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I always take one week off after a fight. I usually have to. Something is swollen or hurt, I feel the intense full-body soreness the day after the fight, and I want to avoid contact with my head just because I get hit hard and want to avoid any possible concussions.

Thank GOODNESS nothing happened to my legs. I only kicked a few times. My upperbody was sore, but not injured. Two of my fingers were swollen from making contact with my opponent’s skull with a strike. My left elbow was swollen, but I had a swollen bursa sack before the fight started, so it just got worse. From me elbowing her in the head…. so yeah I definitely got the better of the fight. Oh and my zombie eye….broken blood vessel that looks scary but doesn’t hurt and will heal in a week. I’m so lucky.

Before I fight, I always call both my parents. I always take a moment to be grateful for my body that functions in the way it’s supposed to. Because you never know.

Monday, I did chores all morning and didn’t train. Then I taught kids in the evening. They missed me! 😀
Tuesday I did light technique in the morning but didn’t roll. Captain was like, “Hi Roxy…WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! GO HOME.”

I did my physical trainer Lorenzo’s jump squat sets….only three sets! which includes several activities. I usually do 5 when I’m feeling good. Man! Three sets made me sore for days. Crazy how I’m in such good shape stamina-wise for a fight, but had stopped doing squats so those muscles went back to being sore again.

Man, I love Lorenzo’s training. I can feel my speed and power went up! How exciting! SO exciting I finally found there people I need. John for striking and MMA, Capitao for jiujitsu, and Lorenzo for strength and conditioning. Finally finally finally, after so many years of trying to figure stuff out myself. Under the same Syndicate roof. Syndicate is truly the best.

On Wednesday, I had a record-breaking number of kids in my jiujitsu class : 20! HOW AMAZING! 😀 And figures it was a day Serena wasn’t there to help me. ;_; Two kids from the big kids class like to be helpful and kind of assisted me, kind of fooled around near the end so I had to scold them…. but in the middle of class Forrest Griffin and Gray Maynard came onto the mat and helped!! HOW COOL! 😀

Man, Jamie visited Syndicate wearing her Goku outfit on the SAME DAY my Vegeta rash guard came in, and I wasn’t even doing MMA! GAH SO SAD. It would have been SO COOL if we had sparred!!! omg we MUSt coordinate next time!
Special thanks to Herbal Papaya for the awesome products that help keep my healthy. I have not once caught a cold while taking the leaf extract capsules.

Check out my balancing skills.
I have seed extract, too. Good for the digestion and intestinal health because it has enzymes. The blood formula is supposed to help increase your blood platelet count. Please, browse their website…they have graviola products and tea, too.

So Attack on Titan season 2 is out!! Man I wish I didn’t have to wait one week for thirty minutes. x_x I dunno if I can. I might wait a month and then watch in a cluster of 4. Hmm tempted. I kind of know what happens since I read the manga but I already notice small differences, and I forget a lot.
beast titan


Also, My Hero Academia season 2! Man, I forgot how much I love that series. Really inspiring.
In the episode, Deku said, “I wish I could tell my 4-year old self that everything would be okay. Wonderful changes were gonna happen.”

I totally relate to that! I wish I could tell my elementary/middle school self, “Don’t worry, Roxanne! You are lonely and picked on a lot now, but when you get older and start cage fighting, lots of people will want to meet you and you will have friends.” LOL I always wished upon a star to have friends. Always. Well, every kid wants more friends and gets picked on, I suppose. Plus, I was a more of an oddball than average. But seriously, mother, thank you for instilling in me the firm belief that I didn’t HAVE to conform to everybody else and I was fine the way I was. Because of your constant affirmation of the way I was, I never tried to be something I wasn’t. 😀
Mommy! 😀 I miss you!

Another thing about that anime…that girl said she wanted to be a hero for money, and everyone was surprised until she said it was to help her family. That’s exactly what happened when I told Lorenzo that I wanted to get a job where I’d be rich. He said he didn’t think I was that kind of person. Well, I want to be rich so I can buy plane tickets to visit my family and take care of my ailing relatives.

I ran stairs this morning and it seems my cardio hasn’t really gone down. That’s good… I got it good enough to go five rounds, but I don’t think my next fight will be five rounds. I hope to fight again soon…. already bought our costumes! 😀

I’m glad I did physical training with Lorenzo today. My ear is swollen and I shouldn’t be grappling…. tomorrow instead of jiujitsu, I coach some of my students at a local tournament. Then watch the UFC!

Blog about my Fusion Fight League Fight!

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I had an amazing weekend.

Serena, John, and I left on Wednesday evening, changed planes in Salt Lake city, and arrived in Billings, Montana around midnight. The promoter kindly met us at the airport and a shuttle took us to the hotel. It was nice – Big Horn Resort! There was a water park and pool but we never got to use it because it opened at 4 PM and we were always busy at night.

Tuesday, we ran into a fellow fighter named Jessica “Black Widow” Borga. She offered to drive us to walmart to get supplies, since she rented a car and we didn’t. We made friends. 😀

We started our first stage of weight cut Thursday might, which was not eating dinner or drinking, dressing in a sauna suit, jumping rope, and hitting mitts with John.

We lost about 4 pounds of water that way, then Friday we both woke up about 5 pounds over. I didn’t feel too bad! We sweat out the rest of the weight in a hot tub. Serena went to the public one downstairs but I wanted quiet privacy and osmosis with salt, so I used the hotel room bath tub like I’ve always done (since returning to America). Captain and John Switched off. Captain arrived Friday night, super late, due to a flight delay. Poor guy.

We both cut weight and Jessica and Marq P. drove us to early weigh-ins at the venue! We both made weight.

My opponent didn’t make weight. I was staring at her using the blanket to weigh in and then the staff lady told me she was 128….all I could think about was, dang, she’s so short! My reach advantage will be amazing! I didn’t even care she missed weight. My opponent’s translator told me she claimed it was her time of the month and she didn’t feel well.

Well dang, girl, that sucks. But we all go through that and that’s why you plan ahead…. mine was supposed to be this week, too, actually, but my hormones got all screwed up from extreme exertion and dieting and other females with dominant hormones around…so it came early…. too much information? lol 😀

I know some women have debilitating cramps and stuff so I feel bad for them….but it’s not my problem. Pop those pain pills and carry on. My friend was like, “You should kick her in the uterus!” LOL Empathizing too much is a weakness of mine, so I worked hard at shutting off my emotions and entering into my Jedi state. She wants to fight, so let’s fight. I’m glad she took the fight with me! They had a hard finding me an opponent, so I’m grateful to her. I got $50 for every pound she missed, which turned out to be way less than 20% of her purse, which kinda sucked. It was in my contract but I didn’t really think about it when I read it.

We went to a Ribs place and ate a lot. 😀 Rob, Sheryl, Candy, and Katie joined us! so did Jessica and her coach. Fun times!

Then we went back, I got my hair done by the wonderful ladies of Beauty Mark salon! They sponsored the event and have great people, so if you are in Billings, please go!

Rob drove us to Hudson’s bar for the mock weigh in! I looked less defined since I re-hydrated and ate a lot, but whatever.
Thanks for the socks, Marq!!

omg look at the size of Serena’s freaking BICEP!! O_O;;;
Then we ate at Applebees joined by Bonny and family, Serena got HER hair done, and we went to bed.

Saturday, fight day, we woke up, ate, and went to the ZooMontana. Hah I did a 360. “I absolutely do not want to go to a zoo. Okay I really want to go to the zoo. let’s hurry up and leave now.”

haha If I were an animal in a Zoo, I’d want to live there. It was basically just fields and scattered trees with fences around it where the animals lived. Very natural. No hard concrete floors like some inner city zoos. The bears were playing either each other. The tigers were strolling around and didn’t look unhappy. There wasn’t a huge variety, but I enjoyed our nature walk and it distracted me from being nervous before my fight.

Ate subway sandwiches.

Took a nap from 2 PM to 3 PM, then got revved up to fight, and went to the venue at 5.

We found our locker room and waited. We were joined by Jessica Borga and Dayna Kelly. I loved sharing a room with those ladies.

Amateur fights tend to be shorter than pro fights, so I felt like I didn’t have to wait a really long time, but I still fought around 10 PM. Serena was two fights before me. I was mentally prepared but had to work hard a shutting off my emotions. She’s my best friend so I always get so nervous before her fight and care so much. But I knew she was in capable hands with John, and Captain was there to support, too. I watched a little from the side, between my trying to warm up and pacing. She did SO well! Her technique has come a long way from even her previous fight. I could see her applying movement, cage technique, blocking, etc. The first few rounds she dominated. Then the other girl started rallying and blitzing more in the final rounds. I still thought Serena won but the other girl won the decision. Gah!

I worked so hard to shut off my emotions and just focus on myself. ;_; Then Jessica lost a tough fight…I was sad! Fighting is hard, man! I feel for my friends.

No emotions, no emotions. Peace. Serenity. Like a Jedi.

Alright. My fight time. I felt great. Warmed up. No injuries. I’ve never felt more healthy. Thank you massage therapist Teri “Helping Hands,” and Luke for the shoulder exercises I still do that have strengthened me. Thank you Lorenzo for the conditioning training.

I walked out to the theme song for the anime Fairy Tail and it was cool.

I expected her to come charging forward throwing wild hooks. She didn’t really. As expected, my range was so much longer. I was able to land jabs, and then pull out when she tried to counter with hooks. I landed a lot more than I thought I would. And then suddenly she threw a hard jab and it snapped my head back. lol In all her other fights, I never really saw her throw a straight punch so it caught me by surprise. I almost laughed. John told me he almost laughed, too. I heard him call out “head movement” and I was like, oh yeah, that’s right. lol We exchanged a lot. She did land a hard hook on my right side and it rocked me for a second, but I pretended it didn’t. She tried to bully me into the cage but I reversed it.

You can’t hold a Syndicate fighter on the cage. 🙂

I ended up taking her down and landed elbows and grounding and pounding from inside her guard.

She trapped my hands and I knew I was in danger for an armbar so I tried to keep my elbows in. But she didn’t throw one up or attack one, so after a while (time seems so much faster in a fight, for me it was a ‘while’ but probably was like 3 seconds) I just kept grounding and pounding. Then she threw up her leg for an armbar. I immediately stacked her to defend and tried to immobilize her hip movement.

I heard John yell “Twelve seconds!” so I thought, “Alright, I’ll just ride it out here rather than risk getting unbalanced trying to escape.” Then I heard some commotion and the overhead announcer comes on and says, “This is a pro round with 5 minutes…” and I hear John holler, “NINETY SECONDS!” wait, what? lol which one? Then he yelled, “Two minutes!”

CRAP, That means I need to start getting out of this arm bar! The set up was pretty good and she really had my arm tightly, but I stacked hard and managed to defend it.

John later told me that he started screaming at the ref that they forgot to reset the clock from all the other ammy matches, which were 3 mins, to me, the only pro, who goes for 5 minutes. HAHA.

I got mount.

Then she rolled over. I got her back? I forget which round this happened in now. Thanks for the great pics, Katie.

In my mind, I heard Capitao’s voice say, “When I take the back IT’S ALL OVER!” I want that to be said about me.

She was tying up my hands and I couldn’t quite get under her chin. I almost got the choke a few times but she managed to hand fight, and I didn’t wanna burn out my arms cranking on something that wasn’t there. So we rolled over and I started hitting her head with punches and elbows.

Of course I was aiming for the sides but she kept turning her head and I landed one on the back of her head. CRAP that’s illegal because it’s dangerous.
Ref: “Watch the back of the head!”
yeah I know. Okay, crap crap, punch the sides, okay elbow CRAP SHE TURNED HER HEAD AGAIN. god damnit!

The ref stopped the fight and stood us up. I was like, “SORRY SORRY SORRY!” to both of them. Usually the ref scolds the offending fighter, but he just said to me, “Yeah ok go stand over there…” and gave her a minute to recover. 🙁

Remember, Roxy, every time you step into the cage or onto a mat, you leave your emotions outside. No anger, no sorry, no revenge, no feeling. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad, don’t feel anything. It was an accident.

John’s voice in my memory: She wants to be here. There’s nobody holding a gun to her head saying ‘you have to fight!’

I managed to keep the voice in my mind silent and resumed as if nothing had happened.

I forget how the round ended. I forget if this was the first or second round. Anyway, in the second round I managed to take her down with a cool trip John taught me a while back off the cage. Got side control. I heard everything my cornermen were saying. This was funny..

John: get mount!
Capitao: Go for the arm bar!
John: Get mount!
Capitao: Go for the arm bar!
John: Mount!
Capitao: Arm bar!

Roxy: **Which one?!? **

lol I always default to John, so got mount and did gnp, but ironically, Captain had JUST drilled with me last week on how to pinch my knees and pin her on her side and gnp if she tries to turn over, and that’s exactly what happened. Then…

Captain: 30 seconds, Roxy, arm bar!

Have confidence in your jiujitsu. Capitao gave you a brown belt for a reason.

I went for the arm bar. I got the position! She locked her arms! I started working to break her grip!
Captain: Put your foot over her arms.

Oh yeah, that attack! I did it! Her arm popped out. omg. I grabbed her wrist and started cranking it. She didn’t tap. Slowly pull harder. She didn’t tap. Her arm was all the way extended. There was like ten seconds left. damnit tap damnit . Slowly hips up. I put my muscle into it. I saw her rather than felt her tap and then ref stopped it.

YES. JIU-JITSU!!!! I won with jiu-jitsu! HELL YESSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

I was so happy to finish with a submission. I’ve been doing so much jiujitsu lately, too.
And I won the 125 lb flyweight belt! The actual fight meant more to me than the belt, but I can’t lie and say I wasn’t excited to get a belt. 😀

My smile looks forced here because I’m trying not to cry from happiness.

It’s a victory for me and also my coaches. They must be happy to see their student progress and succeed because of their teaching.

Hey, I’ll put in the effort but it goes to waste if not directed in the right ways, and John and Captain are the best coaches I’ve ever met in my LIFE. I’m so happy they both were able to come corner me. That’s not always the case if there are other fighters with fights at the same time. And they’re taking time away from teaching, away from their wives and kids to support me in my dream. Thank you, my heroes!

I allowed myself to feel again after that. So thrilled about my fight. So sad Serena didn’t get the W but so proud of her for her improvements.

I hope she can recognize and be glad about them because I’m impressed. She will always be my favorite training partner. She’s as motivated at me. We have the same fire and drive to get better and win.

After the fight, we had to go to the Hudson’s for me to get paid, and then we went out to eat with my team and friends. <3 I'm so glad Katie is down with helping me eat my dessert as an appetizer. FREAKING ICE CREAM NACHOS.

It was so cool that I fought in the hometown of my friend Bonny! I got to meet her family! I met her online because she sent me fanmail and we made friends. I love that. Best thing ever. Friends are my hearts desire. 🙂

I think I only slept an hour.

It made me really happy to get feedback from my coaches about the stuff I’ve improved. I’ve been working doggedly for those very things I just succeeded at.

Terril and Ryan from Fusion Fight League treated me very well and I’d love to fight for them again. Thanks to my fans and friends who came or bought the PPV, which is what makes the event possible!
My sponsors REALLY helped me out financially for this fight. Thank you!

Remove it Restoration, Cryohelmet, Aardvark Painting, Jenkins jiujitsu, Smoking Gnu, My Consumer I.T. and THE TWENTY EIGHT who bought me autographs or donated!

My elbow is swollen for obvious reasons and my ear is cut and swelling from her hook (she hits HARD) but that’s it and it’ll heal fast. I can’t wait to get back to training! 😀

I’m so so so excited to fight next week!! and stuff

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I am really really REALLY excited for my fight.

Every person has different reasons for competing. An MMA fighter has feelings in general about fighting, and then each fight feels a little different. For example, I compete in MMA first and foremost to test my ability and strength against my opponent, and prove that I can win. Then comes how I feel about each individual fight. I fought Sarah Kaufman in Strikeforce for the 135 lb title for that reason PLUS I wanted the belt and to prove that I was the best in the world in my weight division. Then, while I was on my 5-fight losing streak, my desire to fight changed to, “I just want to win a fight.”

My motivation for my third fight against Tara LaRosa was, “Now that I’ve changed my ENTIRE LIFE by quitting my job, leaving Japan, and training with the best coach I’ve ever met, can I still win in MMA?”

Yep, thanks to John and team Syndicate.
I try to not let myself get excited about belts or titles or rankings, although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care at all. I have belts. I have three.

As we fighters gain various experiences in life, losing, winning, injuries, trips to places, relationships with people, our motivations come and go and change. As Coach John likes to say, nobody is forcing us to do this. Nobody is holding a gun to my head saying, “You have to fight in a cage!” I could get a different job, do jiujitsu for fun, whatever. Sometimes training is painful and sucks. We cry, barf, bleed, and agonize mentally over what we couldn’t manage to do.

We also cry tears of joy, rejoice, and celebrate things we are able to do, and especially, difficult things we BECOME ABLE to do after hard work.

Just because you train hard doesn’t mean you’ll win, but if you don’t train hard, you’ll never win.

When a fighter loses a fight and writes about it on social media, many people comment, “Don’t worry, it’s a learning experience!” “You win or you learn!” “You’ll be glad in the future!” or something. Yeah, it’s true we learn from our losses, but a fighter who loses is temporarily devastated. They SHOULD be devastated. This is because they put their heart and soul into going after their dream and they failed. It’s NOT “okay” to lose, especially on the pro level. This is a very unforgiving sport. People can get cut from the UFC after one loss,right? We want money and status to get our next fight. The day after the fight, it’s not a good time to read these things. However, a fighter DOES learn from their loss. We have to make the best of it, right? So yes, a loss is a learning experience but I’m never “glad” when I lose. when I lost fights, I thought to myself, “I have so much more I can do! Why did I lose?” and then I went about trying to fix it and strengthen my weaknesses.

I told one of my kid students this the other day when he started crying because he got frustrated. I said, “It’s okay to be upset that you didn’t win. That’s good – it means you are trying really hard and you care about jiujitsu. But you have to stay calm, keep fighting, and learn how to get better the next time.”

Smile and carry on.

My loss to Porto was REALLY really rough, and I was not okay. But I became okay, trained my butt off, and got better.

When I lost my title fight loss against Jennifer Maia, it was so weird. I felt that searing fiery pain in my heart from failing to win, but also a heady joy that I landed so many techniques successfully that I’ve been working on. I was okay with the contents of the fight, just not the outcome.

John told me that I needed to do more physical conditioning and get a little stronger. I started doing gi jiujitsu again, A) because I love jiujitsu B) because the pulling and that style of fighting strengthens my upper body and legs. I also found Lorenzo who I’ve been working with once a week every week since January. He’s been pushing for more but I literally cannot add anymore physical activity to my schedule.

I did a shark tank with John and Serena yesterday and John said this is the best shape he’s ever seen me in. I’m so excited.

I could go out there and still lose. There are no guarantees. Fighters have to know that they are not invincible. But I feel so great, so ready, so prepared. I have so many techniques I want to try. My opponent seems tough but I know I can win if I fight well.

I really can’t wait. I wish it were next week already! I just wanna go and do it! My weight is good. I want sushi and nachos. x_x

If you are relatively near Billings, Montana, please go see my fight in Fusion Fight League! While you’re at it, you could always “like” their facebook page. XD
I think it might be payperviewed on the internet… more info to come soon!

I’ve gotten some sponsors for this fight. Thank you!!
Remove it Restoration

Dragon Do Fight Gear

Aardvark Painting and Rob Hamilton


Jenkins Jiu-jitsu, an academy in El Paso, TX!
My Consumer I.T. and Bill.

The Void and Katie “Bad Wolf”!
Justin Taylor
Dominate your Game
Herbal Papaya my webmaster

I have a fight! my training, sponsors, etc

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I’m so excited I have a fight coming up! I’m still under contract with Invicta but they allowed me to take this fight with Fusion Fight League. It wasn’t easy finding an opponent, but finally Priscila De Souza was finalized.

It’s in Montana and won’t be televised, so you gotta go buy tickets! Serena was also given a fight on the amateur section! That’s pretty cool a card can have both, and how often do a a pro-friend and ammy friend get to fight on the same day?

Actually I wish we weren’t because I’m super emotionally involved in her fight and I get really nervous. But I guess it can’t be helped at this point. :/ I’m trying to be positive about it.

It’s gonna be fine. John’s gonna take care of us so I won’t be nervous. She’s been trying to get a fight for a while now, too. She has improved SO Much. I can’t wait to see her fight again!

I’m going with Coach John, and I’m flying in Captain because each team gets only one cornerman paid for. Most promotions have that rule.

You might see me posting about sponsorship. I don’t know how aware the average fan is, but the sponsorship scene has changed so much over the years I’ve been fighting. Back in the day like 10 years ago when the UFC was shown once every month or every two months, the fighters got thousands of dollars for wearing brand name shorts like Sprawl, Tapout, Affliction, etc. Then the market got saturated with fighters and brands and the companies realized that they weren’t making enough money back from such advertisement to justify spending such big money. So they cut back. And got picky with which fighters. Many fighters didn’t make an effort to show off their sponsors before and after the fights. Sometimes, fighters’ money they made from sponsorship was greater than their fight purse! I’m taking like over $50,000! Then the Reebok deal happened and UFC fighters were no long allowed to wear sponsors and only got like $2,500. From $50,000 to $2,500. Crazy, huh?

So my manager stopped being able to find me any good sponsors, and I started seeing fellow fighters posting on Facebook, ‘Who wants to sponsor me? E-mail me!” I thought, well, why don’t I try it?

And I started getting sponsors! Fans who owned small companies would give me some cash to put their logo on my clothes. Fans who didn’t own a company would contribute to put their name on my shorts or banner to show support. It adds up. In my last four fights in Invicta, I can say that other than Dragon Do, Cryohelmet, and Herbal Papaya, every single one of my sponsors was a fan. Well actually, the owner of Herbal Papaya contacted me because she was a fan. I am fan sponsored!


But I think I’m good for unique companies like Herbal Papaya and Cryohelmet because I do have a large social media following and they have unique products that are specifically good for me and the people who follow me. Everybody already has shorts. But do you have a product that can boost your immunity and help digestion like Herbal Papaya, or sooth headaches and migraines like Cryohelmet?!?

Someone suggested starting a gofundme account, but honestly, I wouldn’t do that because I’m not broke and I don’t wanna seem like I’m begging for money. No one is forcing me to fight. I do it because I love it. So I wanna do things that people will enjoy, like making my autographs accessible to buy, or putting someone’s name on my banner which will be shown on TV. 🙂

(click to enlarge) is one of my biggest, most consistent sponsors!
They’re also sponsoring Serena, Captain, and Naldo, so we took a group picture wearing their patches.

And this is me at this very moment typing this blog, wearing one of my two Cryohelmets.

(btw if you use the code: ROXYFIGHTER on the Cryohelmet website you get 15% off for the next month)

Anyway. So if you wanna buy this autographed photo, you can paypal $25 to and include your address! Or if you are interested in more, email me. And because money isn’t everything, even emailing me a “good luck” will make me super happy. 😀

I realized today that I started out this week with a faulty mentality. Last week I overworked myself to the point where I got sick, so I told myself this week I would take it down a notch. Also, John is away cornering Jessy in South Korea, and I’m super unmotivated to do striking when he’s not around. Today, while trying to do kickboxing, I realized that I mentally gave myself an out, so I tried to rev myself back up. However, I think I was still a little burned out from last week because I didn’t even feel aggressive while doing jiu-jitsu, and that’s rare.

I had such a headache that got worse after warm-ups, that every time I was hit, contact or blocked, my head would pound. Then everytime I landed a strike, namely on the heavy bag, my head felt like it was going to explode. It freaked me out because I’ve gotten a concussion before, and even though I KNOW today was just a neck-tension headache, I felt horrible.

Training to become a champion on your worst days, right?
I really wanted to go home after jiujitsu but didn’t.

Despite hating striking in general when John isn’t here, I actually really liked Tom’s ideas he was communicating today. I was trying to hard to give myself a goal during training, and ended up giving myself poor ones: don’t let my kicks get caught, and work on feints. They were poor because I didn’t specify how many kicks or how many feints, like “make someone bite on my feint successfully five times.” This locked me into a 100% success ratio expectation, so when someone caught a kick, I felt like I had failed. As I was getting my Cryohelmet out of John’s freezer in his office to try and recover a bit between rounds 2 and 3, I felt like such a loser and failure. Then I asked myself, “Okay, so how many times did you actually do it?” I looked back and realized that I had succeeded quite a lot, but my brain conveniently forgot about those times. I did a lot of good stuff, but my emotions weren’t giving me credit for them.

In the middle of the 4th round, I was going with Tony. Suddenly I heard Captain’s voice erupt from my right, “Let’s GO Roxy!”

I literally felt power enter my body. It was crazy, and very interesting.
He’s training for his own fight so he hadn’t come in today for class, but came in to hit mitts with Naldo.

I am very affected by 1) my trainers’ presences 2) music
I’m also 100% certain I could have ignored my headache a bit more if Rob Zombie was playing rather than the dumb rap and slow instrumentals that have been on in John’s absence.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell about Tom’s goals yet. So he had us do combos but notice our how opponent blocks, or reacts. Then try and feint them and throw something else. It seems so simple, but we don’t often focus on JUST noticing specific patterns of our training partners. So I gave up my two goals and for the last two rounds adopted those, and man! I had so much success! Then Tom had us do rounds of only power punches.

I’m really proud of myself, despite feeling mentally sluggish and having a headache, I still got great practice in.

I canceled my Portuguese lesson today and I’m so glad, I can just lay down. I actually went food shopping instead. x_x and mailed out some autographs. Wait, so that means I’m not actually resting? I’m SO BAD AT RESTING. I need someone to lock me in my apartment. x_x

My Brazilian Brother Naldo held mitts for me on Monday. I really only want John to hold mitts for me, but I’ve found that if I don’t hit mitts on Monday, it doesn’t rev up my brain for kickboxing and I’m super unmotivated to do it for the rest of the week. Plus I was curious about Naldo, because I saw him holding for another teammate. I enjoyed my session with him! I really need to have a friendship or connection with my mitt holder to help motivate me to do it. -_- That’s another reason I asked him.


This past Sunday, I made plans with Thais (my Portuguese teacher and Captain’s wife) to go to this Brazilian restaurant Boca do Brasil, and Captain came along. It was really nice! Great food, and the garlic didn’t make me melt since I’m a vampire. (i.e. give me an upset stomach)

Captain got a short-notice fight in World Series of Fighting, so he’ll be fighting in NY this Saturday, March 18th! It’ll be shown on NBC Sports! Please watch and cheer for him! He’s on the undercard.

Also Jessy jess in South Korea vs Sarah Kaufman in Battlefront, but I don’t know how to watch that… She has also improved a ton over the recent months! I’m so excited for her to fight and win!! Go Jessy!

I’m in such great shape. I can’t wait to fight!

Jessica Bakan took this photo of me hitting mitts with John. It’s pretty cool!

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First, remember these Japanese words, they will come up later: Sempai (a senior, older team-member, upper-ranked belt); kohai (a junior, newcomer, lower-ranked belt) . In the Japanese culture, the sempai have a moral responsibility to look after the kohai.

Next, wanna say thank you to my fans who became my friends, Jack and Jan, for the lovely dinner last week at the Orleans! They play KENO in the Orleans and I first met them when I walked by them on the way to run stairs and they recognized me as a fighter. 😀 We’ve been meeting up every time they come to Vegas. My grandparents all passed away when I was a kid, so I never got to talk to them as adults. I imagine Jack and Jan would be what nice grandparents would be like. <3 It's so cool to meet new people and make friends and connections with people from all walks of life. That's really the best thing about being a fighter (besides enjoying sport fighting). Thanks for the gift cards! Gas, groceries, and Tacos are exactly...EXACTLY what I need.

You guys are geniuses. They also bought me a Keno card, which is so cool because I don’t know how to play and I’ve been interested in learning gambling, but haven’t for two reasons: I don’t wanna lose big money, and my grandfather liked gambling too much so my dad freaks out if I mention gambling.

I was fighting a sore throat all week, and after collapsing after jiujitsu on Thursday, decided not to do MMA. I went home and rested, but did Yoga that evening. I woke up Friday feeling great and went to my conditioning session with Lorenzo and smashed all the exercises! He told me it was my best effort and I did great. I told him it was probably because I took it easy yesterday and wasn’t all yoga-hung over from coming straight from hot yoga, which was draining. hah He tried to convince me that I should skip certain classes and do more conditioning. HAH as if that’d ever happen…. “Until I drop!” is my motto!
I’m in such good shape. If only I had a fight…. I could fight next week! (if I lose a few pounds)

This past Saturday, I coached at the NAGA jiujitsu tournament! It’s so cool because I got all my grappling competition experience from NAGAs 15 years ago. And Kipp Kollar is still doing it! It was so cool to see him again and be involved! I mainly looked after the Garcia family kids, since I’m their main teacher.

It was easy to coach them since I taught them everything they know! (some credit goes to Enzo and Jessy, who’s awesome wrestling classes they’ve been taking ). Rick came to coach Hazel and the other teenagers, and I haven’t memorized their abilities yet, despite assisting in Rick’s class, so it wasn’t as easy. I was running around trying to listen for their names being called. At one point, I was in the middle of coaching Hazel and I saw Michael be called out on the mat ACROSS FROM ME! x_x It was like 3:30 PM and Rick had had to leave, so only Michael’s dad was there to coach him…. sorry Michael!

Phew! Just-turned-5 year old Jason lost all three of his no-gi matches on points, but won his gi match by points! He didn’t do a single thing I said. x_x
“Get your leg out of half guard or you can’t get points!” *grabs head* “Let go of his head!” *readjusts grip on head and holds*

But later he said he couldn’t hear me. I was trying to yell as loud as I could without screaming, because I don’t want my voice to crack and sound panicked and crazy….. if my coach was screaming at me, I would panic. LOL It was so loud in there, though. But Six-year-old Jose seemed to either hear me, or just naturally do what I would have said. Jose choked his no-gi opponent out with a rear-naked choke/ spine back bend move. LOL Poor kid tapped and started crying.

Then he lost his gi match on points.

Jason and Jose got swords for getting first!

It’s really hard because Jose and Jason are the best, toughest, strongest kids in class, so it’s really hard to challenge them. They always escape from bad positions even if their technique isn’t perfect because the other kids just can’t hold them there so it’s hard to teach them correctly sometimes. If I have them be partners with each other, they fight because they’re brothers. -_- Then when Gavin comes into class, Jose doesn ‘t wanna go with him. I don’t want them to get used to always winning….Big Preston did that and now doesn’t wanna train anymore when he gets tossed around in the big kids’ class. Little Preston is starting to become a challenge for them. I gotta figure something out. Maybe private lesson with a smaller older kid from the big kid’s class? hmm But I’m really glad that they lost one and won one, so they get that life experience. Hazel did, as well. Competition always makes people grow.

I told the big kid’s class this but I didn’t have the chance to tell Jose and Jason and Hazel…

It’s okay to feel upset and sad when you lose. It’s okay to take it hard. It shows that you care so much about jiujitsu. It’s okay to cry. Never tell your kids “don’t cry” at first…let them get it out, and then a few minutes later, say encouraging things. Competitors need to learn how to deal with those feelings…. feel the pain and overcome. Candy said that to me, actually, after I was devastated after my loss in November. I thought, yeah, she’s right. If you were just like “oh whatever I lost I don’t care, next time,” I think, man, does this person really want to win? If you want to win SO BADLY, you train hard and gain the skills and get better. Become stronger! I felt so ashamed and so low after my loss in November, that’s why I improved so much over these past few months because it made me put the work in.

Adults started at 4-ish and I was so tired already. lol
Our head professor Capitao was in Brazil, and Casey-sempai couldn’t make it. After my kids were all done, I ran around trying to locate my kohai and coached whoever I could find, like Tyler, and Kyle. Kyle was already kicking butt way before I found him! He got gold in both no-gi and gi divisions! WOW

Serena fought a girl who decided she didn’t want any of Serena’s wrestling and pulled guard. x_x

Now, Serena and I train MMA together every day, and we all know that the best way to get someone to open their guard is to smash them in the FACE. Which Serena is really good at. However, that is not allowed in jiujitsu tournaments. LOL So Serena spent like 3 and a half minutes out of 5 trying to break open this girl’s guard, and the girl kept trying to submit Serena, but Serena is very hard to submit. Dude, I can’t remember the last time I got Serena from guard. Then the ref warns Serena for stalling? what the heck? She was obviously trying to pass while defending all the sub attempts, just as the other girl was obviously trying to sub her. If the ref is getting bored, warn them both or stand them up. So Serena felt pressure and took some more chances to try a stand up pass, or something, I forget how it happened, and got triangled. x_x

Soooooo are jiujitsu tournaments useful to MMA fighters? Yes and no. I think there are some elements that are and some that aren’t. Back when I first started fighting, jiujitsu was used in MMA and that was it. Now, it’s evolved so there’s “sport jiujitsu” and “jiujitsu for MMA.” Like, I would never jump guard or do deep half guard sweeps from underneath, or give up mount to go for an arm-bar in MMA. I would, however, do side control, or mount, or armbars and triangles from guard, and butterfly sweeps, etc in MMA. Since I’ve been doing tons of Capitao’s classes, my sweeps have improved so much. So in jiujitsu tournaments you have to deal with points, guard-pullers, etc, in order to get the benefit of live combat dealing with the MMA-realm stuff. I still think it’s worth it.

When I did my tournament in Cali, it was a weird feeling and I almost didn’t feel like I did enough to win because I won by the points I got from passing guard and side control. That wouldn’t get me a win in an MMA fight, but it did in BJJ. Naldo won a NAGA belt on ONE advantage point he got, I forget out. I think a reversal of position or something like that.

So yeah, that was frustrating, but as long as you use any kind of experience as a stepping stone to go to the next level, it’s not a waste of time. That goes for good things and bad things.

I made sure I was there to support Naldo, Capitao’s friend who I made friends with, who is substitute teaching Syndicate jiujitsu classes while Capitao is away. His friend Derrik who speaks Portuguese was there, too. First he coached Naldo, but then Naldo joked later, “I don’t know what’s worse, Derrik who can speak Portuguese but doesn’t know jiujitsu, or Roxanne, who is a brown belt but can barely speak Portuguese.”

hahahahaha! I tried! Then this guy got worm guard on Naldo. I was like “OH! I know what that is! Because Casey-sempai showed me one day! BUT I have no idea how to do it myself or how to defend it!”

Naldo still won! He was so cool.

He got Gold in two gi divisions and bronze in no-gi.

This opponent, Bendi, is an MMA fighter and REALLY good at knee bars. Like, if you go with him, he WILL knee-bar you. Naldo won by one advantage point!

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