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Last week had ups and downs!

I got kind of frustrated with a few techniques that I learned and couldn’t do. However, I remind myself – be thankful that I got through those times of failure, because I have to fail a bunch of times before I can succeed once.

I didn’t feel on the top of my game Monday or Tuesday, but I got through practice and did some stuff. I’m grateful for great coaching and great training partners. Serena was sick all week! πŸ™ I missed training with her. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping me with my wrestling and jiujitsu private with Casey.

You’re a great training partner, and I’m glad we made friends! πŸ˜€ <3

On Valentine’s day, I got some chocolates and Valentine’s from my kid students! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy and I feel loved!

Oh, a mystery fan send me roses and chocolate and poem! πŸ˜€ How sweet! Thank you, mystery fan!

I got to hang out with my friends Jack and Jan on Tuesday. We had a very nice dinner together! It was so nice getting to see them again when they come to Vegas. Thank you for the nice Valentine’s Day card, treats, and gifts! Lee, my car, gets a treat, too! πŸ˜€

I’m so fortunate to have great people in my life.

I’ve been training so hard this week. If something isn’t sore, I do some kind of exercise to make sure it gets worked and gets sore. lol In my down time, meaning when I lay down before I pass out with my shows still on, I managed to watch the movie Lucy, and a few episodes of Hozuki no Reitetsu. I’m on the last season of Transformers Prime, but it’s taken me a week to get through one 30 minute episode, because I get about 5 in before I fall asleep.

Saturday morning before open mat and kickboxing, I got to roll with Captain at the UFC Performance Institute! Thanks for spending time with me! I miss him a lot. We don’t get to see each other that much anymore since he’s training elsewhere now. I don’t miss his side-control-of-death, though. x_x (This is my ‘mean’ face. It needs work!)

Kickboxing group!

I’ve been trying to support Alexa in her fight training! She has a fight next month against Carina Damm!

I love training with her, and I want her to win her fight!

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I’ve had a fantastic couple of weeks!
I’ve been training specific techniques. The learning curve goes like this: see and hear explanation, practice with no resistance, practice with a little resistance, practice with a lot of resistance, try to do in sparring with 100% resistance, become able to do multiple times in sparring. I finally got to the final stage in a few of these techniques.

There was stuff I couldn’t do in my last fight that I can do now!

That means I’m a different fighter than I was a few months ago.
I’m so happy!!

I’ve been doing a lot of striking and wrestling privates. I’ve been enjoying working with Hannah for wrestling. Coach John is such an amazing coach. He can teach me little details and combos and moves that improve me so much. I’m so glad I’m here at Syndicate.

Thanks for the picture, Ryan Loco!

I’ve been training a lot with Serena, of course, and also Chelsea, Jordan, and Natan!
I love team Syndicate.

This coming Sunday, Jan 28th, is the one year anniversary of me getting promoted to brown belt by CapitΓ£o. It was one of my favorite moments in my entire life. I had been a purple belt for like 10 years (which is like three times longer than normal). I tried a tournament a few weeks after my Invicta title fight, just to “see where I stood in the gi,” and I got tapped out once, and lost by decision to a beatable opponent in my second match. I was so devastated that I applied myself and trained SO hard. CapitΓ£o is such a great teacher. I started obsessively going to his classes, and he really taught me a lot. I love his teaching style. He also became a great friend.

It was hard to take a lot of jiujitsu classes ON TOP of all my other MMA training. I was exhausted all the time. My purple belt was in tatters. I felt depressed every time I looked at it, which was every day. Every day I wanted to get better. I was trimming threads off it every day. “I gotta reach brown belt level before this thing falls apart,” I thought to myself every day. My no-gi level was high, but through disuse, I had forgotten a lot of techniques involving the gi. Chokes, balance, muscles used are totally different! Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. It’s a different world and fighting style.

Finally, in January 2016, I went to another tournament in California, sponsored by Remove it Restoration! CapitΓ£o went with me. I won it!

He actually promoted me to brown belt on the podium! I always dreamed of that. It seemed like the coolest way to get surprised with promotion ever, but I never thought it would happen to me.

One of the happiest days in my life.
Now, CapitΓ£o doesn’t train or teach at Syndicate anymore and I’m so sad. I cried a lot about it, actually. Nobody knows how much I cried over it because I never mentioned it online before. But no matter what other teachers I train with, CapitΓ£o will always be one of my best teachers and a big part of my life! I’m looking forward to the next time we can train together.
We rolled last Saturday. I miss him so much!

Every week is so busy, but in particular, this past Saturday was crazy. Syndicate had an open house, during which they put on a mini-jiujitsu tournament, and Muay Thai exhibition matches between members. I volunteered to sign autographs at a table! Not a ton of people came over, but oh well. I met some nice people and chatted with others. πŸ™‚
I also did some jiujitsu with visiting fighters and some kickboxing.

Then Serena and I dragged ourselves and our gear to Planet Hollywood where we put on a demonstration and panel at Otakon Las Vegas! Otakon is the biggest anime convention in the USA, normally held in Baltimore and now Washington DC. This one was an affiliate or branch or … a baby! Yes. It’s Otakon’s baby. πŸ™‚ *cuddle*

I was impressed that 99% of the con-goers wore costumes. Like, literally everybody I saw cosplayed, and made a big effort, too!! I felt underdressed with my jeans and Dragon Ball Z hoodie. o_O;;;

I was afraid that 1) no one would come 2) no one would talk 3) no one would volunteer 4) no one would come say hi for pictures or autographs afterwards.

NONE Of those fears came to pass. πŸ˜€ A bunch of people came…. an organizer said it was one of the most highly attended panels! The room was HUGE, so it didn’t look like it got filled up, but I knew based on the whole con size, it wasn’t bad. Lots of people spoke up when I asked the crowd to name anime with MMA or fighting styles in it. Lots of people volunteered to come up to the state to try the moves we showed, for example, the hook sweep, mount escape, the take-down counter tomoenagi flip, cow catcher that Serena showed, etc. πŸ™‚

I then wore my Goku gi to do the demo, and when we sparred, I had on my Goku rash guard, and Serena borrowed my Vegeta rash guard. I WAS SO EXCITED to spar with her as Goku vs Vegeta….and for once, I think everyone understood our excitement! πŸ˜€

Dude, this girl’s Mei Hatsume costume is GOOD, right?! I Was totally fangirling over her. XD

My kids class is awesome. I love them. A lot of them are supposed to compete at the NAGA tournament in Feb so I’m trying to get them ready for that!

Especially Aleena is tiny and adorable and can armbar me and choke me. *_*

I was sick a few weeks ago and watched a ton of Arrow, Flash, and Hozuki no Reitetsu.

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First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend/roommate/training partner/nacho buddy/movie buddy Serena “The Southpaw Outlaw” DeJesus, aka “The Reen.”

Gee, you have many names.

But there is only one Reen. πŸ˜€ She is 26, about a decade younger than me, but we get along so well! Sometimes I don’t know what the heck she’s saying due to her ‘young person lingo…..’

But these moments are becoming less and less. At least she’s more aware of using adverbs correctly nowadays. πŸ˜€

I realized that she wouldn’t throw herself a party, so this year I threw it for her! πŸ˜€ We invited a few friends and her family.

I never take anything for granted, especially friends. Having a friend like Serena is like having the overhead light on in the room. It’s always there, bright, cheery, constant, unfaltering, illuminating my daily life. I could survive without it, but I’d be groping around, struggling. She’s always there to share ideas with, to do fun things or chores with. Having a good training partner is so important beyond words. When you train a fighting sport with someone, it’s violent, so you have to trust your body and health to another person, trust that they can use control and not hurt you. In recent years, I’ve become more careful about my training. “My body is my business.”

I hope I never ever make her feel like I don’t appreciate her.

Stilllllll trying to figure out a balance in my schedule. I’ve been doing more strength and conditioning. I also had a great wrestling private lesson with Coach John and Hannah.

aaaah jiujitsu. x_x Why is it such a struggle for me to get good training in gi jiujitsu? Maybe because you’re living the life of an MMA fighter, Roxy, and are at the best MMA gym in Vegas. You know your goals.

I started doing mini jiujitsu gi lessons with Casey-sensei. He wrote out a list of fundamental techniques, and upon looking them over, I realized I didn’t know many by name. Before my fight, I made a goal to go over them all, and make sure I have the appropriate knowledge as a brownbelt should. Casey is such a great teacher. Serena and I are enjoying drilling with him. The 25 minute sessions go by too fast! ;_;

So in regards to my schedule……
My dad told me a story. When he was just starting out as a salesman and was soliciting people for business, people turned him down and it ticked him off. “What should I say to these jerks to turn me down?” He asked his boss. His boss told him, “You should thank them.” “Thank them?! Why?!” my dad asked. “Because nine out of every ten people will turn you you down, so you should thank them for being one of the nine you have to get through before you can reach the one.”

That is such a cool story, and I’m applying it to my life. So this week was supposed to be attempted schedule week #3, but I got sick! πŸ™ GRRRRRR foiled! I even had a fever. I have stuff to do, muscle to build, technique to perfect, kids to train. bah.

At least I will get better in a few days and am not seriously injured. Therefore, I’m really not that upset. I don’t even need something to compare that to, but unfortunately fellow fighter Tonya just had a serious injury, and a friend’s family member just got into a serious car accident, plus all over the Underground Forums is a gofundme collection for some ammy fighter who got into a car accident….. yeah the world is rough. I already appreciate where I am, my ability to do what I’m doing, my health, my family, etc.

Well, since I’m home sick, I can enjoy catching up on TV and anime shows. I NEVER get time to marathon watch stuff anymore. ONLY when I’m sick. So yeah, I enjoyed the heck out of it. I continued watching Arrow. I’m on season 5, ep 8.

Then Flash. I’m on season 3 ep 3.

I’m also into The Gifted, in the X-men universe!

I also researched some anime I had taken pics of in Japan and made a note to look up, including Hoozuki no Reitetsu, which is a hilarious parody of Japanese company life. XD

I watched a bunch of eps of that because I decided to watch Overlord with Candy and I’m waiting for her to catch up to where I am. Overlord…I dunno how I hadn’t heard about this before, because it came out a few years ago, but it’s like Sword Art Online, where this guy gets trapped inside MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). The main character is actually the skeleton undead guy lol.

Also watching Ancient Magus Bride. It’s a weird one, but mystical and mysterious. I like it a lot!

oh, a few weeks ago, I saw Jumanji with Serena. FUNNIEST MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME! I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in the theater! omg I dislike Jack Black’s movies but he was hilarious in this one! The Rock is an amazing actor, as well.

BTW I’m revamping my store. There are more options for my books – you can get a signed autographed photo now, and I’m also gonna sell Keith Mill’s photo and part of profits are going to charity. It’s not up yet, but soon.

Also, my Happy Warrior T shirts have been reprinted so all the sizes should be in! No XXL, though, sorry about that.

Oh, there’s going to be a Syndicate open house with stuff going on. If you are in Vegas, stop by! Jan 20th from 10 to 1 PM.

(*click to enlarge)
Also Jan 20th, I’m going to be a guest at Otakon Vegas, in Planet Hollywood, from 3:30! Demo, Q & A, and autographs.

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The fight continues after the fight….

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After the fight, Dana White came over and said something to me. It was very nice, like “Great fight” etc. I thought, “Man, I wish I could record this somehow cuz I ain’t gonna remember it in five minutes.”

I was right. ;_; My brain was still in that hazy fight-zone. Once the bell rang, I knew she was going to get the decision. I didn’t get “beaten up,” and I think I landed more strikes on the feet, but I know she got some good positions on the ground, so she was going to get it. She did.

You lost. You didn’t get the title belt! You could have beaten Nicco!
I used every ounce of effort in my body to win that fight. I fought hard. Be proud.

We gave our speeches and I left the octagon. I still didn’t know where to go. People were milling around. My nose hurt. I wanted ice.

“Where am I going? Somebody lead me!” Somebody lead me towards the back. On the way out, fans leaned over the guard rail and wanted to slap my hand and take pics. I always feel bad ignoring one side to go on the other side. I slapped a few people’s hands, and then I saw my friends, so I rushed over there. I hugged them….

You’re the loser tonight. Killers are going to flood the division soon.
It was a great fight. I should be proud.

I went to my favorite restaurant with my friends. It felt great to be in a comfortable place with people I loved. I started reading my social media and saw how everybody was talking about what a great fight it was. Then somebody told me that I should have tried more takedowns, that I didn’t even try but if I tried I could have won, and analyzed the fight. That made me feel really crappy. It was too soon to analyze. That’s supposed to happen in a few days.

I’ve been here before.

Here. Mental and emotional Hell. It’s where many fighters go after a loss. It’s dark, sad, and cold.

But before long, a staircase forms. When I go back to training and change myself, I get better, so I can leave the past me behind and climb the staircase out.

The more I improve, the higher I climb. And my friends and coaches are there to give me a hand up onto the first step.

The first week after my fight, my nose was swollen but not broken, and my eye was half swollen shut.
People you meet ask you if you won and you had to tell them no.
But she looked just as bad. And it was fight of the night.

I was hoping to go back to teaching kids on Wednesday but I got a skin infection from the UFC cage mat! -_- Well ppl are walking in there with shoes on and all so I’m not surprised. At least the UFC paid my doctor’s bill. The bursa sack on my left elbow was swollen, probably from me hitting her head with it.

Too bad you didn’t win.
At least I’m not on crutches.


But it’s not a serious injury. Every time I bent it, it stung like crazy, or if I breathed on it or leaned on it. And my left thigh/knee hurt from twisting it before the fight, and then she kicked it a bunch of times, so it was throbbing for a week after the fight. I’m grateful those are the the worst things. I think Nicco’s foot is broken. :/ I have friends who have had their skull orbital bone broken or cracked or something.

Her foot might be broken, but at least she’s the champion. You should have been the champion. You’ve been training for longer. You’re better.
She is very skilled and trained hard, too. She’s a great person and a good champion.

So yeah. I really didn’t rest a whole lot. I mean, I didn’t train, but I went everywhere. I had so many chores to take care of, and I did a ton of things I’ve been putting off. I got my car maintenanced, hair cut, did a few interviews like the MMA Hour, and had a few meetings with my coaches.

I went about my day doing chores.
Why couldn’t you take her down?
Because….. I didn’t see the chance and I didn’t want to dive in after it.
You didn’t even try.
Yes, I did…on the cage she was stronger, and everybody else got tired trying, so I decided strategically not to force it.
No, you didn’t….you didn’t try hard enough!!
I took her down twice, dude! Did anybody else ever take her down? Just shut up.

People in Walmart and the grocery store were coming up to me saying that it was a good fight and they all wanted me to win. It made me so happy that they made the effort to call out to me and tell me this! Some people came RUNNING over.

People on social media sent so many nice messages saying how inspirational I was.

Yeah, inspirational in your FAILURE!!
I accomplished my goals of 1) showing the world, Dana White, my coaches that I’ve improved. Everyone has said it. 2) I also have a UFC contract. 3) I inspire people and show what a martial artist should be like.

I argued with the voices in my head all day long for seven days. When I was a child and said something negative, my mother always always said something positive afterwards. “Well at least…” or “Look on the bright side…” or “But this thing is good!” So when I became an adult, I realized how valuable that was, and trained myself to notice if I said a negative thing, and make sure I always counter that with something positive.

It’s almost like Dark-side Light-side.

I am a Jedi and will never fall to the Dark Side.
(Yes, I saw the new movie. I loved the action scenes, the acting, the special effects, but I hated the plot.)

So I was happy with my coaches meeting. My schedule is already pretty loaded up so it’s hard for me to tweak it, but we decided I’m going to stuff another strength and conditioning session in my week. I’m also going to add one more day of private lessons with John. I’m feeling good about that plan. That plan is the staircase. I just want one built so I can start climbing it and get away from the current me.

Jiu-jitsu is an issue, though, because one of the men I chose as my teacher, Captain, no longer teaches at Syndicate, and the other man, Casey, just had ACL surgery. I mean we have other teachers at Syndicate, but you know….they’re THE ONES. It’s hard to explain. That’s still an unresolved challenge, but thankfully, does not relate to my two main goals.

You are starting to suck at gi jiujitsu!
But I love it, so I’ll just train it and then not suck. I already proved that.
You’re going to be so embarrassed training with other higher level belts!
I’m not afraid.

Last week, Syndicate hosted Rowdy Rollers, an all-female BJJ open mat that happens once every three months or so. IT WAS SO GREAT. My nose and elbow hurt a lot, but I enjoyed rolling with people. My biggest accomplishment was not getting tapped out by Tammi. lol

Great turnout!
Last week was the second week after my fight and I trained lightly. I did mitts with John and he fixed one of my steps so my strikes suddenly got more power. THAT WAS CRAZY. That one little adjustment helped my balance SO much, and the power of my hook. It was like…..WHAT?!? How is this possible!?!

A few people have told me to go to a boxing or Muay Thai gym. Um, guys, I don’t think that’s the problem.

I landed SO much. But now, if I fix my step that John is teaching me, I’ll have knockout power. You guys are gonna be so surprised.

John is my Jedi master and I will never ever leave him and Syndicate, nor do I have a desire to train striking with anyone else. So ya’ll can save your breath. πŸ˜›

My dad told me that problem solving is taking one big problem and breaking it down into steps. Go about climbing the steps one by one until you reach your goal.

So I’m enjoying teaching my kids classes again. The sad voice has quieted now that I’m training again and I feel faster already! Oh and a new girl joined our MMA team- Chelsea Rae! She’s nice, excellent work-ethic, and we’re making friends. πŸ˜€

I got to talk to my Uncle Steve for the first time in a while on the phone (we’re both so busy) and he said something I wrote down in my quote book: “Success never lasts but how you feel and live every day lasts. You are the winner or the loser of the moment. Winning is transient but it’s not what life is like.”

I’ve gotten some gifts from fans in the mail sent to my gym. Thank you for the love! I’m enjoying my restaurant gift cards very much – El Pollo Loco!! πŸ˜€ And Fuzzy’s! YAY MEXICAN FOOD!

It’s really nice to be able to eat without worrying about making weight for a while.

I went to Texas de Brazil with Casey and Ashley, the expensive Brazilian BBQ place I never go to because it’s expensive. Yay a nice treat! One time after a fight I allow myself to go.

So today is Tuesday. I had a great mitt session with John yesterday, and great MMA class. My elbow doesn’t hurt quite so much, and my nose, only slightly. I’m feeling more and more positive. I’m already different from the me who fought Nicco! Smile and carry on!!


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Last week (kids BJJ tourney, training, Thxgvng) TUF 26 ep 11 blog

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Last Saturday my friend Serena and I coached our jiujitsu students at a tournament. Scarlett ended up fighting the same girl twice and won both times, giving her first place! I don’t know why my other student Griffin decided he didn’t want to compete…. his older brother did but didn’t win. They all fought hard, though.

She immediately got o-soto-gari, got side control, got mount, and worked for the choke. Couldn’t finish it, though, so won on points.

She’s soooooooo cute. She’s small and quiet for her age (I think she’s 6, almost 7?), so I’m glad she’s doing something like jiujitsu.

My friend who I met in Japan Brittany came and visited Vegas, and we had lunch together while she was here! πŸ˜€

I promise to keep in touch better, Buri-chan! I’ve missed you.

Training this week has been really really good. I’ve been really giving all I’ve got and can feel myself improving and getting stronger every day.
Part of last week and the week before, John was in Australia cornering Jessy….by the way CONGRATULATIONS, JESSY JESS! She was signed to fight Vanessa Porto in Invicta, but then got a short-notice offer to face Bec Rawlings in the UFC, so she took the opportunity. I was really impressed with her performance!

I thought she fought really well, and earned a unanimous decision, not the split that they gave her. But whatever, a win is a win and the fight speaks for itself. It was exciting and she landed more hard strikes, plus good ground control. I had fallen asleep due to Roxalepsy on Serena’s parent’s floor waiting for it to come on, but woke right up when she came on. Good job.

So I want to thank Captain for coming in on Monday just to coach me while John wasn’t here. Word cannot express how grateful I am for the support.

And everyone else at Team Syndicate, like Jordan and Adam, who take time to teach me stuff, or work with me on the side.
Yesterday I had Thanksgiving dinner with Serena and her family. Thank you for including me! <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oookay on to The Ultimate Fighter. This episode was all about Barb vs Nicco. I have so much respect for both these athletes! Nicco is my teammate and slept on the bunk above me. Barb is a fellow-early-riser and I consider her one of my biggest rivals in my MMA career. I wanted to fight Barb so badly from the very beginning, and was wondering how they would seed us. I knew I'd have to make it to the end in order to get to face her. The episode started out showing footage of the prank Eddie pulled on Justin with parking the car. I had wondered about that because I hadn't been there for it! See, that's my kind of prank. Harmless but mischievous. Well done, Eddie. It's funny that they used footage of the PI in like the second week we were there. I know this because I only worked out there once, because we had to go on our rest day, so I avoided doing Strength and Conditioning on my only day off after a massage which I desperately needed. They show me pushing the sled, and they also show Lauren with Team Alvarez.

I love how you can see our art gallery! DeAnna and Shana requested colored pencils and paper and left it on the dining room table, so everybody drew stuff in their free time.

Actually, Sarj and I fought on the same day, right before Nicco and Barb, but for some reason, the TUF crew decided to show their fight first. You can see me cutting weight in the back by hitting pads with Luke. haha

So lots of interviews and then they fought!

The fight went everywhere! There was a lot of clinch fighting and cage wrestling. In the end, Nicco did more and got the decision win. I was actually watching from across the room in the shadows, because after my fight, they made me sit off to the side where I wouldn’t be in any camera shots.

Tune in next week for the final episode and to see my fight with Sijara! There are some other things I’d like to write about, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna be shown, so I have to wait so I don’t reveal anything too soon. πŸ™‚