Preparing for Invicta 23, kids classes, TV, life etc

My last few blogs were actually stories. This is an update!

Things are going splendidly. I didn’t really stop training much after my previous fight, so my weight is still low and my cardio and stamina are great.

Actually I really suck at maintaining my weight. I’m either gaining or losing. I gained a pound and then went strict with my diet, and before I knew it, I was literally at fight weight and felt drained on a Monday when I should feel refreshed. SOOOOO I ate a lot of tacos for two days in a row. lol And ice cream. And now I feel better.

My next fight is May 20th in Invicta 23 in Kansas City, MO. Invicta made these cool posters! 😀

Working with Lorenzo doing physical training has been helping SO much.

I’m also so glad I added BJJ gi into my schedule on a regular basis, despite it being really physically hard to do double sessions in a row.

I feel it’s helping build and maintain my strength, and it motivates me so much for training, especially on Thursday when I have to do kickboxing right afterwards.

Captain and Casey are the best jiujitsu teachers for me!

I respect them not only because they are good teachers and kind to me, but because they are struggling with their own goals and careers. We look up to people who work hard in the face of diversity, right?
John, as well. Can you imagine not only managing a business, but a gym, which is a living, breathing organism with all kinds of personalities with all sorts of needs.

I’ve been learning new ground and pound stuff from him and little details about things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. Like, wow.
I’ve become super conscious of this nowadays because I’m in an instructor role. I’m taking time to coach my kids at tournaments.

My kids class is growing and growing and now the average is between 15 and 20 every class! Serena used to help me out once in a while, and now I’m depending on her twice a week! Monday I had TWENTY THREE kids! My new record! I’m so pleased!

And because Serena acts goofy when showing technique, the kids pay attention even better!

Nice pictures by Jessica Bakan, our resident photographer.
I love this kid Chris! He works so hard and is very talented…he tried to knee bar me the other day and I kinda adult-muscled out of it. lol
And his little sister Bailee is awesome, too! <3 I'm gonna take pictures of me raising my arms in joy and victory for the rest of my fight camp.

Lately I’ve been watching Sherlock, per Katie’s suggestion.

I’ve also been watching Fairy Tail. On ep 61 now. It’s not too deep and I’m not emotionally evolved in it…I watch it before going to bed and my brain shuts off. LOL It only takes like 2 minutes but then I go from thinking about everything to literally nodding off. Natsu is freaking cool, though. He has Luffy’s stupidity but not quite as bad, Naruto’s stubbornness, and Goku’s love of fighting. I love when he yells “Moette kita ze!” (I’m all fired up now!”) and “kakatte koi ya!” (bring it on!)

Also, I’m excited about the new Attack on Titan! I read the manga like a year ago when it came out, and the anime is almost the same. Slight changes but I like it, because it feels new. As my friend Candy put it, it feels like I’m “living it.”

I’m doing an AMA on Reddit tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30 PM PST on the subforum rmma. If you don’t know what that means, ignore this sentence. lol

Congrats to my high school friend Jared on his marriage, and his new wife Christina. I’m sad I didn’t make it. :/

I’ve been trying to rewatch the Transformers so I can see the newest one. I discovered iTunes rentals. The second one wasn’t as bad as the 19% Rotten Tomatoes made it out to be! Well I’ve only ever seen the first one.

I have some nice sponsors for my fight but I still have spots open on my banner and shorts for company logos, names, screen names, funnny words, whatever! lol email me to inquire:…