Out of quarantine and BOOM! I’m fighting in seven days

I haven’t really updated my blog at all! Sorry! There are several reasons for that, one being I wasn’t supposed to admit to training during quarantine. -_-; Which I did. Uh sorry not sorry? and NOW it’s fight week!! I’m fighting Lauren Murphy is seven days. Holy crap.

But as a result of training hard through lock-down, I leveled up technique-wise and got physically stronger!

Training has been really good lately. AJ’s garage was nice. Syndicate is finally open, so it’s also good to be training in a cage again where I can bump into the wall and not worry about crashing through to the other side, or giving someone a concussion. lol

I’m thrilled that my quarantine buddy Kelly joined Syndicate! I love her!! We met in AJ’s garage and made friends. This is awesome! lmao

With Kelly after kickboxing in a park … “Park-Thai”

I think I’ve successfully absorbed and merged AJ’s style and certain techniques into my striking style that Coach John helped me develop over the past seven years.

Thanks, Jeslen, for having my back a lot with coming in for shark tank training and teaching the kids.

Jeslen and John

Everything is coming togther. My last training session was really good.

I got my kids class back! Heck yeah! A lot going on there. I’m so happy. My heart is rejoicing. You guys have no idea.

I’ve had some trouble falling asleep lately for the first time in many years because things are on my mind. But it’s going to be okay.

AJ recently said to me, “Attack them with your defense.” Just seeing that in text implies fighting technique. However, if I really think about biting down on my mouthpiece, and going forward no matter how much it hurts, it kind of means something more. Like in life. You either attack life, or if you’re on the defensive… you defend HARD while still going forward. Go forward. Always.

Roxy, AJ, Helena on “Clinch Wednesday”

Hindsight is going to be really interesting this time around, as I’m going through another major turning point in my life. All fights are major turning points. I really hope I win so I can take a step upwards. I know I can, and I’m determined to do it. I have answers. I’ve always had answers. Some answers are better than others, but they are answers none the less. I choose to be happy and focus on the wonderful things I have! I have so many wonderful, beautiful, fantastic things and people in my life. I’m so fortunate and happy.

I’ve been brave, I’ve felt weak, I’ve felt strong, I’ve felt terrified, I’ve felt confident, I’ve felt frustrated, I’ve felt super happy and I’ve felt super sad… I’ve cried hard and laughed hard. I’ve felt a lot of things but one thing I know is that it’s fine.

There are no feelings in the Octagon. It doesn’t matter how strongly you feel about anything in there.

I’m going to test the results of my training and struggle.

with strength trainer Lorenzo

I want to make the people who’ve supported me feel appreciated. I want them to feel like I’m a top 5-ranked UFC athlete because of their help. I want to feel like somebody’s priority. I want some things to change and I want some things to stay the same.

I want so many things, but I can’t take those thoughts into the Octagon with me. That’s the kind of stuff that stresses a person out. All I have to focus on applying my techniques to her better than she can to me. As my fight approaches, things become more simple. I make them more simple. Speaking of simple, there’s somebody who inspires me who’s really good at that. Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy – the future King of Pirates?!

I’ve gotten back into the anime “One Piece” lately! A few years have gone by and now I’m on episode 796… out of 969. NINE HUNDRED AND FREAKING SIXTY NINE. I’ve been watching One Piece for 18 years. Anyway, Luffy is simple: “Oh I just have to beat him up and the problem will be solved?” Well, yes, but no. But actually yes. Sometimes complicated things ARE so simple.

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Pikachu rash guard from no-gi

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So much stuff I can’t even put into words. But I’ll always try my best and smile.

“I want to be strong enough that I can smile no matter what happens.” ~Laughing Under the Clouds

The future is not yet written.

If you want music recommendations, check out Wind Rose’s “The Returning,” and Ludovico Einaudi’s “Two Trees.” I was listening to them as I wrote this.…