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Amanda “The Lady Killer” is visiting this week! and I got food poisoning

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It’s been a busy, unusual week!

Amanda Bell has been visiting for the week. I first met her at an Invicta a number of years ago, and became friendly acquaintances. Keep an eye out for her fighting in Bellator!

We had this special moment together after we both lost our fights…. I had just fought Vanessa Porto in Invicta 12, in 2015, one of my toughest losses. My face has never gotten so swollen. I was so angry that my mom (who I was living with that the time) had to look at her daughter like that. I posted this picture and wrote “It’s so important to keep smiling no matter what.”

We followed each other on social media and kept running into each other at events. We talked about training together some day, and we finally made it happen. It’s been great not only training, but hanging out, and getting to know her more.

Last Sunday, actually, after my yoga and massage session, after I came out of the grocery store, my car wouldn’t start! 🙁 I used AAA to tow Lee to American Auto and Tire, one of the only autobody shops in Vegas open on a Sunday. (Thanks, friendly skateboard tow truck dude for stopping by my apartment first so I could drop off my groceries. >< Instead of seeing Black Panther with Serena, I sat in the repair shop all afternoon and paid $500 to get my starter replaced. :/ Oh well. I stopped to get food on the way home because I was starving. The staff seemed rushed and understaffed, but I was impressed how the cashier kept his cool and was always polite. Unfortunately, I think they rushed cooking the chicken because I got indigestion that evening. We picked up Amanda at the airport that night!
Then we took her to Skinnyfats, one of our favorite restaurants.

Monday, I had my usual mitt session with John and felt kind of crappy. Throughout MMA practice, I felt gradually worse and worse but forced myself to finish, realizing near the end that I had food poisoning. By the time I got home, I was down and out with a fever. 🙁

I couldn’t get coverage for my kids class, so I dragged myself to the gym and did the best I could with Serena for the 4:00 class. Rick couldn’t teach his 5:00 class, so I actually got Amanda to teach because she has experience teaching kids classes! There were only 4 kids because of the holiday, but that’s even harder! This is me laying down while she was teaching in the other room. ;_; Thank you so much, Amanda.

Tuesday I didn’t have a bad fever but still felt horrible, so I dropped Amanda off to train and then went home and slept. It sucked for me. 🙁 I’m glad she still got good training! I tried to watch movies but kept falling asleep and got a headache. Oh well, at least it wasn’t an injury. I felt a little better by the afternoon and even better by evening, so I wanted to at least take a walk.

I took Amanda to the Orleans Casino to play DDR, only to find they replaced it with that Korean machine with the dumb diagonal arrows! I don’t like it as much. :/

We played that, Mario Kart, and Transformers Prime!

We eventually got buzz sawed to death by Starscream? x_x

I then showed Amanda around the Luxor because she casually mentioned being interested in it. 😀 From there, we “found” the Las Vegas Sock Market and she bought me a gift of socks. XD

I ADORE SOCKS!!!!!! But I don’t need anymore, so please don’t send me anymore…. I have over 250 pairs by now, probably! 😀 I should do another fan guessing game with prizes. haha

So I found these Trump quote socks!

And posted on Instagram, “Haha funny socks.” Oh boy, I got people saying “F*ck Trump!” “Roxy’s being negative, I’m so disappointed in her” “I’m going to unfollow you.” etc

Come on, guys! You CAN’T SAY those socks didn’t make you smile. 🙂

I’m always so sensitive about controversial topics, I tried not to write anything inflammatory. I just posted “FUNNY SOCKS. HAHA.” I didn’t say ANYTHING political. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I certainly don’t wish him ill. I’m not going to make fun of him, but I will certainly laugh at something funny. *shrug* Geez. These socks crack me up every time I look at them. Just smile!

We watched the Fullmetal Alchemist live action movie on Netflix! It was really good! They did a great job stuffing the basic contents of 38 episodes into 3 hours. I thought the casting, acting, and effects were really really fantastic!! Roy was as bad-@$$ as he was in the manga! (okay I just got distracted for 10 minutes looking at pics online XD)

Anyway, Wednsday I was back to normal. Thanks, Amanda, for helping me with my wrestling session. Then I did the grappling class, then I did strength and conditioning with Lorenzo. It was actually a mentally and emotionally exhausting day for various reasons.
Kids classes were good.

Thursday my body was hurting in unusual places from the physical training, but I got through sparring. I didn’t get to do certain techniques I wanted to, but I did some others from previous sessions I had been working. So… 🙂 next time!

We dragged ourselves to the UFC Performance Institute afterwards and I got us in to use the cold plunge and hot tub for recovery.

Do you see how I skillfully used camera angles and overlapping to hide the fact that none of us are on weight and ready for bikini season yet? XD

Then, I went to pick up my lunch box in the cafeteria. When I came back, my friends were GONE. I opened the steam room to check it and WHOOSH.

More blind than usual.

Friday, we kind of took it easy and did yoga and cardio. I taught kids.

Today is our last day together! For now!

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busy, eventful week, Fear the Fighter shirt, training

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BREAKING NEWS: I have a sponsorship deal with Fear the Fighter! They produced a T shirt for me and some profits go directly to support me. Check it out:

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Last week had ups and downs!

I got kind of frustrated with a few techniques that I learned and couldn’t do. However, I remind myself – be thankful that I got through those times of failure, because I have to fail a bunch of times before I can succeed once.

I didn’t feel on the top of my game Monday or Tuesday, but I got through practice and did some stuff. I’m grateful for great coaching and great training partners. Serena was sick all week! 🙁 I missed training with her. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping me with my wrestling and jiujitsu private with Casey.

You’re a great training partner, and I’m glad we made friends! 😀 <3

On Valentine’s day, I got some chocolates and Valentine’s from my kid students! 🙂 I’m so happy and I feel loved!

Oh, a mystery fan send me roses and chocolate and poem! 😀 How sweet! Thank you, mystery fan!

I got to hang out with my friends Jack and Jan on Tuesday. We had a very nice dinner together! It was so nice getting to see them again when they come to Vegas. Thank you for the nice Valentine’s Day card, treats, and gifts! Lee, my car, gets a treat, too! 😀

I’m so fortunate to have great people in my life.

I’ve been training so hard this week. If something isn’t sore, I do some kind of exercise to make sure it gets worked and gets sore. lol In my down time, meaning when I lay down before I pass out with my shows still on, I managed to watch the movie Lucy, and a few episodes of Hozuki no Reitetsu. I’m on the last season of Transformers Prime, but it’s taken me a week to get through one 30 minute episode, because I get about 5 in before I fall asleep.

Saturday morning before open mat and kickboxing, I got to roll with Captain at the UFC Performance Institute! Thanks for spending time with me! I miss him a lot. We don’t get to see each other that much anymore since he’s training elsewhere now. I don’t miss his side-control-of-death, though. x_x (This is my ‘mean’ face. It needs work!)

Kickboxing group!

I’ve been trying to support Alexa in her fight training! She has a fight next month against Carina Damm!

I love training with her, and I want her to win her fight!

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About great training and my family visit!

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My fan-turned-friend, Katie, came to Las Vegas to compete in a big Tae Kwon Do tournament at the end of January. Congratulations for getting second place, my friend! Then she came and helped me teach my BJJ kids class, and then we took her to BJJ class the next day, and made her stay for MMA practice. She hung with the MMA fighters! Well done! 😀
We also watched My Hero Academia together.

So after training on Thursday Fed 1st, I took a night flight to New Jersey to visit family. I didn’t know that Spirit Airline seats wouldn’t recline, so I didn’t get ANY SLEEP. I had been counting on a few hours!! Dang it!

I used to try and the complete rounds during Christmas time, but a week and a half is a long time to be away from home for me, so I started breaking it up into two trips. This time, I saw my aunt, my dad’s sister, and my cousins, who are around my age.

My cousin’s kids, who are almost 3 and 4 respectively, have grown so much and are talking! We had a lot of fun just hanging out, and also went to the Liberty Science Center on Saturday. My Aunt Connie cooked us super delicious Italian food that I’ve missed so much. Thank you for making the effort, and for bringing everybody together! I loved it so much. It was so fulfilling.

On Sunday morning, I drove an hour north to NY, and my mom drove two hours south, and we met near where my other aunt, her sister, lives. My mom had been saying she might not come because of snowy winter weather, but I’m thrilled it wasn’t bad, so she came. YAY I’m so happy! 🙂 We had lunch and then walked around a flea market, where she bought some DVDs and I enjoyed perusing. We met up with my aunt and uncle and ate dinner, chatted, and watched half of the Superbowl. It was really nice! <3

Then Monday morning, I woke up in my hotel in Fishkill at 2 AM, drove an hour and a half to the Newark Airport, and almost experienced my worst nightmare A SECOND TIME getting lost trying to find the Enterprise Rental Car return. omfg I hate that airport. It’s under construction with no clear signs how to get to the car returns. A few years ago I spent an hour driving in circles, getting on and off the high way with nobody to ask since it was like 5 AM, and ended up parking in a Hertz lot, mailing my keys back. This time I FINALLY found it. So THIS TIME it took me only like two wrong turns and a few minutes of panic and then deep breathing to find it. ;_;

I departed at 6:30 AM and arrived in Vegas at 9:00 AM, in time to drive to Syndicate and do mitts with John, and MMA class. Yay. But I was so slow. x_x I still got good practice in!

These past weeks have been great! I’ve been really smart about training. I think I’ve gotten my schedule balanced, finally. I’m happy with my mini gi lessons Casey-sensei has been giving me and Serena Mondays and Tuesdays, and he’s really been paying attention to my grappling training and giving me advice.

I’ve been rolling no gi on Wednesdays between my wrestling privates and physical training. I’ve been rolling with kids Coach Rick every Wednesday after our kids class and learning stuff with him. I’m improving my striking with John, as usual, and he knows just what I need to get better at wrestling. I’ve managed to do two days a week of physical training with Lorenzo without breaking my body too much! In fact, I feel strength increases! 😀 That’s really exciting.
Great group of strong and skilled women in class!

I’ve started utilizing the UFC Performance Institute for the weight training room and the ice bath/ hot tub. It’s great for recovery!

Alexa Conners is back and doing her training camp at Syndicate. I’ve been enjoying training with her a lot! She has a fight against Carina Damm March 10th in North Dakota, in BeatDown 21.

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