Boyfriend’s fight in Miami; proposal!

My boyfriend, Chris “The Gladiator” Roman, got a fight in Titan FC, a good promotion based out of Florida, on Dec 17th. We were both really excited for it! It was broadcast on UFC Fightpass so his family and friends could watch it in good quality. The opponent was pretty good – a dangerous kickboxer but not a ton of MMA fights. Chris has a ton of amateur fights that aren’t on his record. He just wanted glorious battle.

We got The ULTIMATE DOGSITTER IN THE UNIVERSE (Serena) to watch Gangis for us, and departed Tuesday. They originally wanted us there Wednesday but we figured it would be chaos getting medicals done at night after a long flight. That was correct, but it was chaos anyway. There was miscommunication between promotion and doctor and stuff didn’t get scheduled, but thankfully, we got it scheduled and got it done.

I’m angry because I bought a printer specifically for fight situations where I need to print out medicals, but I can’t find my printer power cable. Where tf is it. ~_~ So I didn’t have stuff printed and that ended up being a problem. People were asking me for his eye exam and Florida license at least ten times when they were supposed to have it, and the MRI doctor didn’t write the report right away so I was stressed he wouldn’t get cleared to fight.

It was actually very stressful. I was given the CD but NO COMPUTERS HAVE CD DRIVES ANYMORE. I ran all over the hotel and NO computers had a CD rom drive. An an hour before the event started, the MRI doctor faxed the MRI to the hotel, the staff lost it, the ring doctor called the MRI doctor a SECOND TIME, who took a photo of the report on the computer and texted it to the ring doctor who texted it to me who texted it to the commission. Holy crap. I’m glad I was here to do this for Chris so he didn’t have to go running around and handle it. I missed his official weigh-in because I was running around which actually upset me a great deal. I really wanted to be by his side for that. I had to go outside and cry for sixty seconds to pull myself together. grrr. But then I was there for the ceremonial one.

Chris being interviewed

I learned more and more about Chris during this stressful process. I’ve determined that I need to just be there for him while he makes decisions, and run around behind the scenes making sure things get done, or are possible options for him to choose from. This will make me a better girlfriend and partner. 🙂 I always aim to be the best I can be! I love Chris so much!

But finally, weigh-ins happened successfully.

We went on a Ferris Wheel that night! 🙂 whoohoo it was very romantic.

Fight day came.

Chris always says he just wants a good fight and glorious battle.

We had a good warm up.

Chris: Ok got all the stuff in my corner bucket? When I give you my glasses, keep the cloth in the case. Make sure the cloth is in there. Okay?

Me: um okay…

Chris: So if it goes to a second round, put the ice on my back, ice on my feet, fan me for a second.


The fight started. They touched gloves. Chris jabbed. Asa Ten Pow threw I think a hook or overhand which tagged Chris, who stumbled backwards. As Asa rushed in, Chris bounced off the cage and dove into a take-down. Asa tries to sprawl and they struggled. Asa struggled to get a clinch and Chris struggled to get a grip. Chris took him down. Asa got back up. Chris threw a punch and Asa threw a knee, which landed on his chest. Chris got on one knee to get his base back. Asa pushed Chris’ head down and kneed him in the head. I saw Chris’ head ducking down and I thought he was going to shift to the other side but instead he collapsed face first onto the canvas.

NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo wtf! The ref stopped the fight. Chris didn’t move. I wanted to jump the cage.

Me: Let me in!

guard: sorry, not now.

Me: *five seconds later* Can I come in now?
guard: Not yet.

Me: …..I have ice.

Guard: not yet.

Me: *five seconds later*…how about now?

Guard: wait…

Me: *five seconds* Here, put this ice on his head. Let me in.

Guard: sorry not yet.

Me: *ten seconds later*……now?

Guard: No.

Me: *tries to sneak*

guard: *holds up a hand*

They finally let me in. ;-; He was awake and on the stool. The ref called off the fight and apparently called it a DQ and then No contest but I didn’t care about any of that. I put ice on Chris’ head and neck. ;_; My man! gaaaaah this SUCKS. He seemed coherent. He sat on the stool for a second. Then he jumped up. “Where are my glasses?”

Of course. Vision is nice. “Here,” I said, and grabbed the case from the bucket. He put his glasses on. I took a breath and tried to figure out what I needed to do next in this situation. There were staff members all in the cage, coaches, the ref, and then….

I turned to my right and saw Chris, going down on one knee. In his MMA-gloved fingers was a pretty gold ring with a diamond on top. He smiled broadly. His face was glowing, and his wonderful blue eyes that I love to look into were bright and shining up at me.

He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t have to. I knew he cherished me. I knew he would always be faithful and love me until the end of our lives. I knew he would fight the entire world for me. I knew I would be happy spending the rest of my life by his side. I knew this even before our one year anniversary, but I had decided that once one year had passed, I would say yes.

I knew he was going to propose to me, but I didn’t know when. I had thought it would be on our one-year anniversary, and when that didn’t happen, I figured Valentine’s Day.

I took the ring. “You’re supposed to say ‘yes’!” my internal voice said. “Yes!” I tried to shout over the crowd cheering. Chris stood up and cheered. We embraced and kissed.

Then he jumped on the cage and screamed, “I win anyway!” The crowd went wild. It was epic. My first thought: “He seems okay!” My second thought: “He just proposed!”

As he was cage-jumping, I ripped my glove off and tried to put the ring on but it wouldn’t fit. I wasn’t sure if he just didn’t size it, or if my hand was swollen from being hot and exercising.

“Roxy do NOT lose this ring!” I ordered myself. I put it on my pinkie and clenched my fist. “Do not drop it. Do not drop it. You’ll never find it again.”

He lifted me up! It was glorious! I was so happy A) he was okay B) it was amazing he proposed C) in the cage

Finally the shenanigans died down and Chris was called to the center for the fight verdict.

No-Contest. I exercised my mental focusing abilities as hard as I could to sort out the thoughts in my head: 1) what do I need to do for Chris as a cornerman? Get his stuff and bucket, physically lead him in the right direction, make sure he can physically walk, make sure I listen to people trying to tell him stuff that he might forget later. 2) omg he just got knocked down/ out? is he okay? 3) omg he just proposed! I’m engaged?! Everyone left and right is saying congratulations. Say thank you back and smile.

He seemed okay.

We went and found an Italian restaurant, where he bought me dinner and we gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes all evening. I requested we do the Lady and The Tramp pasta trick. It was fun! and glorious! and amazing! We smooched a lot. 😀

Roxanne Roman is a SWEET alliteration and will be SO EASY FOR PEOPLE TO SPELL NOW. yay. I am proud of being a Modafferi, though, but I’ll keep that as my fight name. I know where I came from. 🙂 It’s in my blood.

(btw he hid the ring in the cloth in his glasses case so I wouldn’t see it)

The flights back were long and kinda sucked, but yay we’re home now. I’m excited for Chris’ next opportunity. Thank you to his manager Jason Casteel at Iron Shin Management. I was really happy and impressed with how he took care of us.

Thank you to Chris’ sponsor for this fight, Neanderthal Fire Company for the fight sponsorship, awesome cutting boards, knives, and fire wrangler! Thank you to my blog sponsor My Consumer I.T. Thanks for handling printing my banner for Rick, and always supporting me! Check out their services! Network setup and support, monthly managed services along with internet, telephone, software, hardware and back up disaster recovery! Call today at 346-352-1612