Life is exciting and progressing: pregnancy, friendship, adventures

Well, I’m still pregnant! It’s a boy! We haven’t decided on a name yet. I’m excited for a boy! I’m more of a tomboy myself, so I think I’ll be a good boy’s mom. 😀 He’s moving around a lot now. At first, it just felt like gas. Then I realized it was happening at the same times of the day, and in the same places, so I thought, wow, it’s the baby! Now, it’s happening after I eat and especially when I recline. I’m 7 out of 9 months pregnant. (30 weeks).

I have lots of essential items thanks to our family, friends, fans, and students. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support. It blows my mind. Thank you thank you thank you. I rented a PO box to attach to the Amazon baby registry and I have it for another month, so if anybody wants to take a look, I have a few more things on the registry to get.

link to Baby registry

Work has been getting harder because my brain is feeling slower and less creative (not to mention zero caffeine). The doctors, people, websites, etc say that two cups of coffee a day are fine. They also say caffeine goes through the placental barrier and babies don’t process it well. What does that mean? I dunno, but my mom went cold turkey so I figured if she can do it, I can do it.

Here’s a picture of me from last week in work clothes.

In preparation for being what I call “super pregnant,” I reduced my hours at work (my English school) from 4.5 hours to 3 hours every morning. I almost feel like a wimp because 4.5 doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s non-stop running around on my feet high-focus the entire time. Getting off at 11 AM seemed easy. Then I speed-walked to the post office and found my speed was actually pretty slow. lol For me. So yeah, I think I’m doing the right things. It’s my last month before I quit! I’m sad to quit. 🙁 I love this school and company, but my husband and I agreed I’ll be a stay-at-home mom. Hopefully things continue going well with his job and we can afford it. As of now, we’ll be okay.

I’m still teaching kids jiujitsu, although that’s harder as well. I can no longer do bottom guard techniques. I can’t do sit ups and I don’t want to squish Baby Roman. I can still do some stuff, though, and it’s fun to be around jiujitsu. I can’t practice anymore at all right now. I’ve been lifting weights a lot! Three times a week is a lot. Walking every day.

Today I dropped a notebook in my English class, and I squatted down to quickly pick it up. One of my students who hadn’t seen me for a while, practically shouted, “Oh my gosh, teacher, did you guys see that? She doesn’t look pregnant! Did you see how she moved?” Well, I can’t do jiujitsu anymore, so what do you think I’m doing every day? I’m squatting with dumbbells. LOL I guess the average pregnant woman doesn’t work out as much as me.

Man, I haven’t been writing OR taking as many pictures as I used to. Let’s see, here’s a random picture of me and Chris eating sushi last month. Well, I had rolls that were cooked because bad sushi is supposed to be deadly for fetuses. Husband! Oh I love him so much.

Let’s see, OH! I cornered Serena for her fight in March! It was still safe for me to travel, so I ended up going and I also got to visit my dad who lived within driving distance. YAY! What a good time. Serena ended up winning by TKO.

Chris and I are also getting into Dungeons and Dragons, a table-top role-playing game. We got Serena to play with us! Chris is the dungeon master. I love his ideas, and I love his Kobald voice! It’s so …kind of cute, kind of creative, super awesome. 😀 I’m a dwarven monk. Serena is a half-elf half-human barbarian.

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