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So I’ve avoided posting anything about politics during this election time because people feel so strongly. I also feel strongly. But some of my FRIENDS have posted on Facebook that they’ll unfriend people who vote for a certain candidate they hate. Really? You’re going to let our personal relationship be torn apart by your opinion of a political candidate?
I will say right now that I dislike both Hilary and Trump as candidates. I think I would have been unhappy if either of them had won. I will say that I’m glad America is not a dictatorship. For laws and policies to pass, there has to be some kind of consensus. Checks and balances are in place. Now that Trump is elected, I’m feeling positive about there possibly being economic improvement for our country. I’m feeling worried about various social issues that may arise. I am worried about how untactful and politically incorrectly he speaks, and am glad when he backsteps from certain impossibly things like building a wall. I use Obamacare because I don’t make much money. I pay $60 a month for Health insurance now so I’m not looking forward to him repealing that and I may have to pay $250/ month for insurance, and that’s the best deal. That’s my entire bi weekly paycheck for my part-time job.

Anyway, enough about that. I’m still happily pursuing my dreams of fighting and hope to make more mulah in the future. Near future, preferably. Because money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy nachos and tostadas, and that equals happiness. And it buys me plane tickets to visit my family because I miss themmmmmmmmmmm. ;_;


I love America and even though Americans are not perfect and our government is not perfect, we’ll survive.
My mom voted the opposite I did, and I couldn’t believe it! We had been hating on the same person for months when we lived together and then all of a sudden she flip-flopped? So election day I called her and I asked her reasons. She told me and they were logical. I respected the fact that she put more importance on certain things than others. I didn’t try to change her mind and she didn’t try and change my mind. There were no arguments. Only calm, fact-providing questions and answers. It was a great conversation.

/end political entry

Training has been great and I’ve accomplished a lot, except I keep getting injured. Most recently my nose got smashed in a hard sparring session and it’s swollen and hurting, so I can’t really kickbox or take strikes to the face at all for a while now. I’m trying really hard not to be mad about it. My ring finger got bent backwards from blocking a kick and now I can’t bend it all the way because it’s swelling. I’m able to do jiujitsu somewhat by buddy-taping it.

I’ve told myself “I am calm like a Jedi” at least 50 times this week so far. Capitao reminds me, too. lol It’s so cool and rare when someone “gets” how I think.
I did an X-guard sweep to get up from bottom the other day, and a butterfly sweep in MMA without even trying. Obviously, I’m not gonna be one of those jiujitsu fighters who purposely tries to be on the bottom. Those days are over. I’m gonna use my jiujitsu to get up or submit. It’s so cool having a jiujitsu instructor who’s an MMA fighter, and John’s jiujitsu is also excellent and he gets how MMA works. Man, Syndicate MMA really does have the best MMA training in the world.

I find myself able to do the striking techniques I’ve learned lately, and my gi jiujitsu is getting better. I’ve been true to my vow of lifting, doing jiu-jitsu, and MMA classes. I’m writing down my lifting results every session and finding that some of my numbers are going up. *shrug* Who knows how much they’ll translate into my MMA game, but this is where I have faith in my coach.

Some fans sent me a gift card for gas. Thank you so much! It’s so helpful! See you again when you come to Vegas, J & J!
No more socks, guys. I have 203 pairs!

I’ve been obsessed with ReBoot and realized that I never saw seasons 3 or 4 because they weren’t aired on my TV station I had! So I watched it online and WOW, that series went from rated G to PG-13 REAL fast. Chopping people’s heads off, torturing them, dropping buildings on people? I did dig all the cultural references and spoofs of various other TV shows and movies and quotes they added.

I found that a Mexican restaurant that opened near Syndicate called “Fuzzy’s” is AMAZING and has great tacos and nachos. Jessy introduced me to it. I’ve gone for nachos twice with Serena. I really like being housemates with Serena. We have our own space but at the same time, can hang out, and I don’t have to drive 15 minutes to go pick her up if we need to go somewhere together.
Sunday we had nachos (for recovery purposes after hard training) and then saw Dr. Strange at the Orleans. Fun!

I’ve been enjoying teaching my jiu-jitsu classes a lot. I’m a permanent teacher for the big kids class now. And my little kids class just got like four new students in the past three days!

My teammate and friend Jessy Jess fights in Invicta this week! (her name on the card is “Jessica-Rose Clark.” ) Please root for her!! She’s the one with the purple hair.
She’s gonna totally kick butt.

I’m doing this BJJ tournament Dec 3rd!!

Lastly, I’m doing a raffle of these nice Dragon Do gloves to help with my training costs!
I love having Dragon Do as my sponsor!…