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The Great Tohoku Earthquake, 3/11/2011 – Never forget

Posted in earth quake and aftermath on March 10th, 2015 by roxyfighter

March 11th is the anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan in 2011. At a 9.0 magnitute quake hit the northern Tohoku region and a tsunami washed away entire cities, erasing thousands of lives. Then it hit the power plant, causing it to melt down, spreading harmful radiation everywhere and marking one of the worst nuclear disasters in the history of man.

I was in Kawasaki at the time. The distance was kind of like Boston to Delaware. It was far but not really that far. I was on my way to work and stopped at the supermarket to get a snack, when all of a sudden a weird silence fell. Stuff started shaking and rattling. Items fell of shelves. People fainted. Customers dropped their stuff and RAN for the doors.

Once outside, I waited with my co-workers and students for the shaking to stop. It was only like a 5 where I was.
co workers berlitz earthquake
Here’s our “Yay we’re alive” picture.

The after-quakes kept coming, so all the trains stopped for the rest of the day and night. I slept in the school on the sofa near two other co-workers. At one point, I watched the news on Bill’s laptop….I watched footage of the tsunami – Hellish, brackish, muddy water of death. It’s not like a surfing wave like I had imagined. It’s like a flood. The water rises and rises…but there’s power. It picks up cars and slams them into houses. It picks up houses and slams them into trees. If you are on a house roof and you fall off, you will get sandwiched between a tree and a boat and be drowned and bones shattered. It’s a nightmare. Children. Old people. Fit people. Dogs.

At first it was numbing. Then I felt tears run down my face. I cried and cried and cried.

We went home the next day and went shopping…and stuff ran out in the supermarkets. No more milk. No more meat. No more yogurt. No bread.
no more bread
NO WATER. No shipments. Even in Tokyo. People freaked out. People started stock-piling. In Tokyo our electricity and water worked. Imagine in Tohoku where it didn’t?? March…it was still cold! People needed to be rescued!

Then the power plant news…. people feared the radiation might come down to Tokyo. People were evacuating in Fukushima. People told ME to come home. Foreigners left the country in hordes. People just went to Narita and stayed there until they could get on a plane.

I didn’t want to leave. Japan was my home! My dojo was there! My job!
My buddy said to me, “Let’s go to my friend’s place in Nagoya!” (which was like 5 hours west, further away from the power plant). Remember thinking, “If the house burned down, I would grab this first?” That was me. I packed my most essential items. So along with him and a few others, we crashed at his place.
many shoes

the gang

We all did sight-seeing stuff to pass the time and try to keep our stress levels down. My boss had actually told me I COULD NOT go, and I had to work, but I was basically like, “Screw you, I’m going.”
roxy nagoya castle2
Nagoya castle. So beautiful. Cherry blossoms represent the fragility and temporal nature of life.

I actually visited the famous “Alive gym” in Nagoya, home to famous Japanese fighter and UFC Vet Hatsu Hioki.
at alive1

About 7 days after we arrived, we watched the news and they said it wasn’t going to explode any time soon (I’m sure they were just guessing and lying to keep a lid on the panic, but thankfully they were right.) So I went back to Kawasaki.

Now, 2015, there are still a lot of troubles in that area. People are still living in temporary houses – hastily constructed things, like super cheap mobile homes. I’m sure they’re out of work. Fields are contaminated, never to be used again. We have to be careful not to eat the fruit they try to sell us in Tokyo, like peaches, because they come from that area. Great mountains of debris and broken buildings still remain because nobody has the time to clean it up. They’re trying to survive.

I visited that area a year later with my MMA gym Ground Slam to do volunteer work. We built a park by pulling up grass with our bare hands, and distributed rice and drinks.
kamaishi - bridge1kamaishi - bridge roxykamaishi - park grass2

kamaishi -park almost finishedkamaishi - handing out food roxy2
We forget these things are going on nowadays. We forget because we have to, in order to continue with our daily lives. But there are some things that would be good to remember from time to time.

“It’s cold out. I’ll turn on my heater. I really appreciate the fact that I have a heater, because somewhere there are people who DON’T have heaters.”

“This peach is delicious. I appreciate this peach because in some places, we can’t eat the peaches because they’re contaminated with radiation.”

“I’m going to go home from work now, by train. I’m grateful that the train will run and take me home. There were some people who had to sleep at the office because disaster stopped the public transportation.”

Just think about your life now and then and appreciate it.

I’ll never forget March 11th.

Watch this if you dare. It’s not that long.

Gojira, gift package, Adventuredome, friends

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Last Thursday was pretty good sparring. I sparred really hard with Serena. She’s good at stand up, and I’m helping her transition into MMA…the HARD WAY! MHWAHAHAHAHA… *insert evil cackling*

Friday I took the day off from doing anything, except I helped teach the kid’s class in the afternoon. That was fun. ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad I got to move around a little, but my body was hurting. I felt fresher on Saturday, and I did the BJJ class. Casey had us do this choke, and then we rolled. I loved being in a gi again! ๐Ÿ˜€ Then I did kickboxing sparring.

I wanted to start at 12 on the dot, but lately we’ve been starting a little late. I got warmed up, and another member who had come to spar said, “Roxanne, you are the ranking belt. You start class!” But only Chaz or John start class. So I called out in my best, deep, manly voice, “Okay, 12 o’clock sparring, guys! Let’s get warmed up!”

After all, who wants to listen to some girl? Apparently, my manly voice must have been manly enough to summon people, and before long, we had a group shadow-boxing to warm up. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

It was great. XD And in the evening, I watched Bellator. I had REALLY wanted to see it! It was exciting! Chandler vs Brooks was awesome! Man, those guys have stamina. It was cool to see Tito and Rampage fight, since many of the the guys I used to watch when I was first starting out have retired by now…. I honestly didn’t care who won. I just wanted to see them fight. Except I know King Mo personally, so kinda was pulling for him. and Michael Page was freaking amazing. XD

Sunday was nice. I did Yoga x_x in the morning, and took Serena to Circus Circus’s Adventuredome around noon. It was a last minute thing. I wanted to sit home and wallow after Yoga, but I had tantalized her with talking about it last week, so it would have been cruel and unusual not to show her. And I had fun. Next time, let’s get a group and go adventuring longer. ๐Ÿ˜€
roxy serena adventuredome

We then joined Jamie and her BF and saw Godzilla! ๐Ÿ˜€
roxy serena godzilla poster
We are wearing our Syndicate Godzilla shirts! ๐Ÿ˜€ On the back it says “Steppin on Fools.” I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMFG. (syndicate is not just a gym name, it’s a clothing brand) They’re on sale here:

roxy serena jamie godzilla1

Godzilla was good! I really enjoyed it. Except for the beginning when the power plant starts melting down? I freaking cried like an angry baby all over Serena, remembering Fukushima. ๐Ÿ™ I was in Japan at the time, right? The movie producers did that on purpose. Also the tsunami, and tell me that plane crashing into the building later on didn’t remind you of 911? But Godzilla kicked @$$ and the movie was riveting.

The other day, I got an anonymous gift box!
anonymous gift
And as for what’s inside…watch this video!

Today’s training was awesome. Great mitts and other stuff. Great wall-take down stuff and drilling and going live and ground and pound and and and…stuff.

March 11th in Japan – important

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I just realized, it’s March 11th in Japan.

Three years ago, the Great Tohoku Earthquake struck northern Japan. It was followed by a tsunami that washed away entire cities. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the 5th most powerful in the entire world. Wikipedia says that the official numbers are: 15,884 deaths, 6,147 injured, and 2,636 people missing.

The tsunami caused nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi Power Plants, causing radiation problems for residents near and far, also contaminating the land, water, and air. Three years later, radioactive water leakage is still a major problem – they are NOT okay now. They are just barely hanging on. The government is lying and trying to cover it up. Myself and the rest of Japan are furious at TEPCO and the government. There are new reports of radioactivity leaking into the groundwater, people in the area getting cancer, etc.

My heart is broken for the good people of Japan, my second home.

That Friday, March 11th, I was on my way to work. I had stopped in a supermarket to buy a snack, when the store and shelves stared shaking a little. Then they started shaking a lot. People threw down their groceries and ran for the door. (yep, ran). Then A LOT OF SHAKING. And we weren’t even near the epicenter. I think we got a 5 or 5.5. Up north, it was a 7-8.

The trains all stopped in Tokyo. I spent the night at the office with two other co-workers, and slept on the couch. I cried my eyes out watching someone’s home video of the tsunami on my co-worker’s laptop.

Jump to 2:25 for a few seconds, and then 5:45.

A few days later, we heard about the nuclear plants, and I asked for time off from my boss. She denied it! So I called her boss. He approved it. But I was already packing. I went with my friend Daniel West to Nagoya, just in case the plant was gonna completely blow up.
roxy nagoya castle

I stayed at his friends’ apartment for a week. Thank you for helping us!
no more bread
the gang

Then I went back and tried to to get back to work….. but life would never be the same in Japan again. Food shortages. And selling radioactive produce anyway, and having to read where everything originates and avoid stuff from Fukushima, who’s economy is going to Hell. Charity trips to the North with my gym.

We cleared debris and distributed food to people living in temporary homes.
kamaishi - park katsu brit roxy
kamaishi - handing out food roxy2
hirano roxy brittany
If you’re religious, please say a prayer for the people of Japan. May the souls of those who have fallen rest in peace. I don’t practice an organized religion, but my heartfelt love and good wishes go out to them. My heart still aches for them.

Be strong, Japan! ganbare Nippon!

a few funny occurences on my day off

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On Thursday, I cleaned my apartment and did chores in the morning, watched TUF 14, and worked in the afternoon. Then I met up with Brittany and we went to Taneichi-san’s Clinic “Yokohama Sports Osteopathic clinic” right across from Groundslam. He worked on my shoulder/pec, and Brittany’s finger. Both are feeling better little by little. We both had the idea to bring him chocolate, hahaha.

roxy and brittany at taneishi

We then headed back, and got into this elevator with this old Japanese dude who was talking to himself. This Japanese woman with a bike also rolled it in. Then the man looked at us. We both quickly looked away and tried to continue our conversation, but he said, “Hello!” We tried to ignore him. The women kind of glanced from me and Brittany, to the man, and then back.

He muttered something else in English, and then, “I can speaku za Engurish languagee!” he said, with his heavy Japanese accent. we both thought, “Oh crap, he can understand us….” but he was weird, so we both didn’t want to talk to him.

“Como estas?” I said to Brittany, switching to Spanish. Maybe he’d think we didn’t speak English.


O_O;;; Brittany and I were like, “WHAAAAAT?” LOL!!!!!!!!! and almost fell over and died right there on the spot.

“But I can’t really speak Spanish!” the woman chucked, with really good pronunciation. Then the door opened and the two got out and walked away. omg We couldn’t decide if they were together or not. That was freaking hilarious, though. serves me right, haha!

Another funny thing was that Brittany and I were shopping for socks and found animal ones. “I don’t see any dogs, only cats,” I muttered, sifting through them.
“Not that one?” Brittany said, her hands full.
“What one?”
“The white one.”
“That’s a goat.”
“A dog.”
“Which? I think it’s a goat,” I said.
“Goat? Dog?”
“Dude, goat.”
“Oh, the llama?” Brittany finally said.
omfg Yes, it was a llama. “Why the hell did I say goat? The word just wasn’t coming to me, hahaha!”
“Well, I said dog,” Brittany said.

I love you, Buri-chan. We make such a great team. XD hahaha
Then we went to Amataro and enjoyed yakiniku and fish!

fish lips

roxy brittany amataro
I just found my Eiffel 65 CD and ripped it. Man, I forgot how much I loved this album!

selling my fight banner for charity (tsunami victims)

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Last year, my dojo โ€œGroundslamโ€ took a road trip to volunteer for Tsunami victims in northern Japan. It was called โ€œThe Niko Niko Grappling tournament volunteer trip.โ€

Check my entry last year for details.

Thank you to fans who donated for us to buy food and supplies to distribute.
This year, weโ€™re going in August. Iโ€™m auctioning off my fight banners to raise money for it. First, Iโ€™ll do the coolest one I have: My strikeforce one from the time I fought Sarah Kaufman for the title in 2010. Itโ€™s currently the background of my blog.

You can bid by posting in facebook comments.
Or email me. basilisk875 at I will close bidding on July 10th! Let’s start with $15.

banner pic