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Yesterday, I did my second parent-child jiujitsu class, and it was fantastic!

I had been forgetting to announce the event after class loudly, so I was afraid people wouldn’t know about it and wouldn’t come, but I think we had even more parents than the last time, plus a few repeats! I’m so happy! It seemed like everybody had fun, and the parents got to hear my whole spiel I give before class about never fighting outside the gym, never fight angry, what to do if you are angry, etc, all the good Jedi/ martial arts stuff I always say. πŸ˜€

In reality, I believe this is the most important thing I’m doing with my life. Children are the future of the world. We have to raise them well and properly, be good role-models, and be good people for them.

We practiced the scarf hold down, transitioning to north south, wheel-barrow races, and I was going to do knee-on-belly or armbar from north-south, but we ran out of time. That’ll be a good set up for next time.

About this time, I’m putting feelers out and asking for sponsors for my fight, to put logos on my clothes, etc. Well, I’m not allowed to do that in the UFC. We can only wear Reebok, and our pay is set. I’m not going to complain about it because I made the ‘championship’ amount for my last fight, which was very good. A lot of fighters lost money but others gained money, so it’s mixed. I am grateful to get anything, and the Reebok clothing quality is good. So thank you, Reebok. I think I fall under the “three fight tier” for my next fight because my TUF fights don’t count, which sucks. If you count TUF fights, I’ve fought for the UFC 7 times!

I’ve formed a lot of great relationships with sponsors in the past, and made friends with all of them. I’m not even sure what I should call them anymore…sponsors, fans or friends? Rob from Aardvark Painting in Washington State, who I lovingly refer to as “Robvark.”

Eric and Beth and family from Remove it Restoration.

Bill K and family from My Consumer I.T., who still sponsors my blog.

Jack and Jan who I met while running stars walking by the Keno section at the Orleans!

My fan-now-great-friend Patrick. πŸ˜€

Celia “Lemon Badger”

Michael Culver!

I was looking at some teammates who have restaurant sponsorships and feeling a little jealous, but my great sponsors send me periodic gift cards to Trader Joe’s so I can get my groceries, and “food” for my car Lee, in the form of gas gift cards, supplements, movie cards, tea, socks (haha I have over 200 pairs now).
John from Top Notch fighter,, Howard Fidler, the Combat Docket guys, The Krilly family, Katie, “Passive Jay,” Bonny, Eric from Combat Law, Dominate your Game my nutritionist , and so many more.

The relationships I got out of asking for sponsors is worth more than their weight in gold, while of course helping fund me to follow my dreams. Fighters make chunks of money at once, but we have to stretch it for months and months of not fighting in between, and if we’re lucky, think about putting some away from after we stop fighting? Most fighters can’t even think about that. I’m so happy and grateful for my sponsors, fans, and friends.

I’m just going to post my amazon wish list here:
The shipping address is to my gym, Syndicate.
As I just stated, I love meeting people so feel free to shoot me an email, as well: basilisk875 at
People are telling me to “go out and get sponsors,” but I’m not sure how to do that. I’ve contacted local businesses, sock companies, and some others, but didn’t get any bites. I’m not a gamer so I can’t do Twitch, and anime production companies have no reason to want to give me money. So if anybody has any ideas or suggestions or CONTACTS (most importantly) please email the above email address.

Last week I got food poisoning at a party from eating chicken that had been left out in the sun. I didn’t even think to wonder how long it had been out there. I didn’t think! It was in a bowl on the table, so I just ate a piece. Serena got food poisoned, as well. πŸ™ I started feeling not great in the beginning of practice on Monday and I hoped it wasn’t food poisoning, because this had happened to me before, where I ate something Sunday afternoon and felt it Monday afternoon as it passed through my intestines. Around 2 PM on Monday, I broke out in a fever and chills. I managed to get through my 4:00 kids class somehow half delusional, and then was floored all night and the next day. Tuesday consisted of me sleeping on and off, watching Star Wars Rebels season 3 in between while I was awake.

I love this series!

I also watched a lot of Dragon Ball Super. I hate cliffhangers always associated with that series, so I waited for a lot of it to come out and then binge-watched it in chunks. Finally Friday I watched the last four episodes together! OMG IT WAS SO EXHILARATING AND INSPIRING! I loved Vegeta’s fight against Toppo, how he said he would power up in his own way without throwing away the things in his life, and then slugged him in the face.

I saw that battle and then went to training and was so psyched up. XD That was Saturday, I think. Man, I was so excited. That anime is really special to me because I’ve been watching it since I was 14 or so. It was one of the things that inspired me to not only do martial arts, but become a fighter. That anime taught me by example to always get back up and train your butt off. Training is hard and hurts, but you have to do it, and the results are worth it.

It felt like I was out of training forever, but it was only two days. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to lose all my stamina in two days. Thursday I felt not great but my coaches and everybody said I looked good.

Friday was good, but a challenge, because I still felt blah from food poisoning. I did my shark-tank fight prep, then a private grappling lesson with Mike Pyle, then conditioning with Lorenzo. I wanted him to drive me hard but hoped he wouldn’t because I felt like crap… he did middle. He’s so perfect. THIS IS WHY I stick with Lorenzo as my physical trainer instead of running to the UFC Performance Institute like a lot of other Vegas UFC fighters.

Remember how you got to where you are, and who got you there. I am Team Syndicate!!

Saturday I did Syndicate open mat gi and no-gi. I’m back to 100% totally. I got to work some moves Mike taught me, roll with Casey and Mike, and then spar some light MMA with Chelsea. More like medium-hard. haha Thanks for the work, Chelsea! Mike coached me a bit, which was nice, because John was elsewhere. Then I did a few rounds of kickboxing before calling it a day. Thanks, Casey, for always teaching me important details and for always being there for me.

Where do I get my awesome Dragon Ball clothes from?
They also have Naruto, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia! πŸ˜€

Saturday afternoon, Chelsea and Serena and I went out to lunch and that was nice. I then had my usual phone date with my mom at 3:00. I watched The Flash for the rest of the evening!
Sunday I did yoga, got my Teri massage, went grocery shopping, and watched the Flash. I’m in the middle of season 3.

Oh, Friday night we threw a surprise party for Coach John at his house. One of my teammates distracted him by taking him out to this Star Wars virtual reality walk-through while we all showed up at his house. Good job Mama Wood for planning the food and prep.

My fight is soon! July 6th! I’m so excited.

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So I HAVE been successfully studying Japanese ten minutes every morning at 7 AM! πŸ˜€ It was a good idea, a doable idea, and I’m glad I’ve been able to implement it.

Now I just have to call my Japanese friend because I’ve been neglecting him. :/ [edit] I called him yesterday! Oh I’m so happy now!

Last week, Pannie Kianzad from Sweeden came to stay at my apartment with her boyfriend. She is training at Xtreme Couture for her fight against my OTHER friend Kerry Hughes (oh well!) and uh, ended up trying out for TUF 28. XD

I enjoyed getting to know her a little better. Last Sunday we went and saw Deadpool 2 together!
And we bonded over grocery shopping. XD

We also went sock shopping together, and I got TACO SOCKS.

I really don’t need more socks, and fans give me socks so I never spend money on my own socks anymore…but I don’t have taco socks yet πŸ˜€ And Serena bought me ALL MIGHT socks, from My Hero Academia.

I told her I didn’t need them since they were $15 dollars, although I did kind of want them….they were expensive. She was like “Don’t tell me what to do” or something like that and bought them anyway. But in reality.. EEEEEEEEEEE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Training has been amazing. It hurts to cut back on Gi jiujitsu. I have this fear that I’m going to forget grips, lose grip strength, forget techniques, etc, and the worst part is, these are absolutely legitamate fears, and things that actually happen when I stop doing gi. Oh well, ‘shouganai,’ it can’t be helped, as they say in Japanese. I have to….

I have a fight to win in a month!

I do allow myself to go to Dunham’s Jiujitsu academy once a week for some gi rolling and/or technique drilling in the gi with the brown and black belts that go there. And Annie. Although she wants to triangle choke me and take my pants. That hasn’t happened in a while. My pants actually fell off at Syndicate yesterday butwewon’ttalkaboutthat Moving on.

I met ANOTHER BROWN BELT last week, Rita, from California. omg! A unicorn! So rare!
And Thanks, Tammi, for tapping me out. You’re one of my heroes. πŸ˜€

I’m in great shape. Thanks, Lorenzo, my amazing physical trainer, for teaching me how.

And go me, for doing all the little annoying and energy-sapping exercises to keep myself that way so I don’t have to GET in shape. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping to do intensive fight-prep with John on Monday. And, also my sacrificing gi jiujitsu time to do more conditioning training. Nothing is an accident. I sacrifice and work for this stuff. Finally after all these years, I know how. I’m so glad I came to Syndicate.

I’ve been watching and finished the second season of Chronicles of Shannara. I really love fantasy stories!
Manu Bennett is such a great actor! I love characters like Allanon. Everybody seemed to be pissed off at him, though.

I also finished the third season of Lucifer! I heard it’s not getting renewed…nobody is sure. I LOVED THE SEASON FINALE! OMG

My kids classes have been a little small lately, maybe due to the end of the school year? We did taking the back and chokes this week, and the knee-slide pass.

I’ve been continuing to take my private lessons with Casey for the gi, and also Mike Pyle for no-gi. I’m getting so much out of them because they answer questions and tailor it to what I need.

They’re kind of my heroes. I’ve been successful with lots of the techniques they’ve taught me over the past months!!

(Casey and G). And I’m so grateful for having a buddy like G. I remember the first day I saw you…. I was warming up on the jiujitsu mat before mitts ( I wasn’t even going to do jiujitsu) and I saw this unfamiliar blue belt with a most impressive beard. I thought, “Hmm I should say hi to the new guy.” You turned out to be pretty nice. πŸ˜€

Speaking of heroes, My Hero Academia season 2 has been great so far.
If I weren’t already a fighter, I would want to become one after seeing this series. hahaha So inspiring to do the right thing. Not everybody has the same values as you do, or fights for the same reasons. We have to recognize and accept this. BUT keep on doing the right thing! The negative things will catch up with the wrong-doers. I know it!

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I kind of fell off with my Japanese studying and I’m ashamed of myself. It has been my yearly resolution for years, five years exactly, ever since I left Japan. I’m not talking to my Japanese friends as much, not studying my notes, not writing as many blogs…. I have to do something and be more strict with myself. One reason is that I discovered I could take naps after breakfast. People ask me what I do when I wake up (unintentionally) at 4 AM every day. Well, after breakfast, I clean, do chores, use social media, study, write blogs, watch anime, stuff like that. But then I started falling asleep while watching anime and woke up an hour later feeling GREAT. So I intentionally started putting on slow-moving shows like the old Godzilla movies (sorry Serena) which knock me right out. There goes my extra hour. πŸ™

I always keep promises to myself, but maybe I need to reexamine this. Maybe schedule a time, like how at 10 AM every Sunday I call my college friend Q, or 3 PM every Saturday I call Mom. Maybe 7 AM every morning I’ll study song lyrics for ten minutes. That should be doable. That makes 70 minutes every week…


This past week was exciting! On Friday I trained, taught kids, and then took a 10 PM night flight to Boston to visit my Dad and attend my step-brother Peter’s wedding. It was such a nice ceremony and event. Everybody looked great.

I wore a dress….

Lots of lovey-dovey speeches and stuff. My dad got remarried after I had graduated from college, so I never grew up with my step-family, but they are really good people. Congratulations, Peter and Megan!

The wedding was Sunday, so Saturday morning, everybody was involved with rehearsals and such preparations, so I went to Joe Lauzon’s MMA academy! It was literally down the street. I really enjoyed the grappling and opted out of the kickboxing part of it. I was sleep deprived, didn’t feel like getting hit in the head by people I didn’t know, and was getting over a light shoulder/neck strain. I grappled some really skilled people! Thanks for the hospitality, guys! πŸ˜€ I love traveling but hate how it messes up my training schedule. I always return home to Vegas feeling stiff, out of shape, and not as sharp.

I met Joe when I was a freshman in college, because I went to UMass Amherst and attended MMA and grappling events where he was. I remember a “Mass Destruction” MMA show that helped run because my coach Kirik was friends with the promoter Kipp. I think I helped build the ring. I was sitting at the T-shirts table getting ready to sell them, when someone shouted, “So-and-so dropped out of the fight.” Joe spoke up, “I’ll fight! I have my stuff!”

This was back in 2005 or 2006, I think? He just got in the ring and fought that night. And beat the other guy up. WHO DOES THAT?! That’s freaking amazing. He’s such a bad-@$$. Great person and I’m such a fan. I was so thrilled when he got in the UFC. Such an inspiration. When people ask me who my favorite fighter is, I say “Matt Serra and Joe Lauzon.”

I didn’t get to train with him this time, but it was cool to see him.

I promoted my student Aleena on Monday! I’m so proud of her! She’s been training constantly for about a year and a half. It’s hard to know when to promote kids because I want to award her hard work, but lots of schools hold their kids back so they can go to tournaments and beat up other white belts. It’s also a reflection on my teaching…I have to make sure I teach her enough and teach her well to be a good jiujitsu player. Some schools award belts based on time and attendance, not necessarily ability.

I felt so happy I almost cried to tie the belt around her waist. She was smiling so hard and was so happy! I love her so much!

Look at the expressions on everybody’s faces! hahaha So funny and cute!
When I went to take a pic with her, she jumped on my back and half-choked me. Hah. She likes to choke me. But I taught her that chokes are fun, so I do not mind. XD

We now have four new gray-white belts in my little kids class. Katie got promoted in the big kids class, so we have three new ranks there. yay congrats! πŸ˜€

My buddy and training partner Chelsea Rae has her first amateur fight coming up in June! I’m so excited for her to step in the cage and show her skills! She’s been helping me out by being my partner for wrestling and jiujitsu private lessons, and I’ve been trying to teach her stuff, too. This is literally the definition of “teamwork.” lol She’s looking for sponsors to help out with covering fight expenses, (like private lesson fees, printing clothing, diet food, weight-cut supplies, etc) so if you are interested in helping, hit me up! basilisk875 at Or message on Facebook or twitter or whatever.

I haven’t done gi jiujitsu in a bit. :/ I miss it, but I have to refocus on my fight prep. I’ve done more conditioning and have started to feel like I’m getting back in MMA fight shape. It’s a totally different state of fitness. Right, John? I invited a new friend I made at Dunham’s BJJ, John Freeman, to come in and do the MMA grappling class with me and help me out, because 1) he’s cool 2) I can trust him not to injure me 3) he can out-technique me 4) he’s around my weight. Thanks a lot! Hope to see you next Monday!

My friend suggested I make an Amazon Wish list… I don’t want people to think I’m fishing for gifts, but why not make a list, I guess? I’ve been blessed with surprise packages from time to time. It makes me happy just to get anybody’s letter or kind word that they are thinking of me and wishing me well!

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Results of my kids and my BJJ tournament! Belt promotions!

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I feel very relieved and accomplished for completing one of my goals of fighting in a jiujitsu tournament this year as a brown belt. I was promoted last year by Captain in Feb 2017 after winning a tournament in California. It was one of the happiest days of my life! Since then, I had back-to-back MMA training camps, during which I put gi training on the back burner. Then I got involved with the Ultimate Fighter from June through August, and then had to train for a finale fight in December. Also, Captain left Syndicate, and Casey got knee surgery. I know how poorly I would do in a gi tournament if I didn’t train gi.

I know I have so many holes in my jiujitsu game. It’s a never-ending journey. I am strong in some areas and have holes in other areas. It’s also been on my mind to promote a bunch of my kids but I wanted to wait until they competed a few times as white belts before they moved up in competition. On the other hand, I didn’t want to hold them back TOO long because it’s good for kids’ motivation to get new belts, and also show their levels in class. It’s just that at tournaments, people sandbag. There are kids who’ve been training for like 3+ years and are still white belts, or put a white belt on just to compete. That’s wrong!

Anyway, I decided April 29th would be the day! The day of the tournament, the day my students competed, and the day after that I would promote them no matter how well they did.

I had to cut weight. I dieted down to basically my MMA fight weight, and cut a few points of water the morning of. Then I weighed in with my gi on and ate breakfast, while Serena warmed up the kids. The Jiujitsu World League organization is INCREDIBLY well-organized and emailed us all our division times a few days before. THANK YOU. So thanks to that, I knew I was going at 2 PM and the kids were going at 9 AM. I would have plenty of time to recover from the stress and tiredness associated with that.

The only thing was they ALL went at 9 AM. Ky and Ayden were on Mat 1, Artem was Mat 2, and Illia (pronounced “Eli” -he’s Russian) was on Mat 3. Illia is eight years old and his little brother Artem is five, almost six, I think.

So Serena went and sat with the first two boys, who are her little proteges, I sat with Artem, and glanced over at Mat 3 every minute or so, occasionally walking over there to make sure Illia (pronounced “Eli”) wasn’t up yet.

I was giving Artem my prefight speech (John’s prefight speech) about how not to be nervous because this is the same jiujitsu that he loves and does every day but the only difference is the environment, when some parent cried out to me, “Roxanne! Illia is going on Mat 3!!!”

WHAT? I jumped up. He was literally engaging with his opponent. WTF I just looked over there two seconds ago!! I didn’t have a chance to give him “the speech” yet! damn it!

I leaped out and made a mad dash down the tiny aisle between the bleachers and the judges table. I slammed into like three or four along the way, people making them grunt, stepped on somebody, knocked something out of somebody’s hand which clattered to the floor behind me…. SORRY! I was a madwoman. Get out of my way. My student is fighting.

I think I only missed the first twenty seconds. This kid was good! Strong! There was a messy takedown engagement, scramble, Illia (pronounced Eli) ended up on his back. I screamed, “Get your guard back!” He got his guard! Then ensued the struggle to pass guard. I was telling Illia to break his posture, pull his arms up, etc. Stuff happened. There was a scramble. Illia got mounted and the kid went for an armbar. The ref stopped it without a tap, but that’s usually with super little kids! These kids were older! WTH! Refs often stop kids matches too quickly without giving them time to tap. DAMNIT. Illia got up, like ‘wth I didn’t tap!’ I was so pissed. πŸ™ Poor kid. He cried… I told him he fought really hard and let his parents hug him as I ran back to be with Artem.

Artem lost his first match on points, and then won his second by points!

Then he had to face his teammate Ayden in the third round. I think Ayden was the same? I didn’t see the matches because Serena was coaching. I think lost the first, won the second, and faced Artem in the third.

Artem won by armbar. :/ That was SUPER HARD TO WATCH. I was so proud of Artem but I hated coaching against Ayden. Serena was in his corner. Well, at Syndicate they take turns winning. Ayden has triangled Artem, and Artem has armbared Ayden, so it’s a good healthy rivalry. :/ Artem went on to lose his 4th match, which would have gotten him third place. I thought he must have placed somehow since he won two times. Oh well, there were a bunch of kids in his division.

Ky won his first match by rear naked choke, and lost his second, giving him second place. CHOKES! πŸ˜€ Yay go Ky!

I kept looking over at Illia, who was standing right next to the table with his father. I even asked Coach Adam if he could hang out over there in case he had to fight while I was cornering Artem. It seemed like an awfully long time to wait. Every time I went over there and glanced at the table and papers, I saw Illia’s name on the one underneath, so I knew he wasn’t up yet. Finally after Artem was done and Illia wasn’t, I knew something was wrong. Suddenly they turned the TV screen on the table off!

“Hey, excuse me!!” I said to the staff guy. “What happened to Illia’s second match?!” He said, “What?” WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘WHAT?’ “He only fought once!” “Oh, we couldn’t find him so we disqualified him just now. We called his name.”
“HE HAS BEEN STANDING RIGHT HERE FOR AN HOUR,” I said. “Please go bring them back! Give him his second match!”
“Illia, right?” (said “ill-ia” like familia) “NO,” I said, “It’s pronounced “Eli.” Damnit they were saying his name wrong so he didn’t answer to it! They claimed that they asked around if anybody was Illia and nobody answered. Bullcrap! They found him the first time, didn’t they?!?

We power walked towards the podium but they refused to do anything for him. They said it was too late. I was so upset! Not only did he have a had experience with a quick stoppage, they gypped him of his second try! They gave the family a credit for the next tournament, but who knows when that will be. Grrrr! It’s the coach’s responsibility to make sure there are no mistakes, so I feel guilty. I should have verbally harassed them, “HEY when is my kid’s next match?!” but I was looking over his shoulder every five minutes, sent Adam over, his dad was there, there wasn’t much more I could do! I had a feeling his name pronunciation was going to be a problem. I should have said something. ;_;

I’m so proud of their performances and their bravery! It’s hard to go out and do this as an adult, much less a six or seven year old! haha or maybe it’s easier. I dunno. I love them all so much. Thanks, parents, for your support, and for letting me teach your precious children! Thanks, Serena, for helping me teach, and also supporting me with preparation, being here, emotional support, and many other things.

I was pretty stressed after that. Everybody was going out to eat and I really didn’t want to go. I just wanted to be alone. But on second thought, maybe it would be good to get out of the stressful tournament environment. We went to a Hawaiian place and I had a snack, plus the food I cooked for myself later. It was nice to spend some time chatting with the families of Ky and Ayden! Such good people!

We went back around noon and I chilled in a corner by myself for a while. I was so tired, but felt my energy and motivation come back by 1 PM. I told myself, I only had two or three rounds with one girl! I can do it! I’m in great shape and ready! I started getting really excited. I warmed up from 1:00-1:30. Then Coach Casey came and stood by my side for the rest of the time. Some other Syndicate teammates came just to cheer me on. Thanks, guys! That was really nice of you guys.

Her name was Talia and she was pretty good. I felt we were similar in skill but she fought better than I did. She used the gi better. She continually attacked and kept me off balance. She got better positions. A few times she did a nice move, and I thought, “Oh that was nice…ROXY STOP MENTALLY PRAISING YOUR OPPONENT.” lol I was a little too conservative with my techniques. The first round was 0-0 points but she got the ref’s decision on aggression, I guess, which was correct. For our second match, I managed to sweep her and get points. I admit I stalled in her guard for the last minute of the round. She kept reaching over my neck…. I wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing but I sensed danger!

I won the second match and wasn’t thrilled with my performance in it.

The ref kept restarting the match and not telling us when to go. Like, I expected, “ready GO!” but instead she just stepped back and Talia started attacking me. I totally wasn’t ready two out of three times, and almost got choked out once. I mean, Talia still would have won regardless. It wasn’t her fault I’m blind and couldn’t see the ref. I was super annoyed at the ref. It’s considered taboo to blame the ref for stuff, so I’m not “blaming her for anything.” Just saying this action was annoying. I learned my lesson! In the third round I was determined to take Talia down, but struggled. I did a full-committal uchimata….! But I missed her body. HAH. My leg went straight up in the air. I unconsciously didn’t want my back taken so I didn’t get under her enough. Gah! I have a lot of training to do still! Talia was really good at defending and grip fighting. I have to get better at that, too. The flow of the match was similar to the first two except I started taking risks, like going for a choke from bottom instead of defending the mount. She mounted finally, and went for a choke.

I started to black out but managed to escape! I couldn’t recover the points and lost on points.

I’m really glad we fought! Thanks so much, Talia. She was pretty nice, too.

I’m gonna train hard and get better. Monday and Tuesday (yesterday) I’ve already started training and fixing stuff I did wrong. I’m really excited to get better. Maybe we’ll fight again later after my MMA fight in July! I’ll still be a brown belt.
Like I told my kids, it’s okay to feel sad and frustrated because it shows you care, and you’ll put the energy towards improving.

Thanks, Casey, for your instruction, coaching, and emotional support. Thanks to my other jiujitsu coaches, Captain, Rick, and recently Rene Lopez at Dunham’s for helping make my jiujitsu better!
I went out to eat at Fuzzy’s with Syndicate people afterwards! (sorry I cut somebody out by accident!) I was so happy you guys came! <3

I went home and had a big piece of this! πŸ˜€ I got it FREE with a coupon! It’s been living in my freezer.

I normally can’t have food like this around…so this is not an encouragement to send me stuff. haha Just post-fight treats!

Mentally, it wasn’t over for me. It wouldn’t be over until I promoted my kids. I couldn’t rest. I lay down that evening and tried to relax but knew I had to make a poster for the gym that night because I wouldn’t have any other time on the weekday, so I got up and went back out, printed pics, and put it together. ~_~;

I wish I could have had a day off, but I went back to my busy training schedule on Monday. After my mitt session with John and my jiujitsu private with Casey, I realized I wasn’t going to make it…. My shoulder and neck were in such pain I could barely use it. No injury, just overuse and a strain. My mind was tired and I was frustrated. I wasn’t sure what my mistakes were exactly and was upset. John was calling for people to get on the mat for MMA class while I was crying in the locker room for like ten minutes. Monday was my favorite day – grappling focus! Exciting!

I decided I would compromise with myself by doing the drilling technique but not live rolling at the end. I did one round that tweaked my neck more, but I really wanted to try the moves of the day.

I collapsed but only for like 20 minutes, and then I had to go back and teach kids.

Then I found out like 30 minutes before class Serena wasn’t coming because she was sick…..

I really wanted to promote the kids! So I asked the parents if I could wait until Wednesday, but that didn’t work out for everybody else’s schedules. I ended up promoting them on Monday like I had originally wanted to.

Mentally, I really really REALLY needed that. I felt such a weight off my chest, such a sense of pride as I tied their new belts around their waists!

They worked so hard! They improved so much! They were so happy! I told them all to keep working hard, and praised their efforts. Also in the big kids class we promoted Bailee, Chris, and Illia! I told Illia that I didn’t care that he lost his tournament match. He’s at a good level and strong, so he should keep training hard! πŸ™‚

Okay, so at least I did my one BJJ tournament of the year, I can refocus on strength and conditioning (which I slacked on and replaced with BJJ leading up to this tourney), and fight prep training, to prepare for July 6th!

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Jiujitsu stuff! Training for my fight vs Barb!

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Can you believe that something dumb like sleeping on the airplane hurt my neck? I got a tight muscle on Sunday and it got progressively worse and worse all week to the point where I could barely turn my head and train on the Saturday one week later. SO STUPID. -_-; Life happens? Remind me to never sleep on an airplane! (I frequently say this lol)
Thanks to my massage therapist Teri Wallace. What would I do without you? She always fixes me!

Anyway, it’s been a great week and a half. Some highlights are my kid students – I’ve been giving a few of the struggling ones private lessons and I can see vast improvements almost immediately! Like, I taught Lucas techniques on how to avoid getting mounted by blocking with the knee, shrimping, and framing, and he’s getting mounted like 75% less.

I have one child who gets really frustrated with herself, which didn’t used to happen. I think it’s because her level is higher now so I think she expects more of herself. I wish I had studied child psychology in school. I didn’t think six year olds got that way, but I guess she did! I told her, “You’re one of my best students, and just because you couldn’t do something, didn’t mean you were doing it wrong. Maybe the person was stronger or bigger or it wasn’t the right time. So don’t get upset, breathe, and try something else. I’ll always be proud of you as long as you do your best.” She didn’t get upset.
YAY so we (Serena and I) figured her out. Then, I saw her get stuck under someone’s powerful grapevine and I saw her face start to get upset. I ran over and calmly coached her out of it.

Like 60 seconds later, she got on top and did the SAME THING to the other kid!!!! I was like, YES!!!

(and I coached the other kid out of it, just to be fair lol)

She’s competing soon. I gave her and another boy a private on Monday and they did so well!


My own jiujitsu training has been great.

JoJo, our new Scottish UFC fighter teammate, has been a fantastic training partner. She joined Syndicate recently so she has a different style, strength, etc. She is good at foiling my techniques, which is great, because it means I’m not doing them perfectly and I can perfect them better. Thanks, JoJo! πŸ˜€ She has the most amazing control I’ve ever encountered in training. She hit me with an upkick to the face and it tickled my nose. I was like, “How DARE she upkick me in training….wait…I’m not hurt!? Cool!” I’ve never gotten hurt going with her despite her throwing all sorts of dangerous stuff. It’s remarkable. πŸ˜€ You guys, It’S AMAZING! I cannot stress how valuable that is to have training partners like that!

I’ve started taking grappling lessons with Mike Pyle, recently retired UFC fighter and Team Syndicate member. I was planning to start MMA-grappling lessons after my tourney, but he texted me, asking me if I was ready, and posted on social media that he was bored, so I figured it would be best to start a habit of giving me a lesson so I don’t lose my opportunity. lol I hadn’t intended on doing gi with him, but I’ve learned a TON of my first two lessons! Thanks, Mike!

I’m so excited for my tournament this Sunday! Four of our kids are competing, too. Yay!

My next fight has finally been announced! So finally, July 6th, Barb Honchak, in the TUF 27 finale in the Palms in Vegas! πŸ˜€

I’ve been watching TUF 27, also. The second ep was yesterday. I like it a lot.

Jodie Esquibel stopped by Syndicate and we sparred. It was great!

There were EIGHT fightergirls on the mats! Me, Serena, Jessy Jess, Alexa Connors, Jojo Calderwood, Meeks, Chelsea Rae, and Jodie! And obviously awesome dudes.

I saw the movie Rampage last Sunday.

I liked it a lot! Great, believable plot, action, great acting by Dwayne Johnson! I really like him. I feel like he’s been in a ton of movies lately. I have to say, though, ever since 9/11 and 3/11 (Japan’s disaster), I can’t enjoy a good building falling down anymore, or other destruction in a movie. I get really upset because I’ve seen the real thing and know how horrible reality is. ;_; I think I’m getting MORE sensitive as I get older, rather than desensitized….

On Saturday I taught a kid’s private lesson, then did an hour of gi jiujitsu rolling, then rushed to my physical training session. Lorenzo had me pull and push sleds, and carry heavy bags. Then he said, β€œOkay, *pause* now you’re gonna kick the heavy bag until it stands up on its end, and stack those giant tires over it.” He kicked the bag and smiled at me. I kinda thought he was kidding, but wasn’t sure, so I proceeded to gather three huge tires by flipping them. The first was easy. Then for the second one, I had to use a smaller tire as a step-up or wedge. As I was working on the third one, Lorenzo told me he was actually kidding but he loved my effort and wanted to see if I could do it! It was really hard! I partially pulled it up, partially got under it and pushed, and then I had to get it over the top of the heavy bag. I DID IT!!

GO ME! I was so dirty afterwards. Getting ready for Barb Honchak, July 6th. I’ll never get β€œtired” while fighting her.

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