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Jiujitsu stuff! Training for my fight vs Barb!

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Can you believe that something dumb like sleeping on the airplane hurt my neck? I got a tight muscle on Sunday and it got progressively worse and worse all week to the point where I could barely turn my head and train on the Saturday one week later. SO STUPID. -_-; Life happens? Remind me to never sleep on an airplane! (I frequently say this lol)
Thanks to my massage therapist Teri Wallace. What would I do without you? She always fixes me!

Anyway, it’s been a great week and a half. Some highlights are my kid students – I’ve been giving a few of the struggling ones private lessons and I can see vast improvements almost immediately! Like, I taught Lucas techniques on how to avoid getting mounted by blocking with the knee, shrimping, and framing, and he’s getting mounted like 75% less.

I have one child who gets really frustrated with herself, which didn’t used to happen. I think it’s because her level is higher now so I think she expects more of herself. I wish I had studied child psychology in school. I didn’t think six year olds got that way, but I guess she did! I told her, “You’re one of my best students, and just because you couldn’t do something, didn’t mean you were doing it wrong. Maybe the person was stronger or bigger or it wasn’t the right time. So don’t get upset, breathe, and try something else. I’ll always be proud of you as long as you do your best.” She didn’t get upset.
YAY so we (Serena and I) figured her out. Then, I saw her get stuck under someone’s powerful grapevine and I saw her face start to get upset. I ran over and calmly coached her out of it.

Like 60 seconds later, she got on top and did the SAME THING to the other kid!!!! I was like, YES!!!

(and I coached the other kid out of it, just to be fair lol)

She’s competing soon. I gave her and another boy a private on Monday and they did so well!


My own jiujitsu training has been great.

JoJo, our new Scottish UFC fighter teammate, has been a fantastic training partner. She joined Syndicate recently so she has a different style, strength, etc. She is good at foiling my techniques, which is great, because it means I’m not doing them perfectly and I can perfect them better. Thanks, JoJo! πŸ˜€ She has the most amazing control I’ve ever encountered in training. She hit me with an upkick to the face and it tickled my nose. I was like, “How DARE she upkick me in training….wait…I’m not hurt!? Cool!” I’ve never gotten hurt going with her despite her throwing all sorts of dangerous stuff. It’s remarkable. πŸ˜€ You guys, It’S AMAZING! I cannot stress how valuable that is to have training partners like that!

I’ve started taking grappling lessons with Mike Pyle, recently retired UFC fighter and Team Syndicate member. I was planning to start MMA-grappling lessons after my tourney, but he texted me, asking me if I was ready, and posted on social media that he was bored, so I figured it would be best to start a habit of giving me a lesson so I don’t lose my opportunity. lol I hadn’t intended on doing gi with him, but I’ve learned a TON of my first two lessons! Thanks, Mike!

I’m so excited for my tournament this Sunday! Four of our kids are competing, too. Yay!

My next fight has finally been announced! So finally, July 6th, Barb Honchak, in the TUF 27 finale in the Palms in Vegas! πŸ˜€

I’ve been watching TUF 27, also. The second ep was yesterday. I like it a lot.

Jodie Esquibel stopped by Syndicate and we sparred. It was great!

There were EIGHT fightergirls on the mats! Me, Serena, Jessy Jess, Alexa Connors, Jojo Calderwood, Meeks, Chelsea Rae, and Jodie! And obviously awesome dudes.

I saw the movie Rampage last Sunday.

I liked it a lot! Great, believable plot, action, great acting by Dwayne Johnson! I really like him. I feel like he’s been in a ton of movies lately. I have to say, though, ever since 9/11 and 3/11 (Japan’s disaster), I can’t enjoy a good building falling down anymore, or other destruction in a movie. I get really upset because I’ve seen the real thing and know how horrible reality is. ;_; I think I’m getting MORE sensitive as I get older, rather than desensitized….

On Saturday I taught a kid’s private lesson, then did an hour of gi jiujitsu rolling, then rushed to my physical training session. Lorenzo had me pull and push sleds, and carry heavy bags. Then he said, β€œOkay, *pause* now you’re gonna kick the heavy bag until it stands up on its end, and stack those giant tires over it.” He kicked the bag and smiled at me. I kinda thought he was kidding, but wasn’t sure, so I proceeded to gather three huge tires by flipping them. The first was easy. Then for the second one, I had to use a smaller tire as a step-up or wedge. As I was working on the third one, Lorenzo told me he was actually kidding but he loved my effort and wanted to see if I could do it! It was really hard! I partially pulled it up, partially got under it and pushed, and then I had to get it over the top of the heavy bag. I DID IT!!

GO ME! I was so dirty afterwards. Getting ready for Barb Honchak, July 6th. I’ll never get β€œtired” while fighting her.

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Conor McGregor last week, this weekend was a fight trip with Serena

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So I had a really hard practice last Thursday…my head wasn’t into it. I had done a jiu-jitsu class at Dunham’s, which was freaking amazing, and left early to make it back to MMA sparring at Syndicate. I didn’t really feel like doing MMA that day, but helping Serena train for her fight was my motivation. I had a horrible performance but made it through. I had showered and was rushing out the door, when I heard Serena talking to Mama Wood (Coach John’s mom) and say, “He’s okay, he wasn’t injured at all, but Mike…”

Um, WHAT?! Why would he be injured? Somebody said Conor McGregor broke a window in a bus and glass cut up his face.

… brain could not even processes that information. It just couldn’t. I think I muttered, “What the heck” and then kept walking out the door to my car, leaving Serena and I think JoJo to follow me in a few minutes. John being okay was extremely important to me, so as long as he was okay, I’d process the rest later. I had just been in fight mode for the past four hours and was utterly exhausted. After I dunked myself in the cold plunge and recovered, as well as my food digesting, my thought process started activating again.

WHAT THE HECK. McGregor did WHAT? He sneaked in through a back door and threw a dolly through a window of a bus, and shattering glass cut up MY teammate Mike Chiesa so that he wasn’t allowed to fight, glass went in Ray Borg’s eye so HE couldn’t fight, and Artem was part of the episode so HE wasn’t allowed to fight. Plus their three opponents. That’s six fighters who trained their butts off for months who won’t get paid, won’t get fights, have their career advancement halted, etc. I heard reports that Ray won’t be permanently damaged…I hope.

Glass in the freaking eye? Dude, what if someone went blind? McGregor was after Khabib….so he attacked a whole bus and involved innocent people? That’s disgusting and criminal and a felony. I want to hear his statement on the matter, but it doesn’t really make a difference because he committed the act, right? Dana White condemned the heck out of him, and like 5 minutes ago I read a news article saying that he’s changing his stance and “β€œWe talked,” or something, Mr. White told reporters at the UFC 223 post-fight press conference. β€œI think that there’s a mutual respect between us and obviously this week, I had so many things thrown at me. To focus on this show was insane. We’ll get back and we’ll focus on Conor McGregor.”

Whatever, man. He makes so much money for the UFC of course they can’t ditch him, even if he did criminal things. Just don’t dare call him a martial artist.

Okay I wrote that last week and never posted it.

I still enjoyed watching the rest of the card. We invited some friends over, including Andrea Lee and her husband Donny, who were in town! How cool! πŸ˜€

This past Thursday, I flew to Great Falls, Montana, with my teammate Serena “The Southpaw Outlaw” DeJesus for her fight! She’s been fighting for about four years and has an amateur record of 5-2. The rounds are 3 minutes long. Back in the day when I debuted, there was no amateur, and I had horrible striking skills and fought other not-well rounded people, got a horrible paycheck, like $100 flat for my first fight. Haha It’s not like that anymore, and it shouldn’t be like that. Professional fighters are well-rounded, strong, and conditioned. They have to have their diet figured out, be able to make weight, and be able to deal with the stress and emotions of getting into a confined space and battle another human being.

Serena works SO hard constantly. I’m so proud of her efforts leading up to the fight, and her performance in the fight.
So we flew out Thursday and landed in a blizzard. Just great. *eye roll* Oh well! We got settled in our SWEET hotel room that had a kitchen and fridge and everything! She got interviewed by some TV station and the promotion, we went grocery shopping, and then we started her initial weight cut.

She looked great!

We woke up Friday morning….I worked out in the beautiful fitness center while she slept in. Then she cut the rest of the weight. It sucked a lot, but she got through it.

Coach John, and also her parents arrived around noon. We finished her weight cut, and I ate BBQ with John. I NEVER GET TO EACH DELICIOUS THINGS when I travel, because I’m usually the one fighting and cutting weight, so I was so so so excited! It was delicious!

She weighed in, and we went to eat Pho. Then we did the ceremonial weigh-ins in the Cowboys Bar and she faced off against her opponent Kelly “Skittles” Clayton, who is a super nice person.

My friend Bonny and her family drove a few hours to see us! I’m so grateful and happy! Thank you!

We hung out a bit after Serena’s weigh-ins, and Saturday morning when Serena slept in, I hung out with Bonny and family a bit in the morning. I actually felt super sleep-deprived all weekend from getting back late, so I was super tired despite not having trained. Well, I lifted weights, did squats, core training, and the elliptical, but that doesn’t really count. Does it? ^^;;

I’m glad Serena got a lot of rest. She would fight as the main event, at like 10:30 PM. Dang! Well, at least thanks do the time difference, it was 9:30 PM Vegas time. Or so I thought. What time did she actually fight? Like 11:30?

She went out there and put on a great show! Controlled, calculated brutality and violence. Kelly was super tough and it was a very close fight, but Serena landed just a little bit more and got the unanimous decision!

I was taking out my phone to take, what I hoped would be the victory pose, when Lorenzo, our physical trainer, texted me, “????????” Haha, I thought, how did he know to text at just this moment? Just wait 60 more seconds and I’ll tell ya.

Then this happened.

Yay! I didn’t know this before, but she is the first recognized autistic professional fighter. She said there had been another guy but he retired already. So that’s means she’s not the first? Well, whatever, she’s one of the only ones, and she’s amazing and has to deal with more than the average fighter due to sensory issues and her brain being wired a little differently. I was so thrilled to be there for her, support her, and be asked to be in her corner while she realized her dreams!

Thanks to all the fans out there who send good vibes, love, and support, and especially sponsors who donate cash or products to help out both her and my journey! <3 Thanks for flying me out, Terrill! I am their flyweight champion, after all, which I'm so proud of and honored to fight for them!
We all look so tired in this pic. haha it’s like 12:30 AM here. Dang, Fusion, start the fights earlier! But thanks for having us out!!

Where are the brown belts at? JoJo is here, Just Tap

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You see me posting about jiujitsu a lot, don’t you?

So it’s my favorite thing ever, and all last year when I had back to back fights, I did less gi training because it wasn’t really helping me prepare for the fight. (There’s a HUGE debate on that! If you have an opinion, feel free to email me at LOL So I’ve been holding back my excitement to compete and get better at gi.

I looked at competing March 31st or April 7th in tournaments in Cali and Phoenix, but big surprise…no other brown belt females signed up!

I don’t know where you are, but I will find you and tap you out.


But seriously. So I emailed the Jiujitsu World League people and asked, “Hey, are there any other brown belt females?” A guy wrote, “Yes, but they all canceled due to lack of other brown belts,” and I wrote back, “WELL CALL THEM BACK!!!” He tried but apparently nobody responded. ;_: So I paid online to sign up for the April 7th one to get my name on the website, but come one week before, there was a deadline to cancel, so I got a refund. *sigh*

In my jiujitsu world on the POSITIVE side, and this is super positive, I’ve started visiting Dunham’s Jiujitsu Academy. I really don’t want to go anywhere other than Syndicate to get training, to be honest, but they have really high-level light-weight gi-players there. I got permission from my Syndicate coaches to go for jiujitsu practice. I love them! Rene is such a phenomical instructor, and I feel myself improving just after two weeks of going. He calls attention to little details in technique, which is making all the world of difference. I’m retaining and recovering my guard more in gi and also MMA practice. I’m able to manage my space better using my feet and arms in better conjunction.

Here are pics from last Saturday!

It was great to run into Damien, who I’ve seen around the Vegas BJJ circuit for a few years! He has a Scar’s tattoo on his arm from Full Metal Alchemist. ^^
Raquel and Tammi can tap me out. YES!!!!! It’s what I NEED to get better!

I’m coming back for more, baby.

Annie is so fun to train with! <3 We had an epic battle where she caught me in a triangle and, after a two-minute struggle, I got out but my pants fell down. They fell totally around my knees, so when I stood up, gasping for breath, I stumbled because they were around my ankles, and fell down. XD Hah! Pants. The struggle is real. Casey has been watching me train at Syndicate and giving me pointers in our private lessons afterwards, as well as live coaching. Thanks, Sensei! In other news, Joanne Calderwood is here visiting Syndicate. I hope she decides to stay!

I love training with her! She is better than me at striking, and shows me stuff like knees and elbows but has SUCH great control that she doesn’t really land the normally taboo, dangerous stuff other than a touch. I know I can go with her and not worry about getting knocked out or getting a concussion. This has been a problem for me in the past. And she’s a nice person.

And SHE’S going to get better at take-down defense, I’m sure, since I’ll be constantly trying to take her down in sparring class. hahaha Then I’ll get better at foiling her defense, and she’ll foil my foil and the joyful circle will continue!

Serena’s fight is coming up!

She’s on the poster! Far left!
Holy crap I can’t wait for this fight. I also can’t wait for her weight-cut to be over. I want my energetic nacho-buddy back so badly. πŸ™ She’s working SO hard. I have full confidence that she’s going to come out on top in this fight.

I heard Dragon Ball Z Super ended, and I’m behind, so I’m trying to get on it before I hear a spoiler. I saw a minor one by accident, actually.

I love this quote that Piccolo said to Gohan in ep 88:
“I see nothing but eagerness. You won’t get anything done like that. Training is pointless, much less getting stronger. It’s true that the wish to protect (or win) can give you strength, but wishing too strongly can be dangerous. If you can’t control it properly, it will impede more than benefit. If you obsess with winning, you can’t calmly assess a situation. No fight is assured victory. First, accept that fact. And then win despite it! You can win!”

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fights, jiujitsu, training race, updates, Sarah is visiting

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I’ve been feeling frustrated and burned out. Every day I come home in the evening not having the mental energy to even watch TV. I just want to sleep and not be tired anymore. I’m tired of running stairs twice a week and doing burpies and tons of physical training.

For me, life is a race to see how much I can get done. Training is a race. I always need to do as much as I possibly can in a day to get better. Who knows how much time I have left to fight, or train? Or walk? Or live? I could lose my leg tomorrow and never train again! Live in the day like there’s no tomorrow!

I think it’s a combination of my beliefs and my Modafferi blood. There’s a fire burning inside me (that only goes out when I get food poisoning LOL) to GO GO GO. Modafferi’s can’t relax. lol

I’m in fight shape, near fight weight (FIGHT DIETING FREAKING SUCKS)

I found out I probably won’t offered a fight date for a while. Yesterday I was upset. I went home and ate a mini refried bean burrito. (it’s sad when a tiny amount of carbs is your cheat meal. I know I would have nightmares if I did more! I had one a few days ago where chocolate was pouring out of my locker!) But then I thought about it. There are so many positives! I HAVE A UFC CONTRACT! I’m so happy and proud and honored! Thank you!

They want me to fight again!!
Last year in 2017, I fought SIX times! I won 1 by armbar, 3 by TKO, and lost 2 by close decision.
My training has made me stronger and better so far! I’ve never felt so strong and healthy. As time goes by? Pppffftt the world will be like….WHO IS THAT?

haters I don’t have haters, but doubters will be like, “I thought she sucked!?” And I’ll point to my sherdog record that says “KO” and say “um people who suck don’t KO people by accident in the UFC.” πŸ˜‰

At least the fight date doesn’t coincide with my bestie Serena’s fight April 14th. (She’s fighting in ICF/ Fusion Fight League in Great Falls, Montana! Go watch!)
At least I can go to my step brother Peter’s wedding May 5th.
At least I’m not broke so I can live off my previous fight money longer.
At least I have the best coach I’ve ever met, aka Big John Wood.
I’m working out the jiujitsu situation….I think it’s improving.

Speaking of jiujitsu….I REALLY WANT TO COMPETE GI.

Recently, I rolled with BJJ champion Tammi Musumeci (link embedded) and felt like a white belt again. Literally. I’m decent at passing De la Riva guard, so I approached her and the second she sunk in her de la riva, my knee turned inward and she was taking my back.

So after she tapped me out and I stood up and approached her again, I thought “Okay I’m gonna turn my knee OUT really hard and she’s not going to be able to take my back….” and suddenly I was being swept and mounted.

It was amazing.

I know that I’m only going to get better because I’m going to figure out how she’s doing that and learn from it!

Thanks to Casey and Rene for being good teachers, too. CASEY CASEY I did what you said yesterday and it was working, as did something Rene said.

aaaah. I feel like I’m neglecting to keep in touch with some of my friends, I’m so tired and busy.

Three of our kid students competed at the open house on Saturday! I’m so proud of them! The Dunham jiujitsu kids were tough! Eli and Artem finished their opponents

and Aleena had a tough match against a strong girl, but did well. She overcame some fear and insecurity to fight the second match, for which I was very proud of her.

My buddy and training partner Chelsea got her stripe at belt/stripe promotions a few weeks ago, and I helped by being her partner.

I’ve got your back, girl. πŸ˜‰

Chelsea in turn has been helping me with my wrestling private lessons!

Rick Davis has been helping me out with jiujitsu by rolling with me after Monday and Tuesday’s class. I’M TRYING SO HARD TO MAKE TIME to train. But I think he injured his elbow in a minor car accident so I dunno if we’re gonna roll for a while? But I saw him rolling with Phillip in class yesterday… *sigh* He’s just like Lorenzo (my phyisical trainer). “Oh I got bitten a scorpion and couldn’t walk for a few days. No problem, I’m back today.” omg you guys.

Sarah McCann, native New Zealander living in Japan, is visiting us for a week! I’m enjoying having her here, and I think she’s getting a lot out of training!

I’m watching some Overlord II and I really like the Lizardmen. I wish they alone were their own stand-alone anime.

I rewatched the last 3 Jurassic Parks to refresh myself before the new one comes out in the summer.
I’m watching Godzilla vs Mothra. Hide the drapes and turn off the porch lights, Celia! LOL (inside joke). It’s slow paced, so I watch it near my sleep time so I fall asleep after five minutes. haha So I’ve been watching this movie literally for two weeks, five to ten minutes every day. x_x

Thank you for sponsoring me the new gloves, Kristy Crilly! πŸ˜€ <3 <3 <3
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busy, eventful week, Fear the Fighter shirt, training

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BREAKING NEWS: I have a sponsorship deal with Fear the Fighter! They produced a T shirt for me and some profits go directly to support me. Check it out:

here is the link to order:

Last week had ups and downs!

I got kind of frustrated with a few techniques that I learned and couldn’t do. However, I remind myself – be thankful that I got through those times of failure, because I have to fail a bunch of times before I can succeed once.

I didn’t feel on the top of my game Monday or Tuesday, but I got through practice and did some stuff. I’m grateful for great coaching and great training partners. Serena was sick all week! πŸ™ I missed training with her. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping me with my wrestling and jiujitsu private with Casey.

You’re a great training partner, and I’m glad we made friends! πŸ˜€ <3

On Valentine’s day, I got some chocolates and Valentine’s from my kid students! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy and I feel loved!

Oh, a mystery fan send me roses and chocolate and poem! πŸ˜€ How sweet! Thank you, mystery fan!

I got to hang out with my friends Jack and Jan on Tuesday. We had a very nice dinner together! It was so nice getting to see them again when they come to Vegas. Thank you for the nice Valentine’s Day card, treats, and gifts! Lee, my car, gets a treat, too! πŸ˜€

I’m so fortunate to have great people in my life.

I’ve been training so hard this week. If something isn’t sore, I do some kind of exercise to make sure it gets worked and gets sore. lol In my down time, meaning when I lay down before I pass out with my shows still on, I managed to watch the movie Lucy, and a few episodes of Hozuki no Reitetsu. I’m on the last season of Transformers Prime, but it’s taken me a week to get through one 30 minute episode, because I get about 5 in before I fall asleep.

Saturday morning before open mat and kickboxing, I got to roll with Captain at the UFC Performance Institute! Thanks for spending time with me! I miss him a lot. We don’t get to see each other that much anymore since he’s training elsewhere now. I don’t miss his side-control-of-death, though. x_x (This is my ‘mean’ face. It needs work!)

Kickboxing group!

I’ve been trying to support Alexa in her fight training! She has a fight next month against Carina Damm!

I love training with her, and I want her to win her fight!

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