Eventful months…part 2!! Love, fighting, friends

So remember how in my last blog (linkie) I wrote about how my dad said, “Go buy a property, and go find a man so you won’t be lonely in your old age?” and I replied, “Geez, fine, I’ll try”?

I closed on my new condo last week! It was a short but long-feeling process where the loan company asked me for all my personal information several times over, but in the end, they were good to me, efficient, and gave me a nice 30-year loan at a fantastic fixed interest rate! I know all this terminology and what’s best or not thanks to my wonderful father. We’ve had many conversations on the phone where he imparted his knowledge and experience to me. THANK YOU. Much appreciated! I’m so fortunate to have a smart father who loves me. You’re the best, Dad!

The first thing I moved in was my Fusion Fight League champion belt! I didn’t really feel huge emotion or happiness at first because I’m kinda only doing it because my dad told me to. ^^; But then every day when I go home to my tiny little apartment I’m currently renting, I think…. DANG this is tiny. I have room for nothing. My clothes are shoved into plastic drawers stacked to the ceiling in my bedroom… anyway, I’m excited to buy a second sofa, a nicer bed, wooden dresser instead of plastic, a rug, and have people over for more comfortable UFC viewing parties! I’m going to completely move in after my fight because moving is stressful.

About the other thing…I started using the dating app Bumble….. and I think I found my true love. At exactly the same time I found the condo. I just haven’t posted anything online until now. Chris is amazing. Nerdy, jiujitsu-based intelligent fighter who treats me well. I literally could not ask for better. I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to meet him.

Here’s at the Syndicate team Christmas party with him and Serena.

my beloved people

Did you notice we are MATCHING SWEATERS?!?! ahem.

I decided not to visit my family for Christmas – the second time in my entire life I didn’t see my dad on Christmas day. (The first time was for a fight). It was very strange, but that’s why I visited earlier (which I didn’t write about online because secrecyyyyyyy), because I figured the situation would become worse and it’d be best not to travel. So glad I made that decision. And I got to hang out with Chris a lot! It was a wonderful alternative. He taught me how to paint!

Also, I kind of knew how to play shogi, Japanese chess, and he loves chess, so we’ve been practicing. He got me a legit, beautiful wooden shogi board imported from Japan! The pieces make a nice clacking sound when placed or moved. I love it! We’re so cool, playing board games in a foreign language. I can read the pieces but he can’t! Well, not at first!


Training had been fantastic, aside from being plagued by little nagging injuries. I’m primarily okay, getting better and better, adding to my skillset and improving my techniques! Chris had been helping me train a lot on weekends. It’s fantastic!

We have such a great group of female fighters from all weight classes with all experience levels. Valerie and JoJo are perfect partners for me in this fight camp against Viviane. It’s nice to have Melissa visiting! Emily is awesome. Serena is always my fav drilling partner.


Shoutout to my sponsor Nogi BJJ Gear for the “Strangle Things” rash guard and the many other interesting ones I have! I think they’re changing their name to Xmartial next year, but for now, check out https://www.nogibjjgear.com/ if you like. Use coupon code “roxannemodafferi15” to get a discount!

Guns has been my grappling sensei for this camp. Here he is…he never smiles because he’s TOO BAD-@$$ to smile! Apparently lol


I’ve leveled up so much because of him. He’s also my leg-lock sensei, and I survived for 9 minutes against the best female leg-locker in the sport mostly because of him.

Super great training with John lately on the mitts. I’m really liking the gameplan and stuff we’re doing!

Also, my physical trainer Lorenzo has been in my corner ten billion percent! He’s been getting me ready for my fight with his workouts, gives me life advice, came and looked at my condo with me so I could get parental judgement before I decided to buy it, and I also introduced Chris to him. Haha yeah. Lorenzo is important in my life.

My life has been CRAZY busy with all this.

Also my friends Rob and Katie came to visit for a jiujitsu event thingie, and also just for a visit.

Katie and I

Um, my rash guard is NoGiBJj Gear btw. Katie has a Mandalorian rash guard on. We’re so cool! Yes, I have finished season 2 of The Mandalorian and OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGgggg yes.

Guys, Serena is fighting Jan 9th in Knoxville, TN in Valor Fighting …Challenge?

Check her out and please support her! I think she’s selling shirts. I’m actually disappointed that I can’t go because of my own fight. But she’s gonna kick butt! Or elbow this girl’s face off. Whooo