Where are the brown belts at? JoJo is here, Just Tap

You see me posting about jiujitsu a lot, don’t you?

So it’s my favorite thing ever, and all last year when I had back to back fights, I did less gi training because it wasn’t really helping me prepare for the fight. (There’s a HUGE debate on that! If you have an opinion, feel free to email me at actuallydontemailme@gmail.com) LOL So I’ve been holding back my excitement to compete and get better at gi.

I looked at competing March 31st or April 7th in tournaments in Cali and Phoenix, but big surprise…no other brown belt females signed up!

I don’t know where you are, but I will find you and tap you out.


But seriously. So I emailed the Jiujitsu World League people and asked, “Hey, are there any other brown belt females?” A guy wrote, “Yes, but they all canceled due to lack of other brown belts,” and I wrote back, “WELL CALL THEM BACK!!!” He tried but apparently nobody responded. ;_: So I paid online to sign up for the April 7th one to get my name on the website, but come one week before, there was a deadline to cancel, so I got a refund. *sigh*

In my jiujitsu world on the POSITIVE side, and this is super positive, I’ve started visiting Dunham’s Jiujitsu Academy. I really don’t want to go anywhere other than Syndicate to get training, to be honest, but they have really high-level light-weight gi-players there. I got permission from my Syndicate coaches to go for jiujitsu practice. I love them! Rene is such a phenomical instructor, and I feel myself improving just after two weeks of going. He calls attention to little details in technique, which is making all the world of difference. I’m retaining and recovering my guard more in gi and also MMA practice. I’m able to manage my space better using my feet and arms in better conjunction.

Here are pics from last Saturday!

It was great to run into Damien, who I’ve seen around the Vegas BJJ circuit for a few years! He has a Scar’s tattoo on his arm from Full Metal Alchemist. ^^
Raquel and Tammi can tap me out. YES!!!!! It’s what I NEED to get better!

I’m coming back for more, baby.

Annie is so fun to train with! <3 We had an epic battle where she caught me in a triangle and, after a two-minute struggle, I got out but my pants fell down. They fell totally around my knees, so when I stood up, gasping for breath, I stumbled because they were around my ankles, and fell down. XD Hah! Pants. The struggle is real. Casey has been watching me train at Syndicate and giving me pointers in our private lessons afterwards, as well as live coaching. Thanks, Sensei! In other news, Joanne Calderwood is here visiting Syndicate. I hope she decides to stay!

I love training with her! She is better than me at striking, and shows me stuff like knees and elbows but has SUCH great control that she doesn’t really land the normally taboo, dangerous stuff other than a touch. I know I can go with her and not worry about getting knocked out or getting a concussion. This has been a problem for me in the past. And she’s a nice person.

And SHE’S going to get better at take-down defense, I’m sure, since I’ll be constantly trying to take her down in sparring class. hahaha Then I’ll get better at foiling her defense, and she’ll foil my foil and the joyful circle will continue!

Serena’s fight is coming up!

She’s on the poster! Far left!
Holy crap I can’t wait for this fight. I also can’t wait for her weight-cut to be over. I want my energetic nacho-buddy back so badly. 🙁 She’s working SO hard. I have full confidence that she’s going to come out on top in this fight.

I heard Dragon Ball Z Super ended, and I’m behind, so I’m trying to get on it before I hear a spoiler. I saw a minor one by accident, actually.

I love this quote that Piccolo said to Gohan in ep 88:
“I see nothing but eagerness. You won’t get anything done like that. Training is pointless, much less getting stronger. It’s true that the wish to protect (or win) can give you strength, but wishing too strongly can be dangerous. If you can’t control it properly, it will impede more than benefit. If you obsess with winning, you can’t calmly assess a situation. No fight is assured victory. First, accept that fact. And then win despite it! You can win!”

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