a hard day on Thursday where my brain just didn’t feel like it was working, and I got a headache. It kind of freaked me out doing kickboxing with a headache, so I did a few rounds and then stopped. :/ I’ve been working on some new combinations that I can’t really land in sparring yet. And I realized something about the shuffle hook. I can’t really do it unless my opponent is already moving in a certain way.

I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu with a gi a lot lately because I want to compete in a gi tournament soon. But I find myself doing stuff intended for a gi on the bottom in guard in MMA practice, which is a no no, and why I stopped focusing on GI in the first place. So I gotta take a break from it since I’m fighting soon.

Kerry Hughes from the UK is here visiting! She first stopped by when she came for The Ultimate Fighter tryouts weeks ago. Unfortunately for her, the 135 lb females didn’t have a big showing, so the UFC decided not to do 135-ers. :/ She decided to come back and train for her fight in BAMMA….which was dropped because her opponent decided she couldn’t make weight and wanted to fight up a weight class, and the promotion decided to give that girl priority…what the heck? Anyway, kudos to Kerry for trying to move on with her life and not make a big deal. I think she’s doing a kickboxing match on the same day I’m fighting. I think I’m fighting March 11th. I haven’t signed anything but I’m allowed to say that I’m fighting but not against who…. ;_;

Well it’s better than Japan where sometimes you can go an entire fight camp not having an opponent set and then get it set a week before.

So I’ve been upping my conditioning, like with stairs, burpies, and conditioning circuits. I noticed my stamina going up little by little.

I’ve started getting the services of Teri, a superstar masseuse who first came to Syndicate when Sorel was training for boxing. Then she massaged John and John recommended her to the fighters. Now she’s really busy. LOL omg with her and Jake Steckel in my corner (figuratively), I can function around my nagging pains. What a career-saver, seriously.

Kalecia (left)had taken a leave of absence and came back, so it’s great training with her again. Her striking is tricky.
kerry kalecia and roxy
(click pic to enlarge)
Saturday I did three five-minute rounds of conditioning circuit training, and then gi jiu-jitsu technique, and then some kickboxing sparring. I got punched in the eyeball in the third round and thought it was injured, but took a break, it stopped hurting, and I went back, which I’m glad.

Later that day, I met Kerry at the Miller’s Alehouse and we watched the UFC together.
kerry at the alehouse

I was really sad Josh Barnett Lost. ;_; And also Bader. Man, what was that diving takedown?!??! So sad. Miscalculation that proved fatal. Also Northcutt. People annoy me so much sometimes. People criticizing him for tapping to the head-arm choke. Obviously he felt it was tight or he wouldn’t have tapped. Who knows what he was feeling? Maybe he didn’t know how to escape because his jiu-jitsu game isn’t strong. Or maybe his shoulder muscles are just so bulky and built up that the opponent put his weight down enough to tap him. Whatever. Actually, I think everybody I cared about on that card lost.

One of my mentors Mike Pyle fights next week and HE WILL WIN!!! I’m always such a nervous wreck when my coaches, he or Tom fight. ug That reminds me I gotta go bet on Tom. XD lol I only wanna bet on people I know, because if they loose, I’ll be too sad they lost to really care if I lost money or not. Only like 20 bucks. I’m not a big gambler. “Filthy Tom Lawlor” is fighting March 5th. support him and get his awesome T shirt, where the proceeds go to him and not Reebok! 😀
tom and roxy and toms shirttom shirt image

I’ve started watching the anime “D. Gray-Man” and also Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Also, Legends of Tomorrow, and reading the Owari No Seraph manga.

I was just about to finish this journal entry and then saw someone on Facebook posted a suggestion for a dating site for lesbians in my facebook comments. I’m not a lesbian. ^^;; This is ALL YOUR FAULT, Kerry, because I decided to copy you and write a status update jokingly “hot date with Kerry at the Alehouse.” haha just kidding. I never post about guys because I’m shy…. ._. I haven’t had a boyfriend in 5 years. But maybe if guys think I’m a lesbian they won’t hit on me and make me shy. Well, nobody hits on me anyway…. that’s fine. I don’t really want to date. And there’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian. It might be nice not having to struggle understanding the opposite gender. ;_; I have a few friends who are lesbians! ANYWAY ending this blog entry. time to start a new awesome week!