My Submission Underground match and trip to Oregon

I had a great trip to Oregon to compete in Submission Underground. I’m really thrilled I was finally able to face Amanda Loewen. It’s been a match over a year in the making. Now, she holds the Submission Underground belt. It’s an honor for me to be invited to compete!

It was very interesting in that there was no walk out music or crowds. We stood next to each other at the curtain entrance talking about how cold our hands were. LOL We walked to the cage side by side, slipped off our sandals, and I was like, “Uh, after you,” motioning for her to get into the cage first. Bizarre but cool. She was super nice. The ref asked me if my mat was slippery because the staff had just disinfected it. Then he said ready, go.

She jumped guard just as Jessica Eye warned me she would. So I had run into Jessica Eye, who was there to fight Ilima-Lei and she was super nice. So anyway, Amanda threw up some submissions but I avoided them. I struggled to pass her guard, but in the final minute, I finally did and got side control. When trying to take her back, she got guard back. I pretended to go for a wrist lock that I knew wouldn’t work, and then the five minutes was up. We went into overtime where we get put in bad positions and have to escape. She managed to get out of my armbar, but I couldn’t get out of hers, so she won. :/ It was a huge bummer for me. Nicely done by Amanda.

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I know that in order to risk winning, we have to risk losing. In order to pursue the ecstatic feeling of elation that winning brings, we have to risk the soul-crushing weight of defeat. If I get physically injured, I tell myself, “This is what I signed up for,” meaning the risk, but also I should start telling myself the emotional pain counts as well.

Thank you to Jessica Eye for being a nice human being and saying nice things after my match. lol I won’t forget you.

Overall, I learned a lot in my preparation and became a better fighter. Thanks Guns and Mike Pyle. I continued my leg-lock journey, and avoided any of those. I also tried the new defensive grip Guns taught me. I see it’s merit now. I admired Amanda’s technique. It was an honor being able to face another great competitor in the wonderful sport of grappling and jiujitsu. I also got to meet the man, Chael Sonnen himself for the first time in person! Eeeee fangirl!!!

Chael and me

My boyfriend Chris went with me. He wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for my friend and teammate Avery watching Gangis, his dog. She not only came over to walk and feed him, but she slept over and hung out with him – above and beyond the call of duty! I’m going to sleep over for her dog next weekend. THANK YOU, Avery!
It was Chris’ and my first trip together and was wonderful. He insisted on carrying my bag through the airport, although it was totally unnecessary. He told me to let him do his job as a boyfriend. *facepalm* Then he said, “And it’s not because I don’t think you can do it…”

Don’t worry, I’m not a crazy feminist. He also pulled out chairs for me at restaurants. I’m not used to this kind of treatment! Gosh!!

Sub Zero and Kitana

Chris bought Mortal Kombat masks so we can walk around as Sub Zero and Kitana.

Then, Scorpion and Mileena.

Mileena and Scorpion

I met up with my fighter friend Amanda Bell, who lives in Oregon! Thanks for driving a ways to come hang out! We took a nature walk around Hagg Lake. It was nice! We were staying pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we couldn’t really walk or get public transportation anywhere. Not even any Ubers available! I had to reserve and schedule a Lyft to get to the airport.

I enjoyed the trip! My life is a crazy adventure. Gotta be brave and keep going!

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