TUF 26 ep 10 blog – Life in the TUF house, Barb vs Rachael, Nicco vs Montana

8/11 I fought the previous day, but today, it’s fight day for Nicco and Montana. I didn’t know which of them would win. I like them both and they are both skilled, but I suppose I hope Nicco wins since I’m a bit closer to her. Montana was my favorite sparring partner, though. I never really like to try to analyze and make guesses on fights… I’m not good at it, and really, anything can happen in a fight. It’s like a gamble.

I had a really hard time sleeping last night. Not sure if it was the caffeine I took at 1 PM for my fight, or just the exhilaration of the fight. I never sleep more than an hour of dozing off the night of a fight, but this time it was in the afternoon so I thought I might sleep. It could also be the tension of watching and knowing my next opponent. Man, this weight cut is hard on Sarj. How could she make 125 for the title of she has to cut her hair every time to make 126? I worry about her health.

I had ordered sushi for a victory dinner a day in advance, but it hadn’t come. I was really disappointed and was complaining about it to my friends. Then one of the producers came out and apologized, and I felt bad and like a petty brat because I forgot they could hear everything I said on my necklace microphone. ~_~; I ended up eating veggies, eggs, and a bite of chicken for dinner, which is the most pathetic victory dinner I’ve ever eaten. I would have to fight in one week, though…. I ended up figuring out how to fire up the portable firepit table outside and made some smores! Nicco, Gillian, and Karine joined me joined me. That was nice and fun and finally felt like a celebration. I had trouble relaxing, but that helped.

I had been feeling a little queezy, actually. And my body was getting its period on and off for the past two weeks.
I know for a fact that it means my body still feels a little messed up from the weight cut- the stress and low percentage of body fat. I couldn’t eat a lot even if I wanted to.

That was yesterday, the day of my fight. This day I woke up at 2 AM and cooked rice and eggs plus broccoli I swiped from the fight catering that they bring us on fight days. I couldn’t sleep, so at 3:30 AM I sat at the kitchen table and drew two Japanese hanafuda cards with the colored pencils Shana and DeAnna requested from the House Fairies.

They came out not perfect, but pretty enough to make me happy. I posted one of them above, along with the original. Then I cleaned the kitchen and did a few loads of towels. During that time, an air conditioner on one side of the house broke, so one of the producers Mr. C came out and offered everyone fans, since it was really hot in the dead of summer. At 3 AM. I can’t believe he was still up! What a guy…. “I leave when my work is done.” Much respect to that. That’s why the show is such high quality! I went then outside and lay outside on the hammock under the stars. But I still wasn’t sleepy! Karine came out and we talked a bit.

Finally, I lay down around 5 AM and woke up around 6:30 AM. YAY more sleep.

The staff wanted to film me turning over Shana’s picture on the tournament line-up board and putting up Emily’s but I politely refused. I didn’t want to. It just felt sad to me. I mean, she already lost and felt sad about it, so to see footage of her opponent flipping it over is even more sad, right? I didn’t like it. I had to appeal to the upper level bosses, but it got okayed that I didn’t have to do it! 😀 They had been filming all of us doing that, but I don’t think they put any of that footage in after all. 🙂

Rachael vs Barb was super competitive. I honestly thought Rachael won the first round, and Barb won the second. I was surprised it didn’t go to a third! Their stand-up was back and forth.

Barb actually shot on Rachael, which surprised me since she knew Rachael was a wrestler, but got the take-downs! Rachael defended well and shook her off her back a lot. In the second round, Barb managed to keep top position and GnP more.
Nicco vs Montana was intense. Nicco was just so tough, moving well and cutting angles well. Montana shot in but Nicco defended the single well in the center and against the cage. Then Nicco kneed Montana, opening up a cut, took her down, and GnP. We all went “oooh” and kind of watched while wincing. It was a really hard fight for us to watch. Our team was kind of close. Nicco did what she needed to do, though. Much respect to her for that. Nicco ended up winning the decision. Phew man.

I was really impressed with everyone- what hard-fought battles!

That night, our coaches brought over 30 inch pizzas from Brother’s Italian Bistro (near Syndicate!) It looked normal but it was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever eaten!! I dunno, just the flavor and crust and cheese and omg! I had two small pieces but was sad I couldn’t chow down since I was cutting weight still. Like constantly cutting weight. ;_; We hung out with them, played charades, and went to bed when they left.

It’s crazy to look around the room at our team and realize that everyone but me and Nicco have lost. I used to be one of those fighters, just miserably waiting for the season to end, eating whatever I wanted, not caring about weight, wishing I could be back with my friends and family. I still had work to do, though.

In training the other day, we got one of the staff to cover up logos on Vinny’s gi (because logos are not allowed to be visible) and I rolled with him! It felt so amazing to train in the gi again! I had been going three times a week, and missed it. Jiujitsu makes me happy. He powered out of all my attacks, but it was funny. I couldn’t do anything but I tried, and it was hilarious. I got out of a bow-and-arrow submission, though. That was my achievement of the day. He took the time to now and then point out mistakes I made, or good ways to do some escape or attack. That was the best! It was so interested and really helpful. That’s my favorite way to learn jiujitsu, to point stuff out as it happens because I can understand the situation.

That really helped rejuvenate me mentally. Thanks, Vinny!

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