My trip to visit family in New England!

I went to Boston to visit my dad and step family June 26th, 27th, and 28th!

It was really nice! We didn’t have any major plans. Dad and my step mom wanted to buy potted plants for their deck, so we went to a nursery at Home Depot. It’s so nostalgic for me, because when I was growing up, Mom worked all day on Saturdays so I was with Dad all day. We often went to nurseries because he loved landscaping.
nursery boston
roxy in dad's car

He designed our front and back yards and was always having me help pull weeds, and having me sit in the back of the van or car and hold onto the plants so they didn’t fall over. XD I remember it took him like 10 minutes one time to convince me to ride in the back of the van without a seat belt – I was CONVINCED I was going to die if I didn’t have it on. What can I say? I’ve always followed rules. lol

I often write about my mom because she hasn’t objected, but my dad never likes me to mention him online at all. One of my fans commented once that he thought I might not have a dad. Nope, I have a wonderful father who is my hero. 🙂

I really want him to see my world and understand it a bit, but I know he can’t really. Not any more than I can understand his world of selling transportation insurance. I just know that I’m having more fun, but getting less financial security. x_x

On Monday I rented a car (Nissan Altima! I used to own one!) and drove to upstate New York. There, I visited with my mom’s side of the family, my aunt and two uncles. One Uncle is very sick and I’m really sad. I always meant to get to know him better after I grew up, but after I moved to Japan, I didn’t keep in touch with them very well. :/ I’m glad I could visit. I wished I could have stayed longer. It’s hard traveling and being out of my normal routine. I think I gained three pounds in 5 days. I had really needed a break in training. I was overdoing it and even started getting sick! Thanks to sitting on my butt most of the time, I got over the cold!

PAPAYA POWER!! I haven’t gotten anything other than sniffles from over training since I started taking Herbal Papaya products!! 😀
schohaire aqueduct roxy
My aunts and uncle and I had Italian food, visited the Schohairie Aqueduct, and picked up Uncle Fran’s new car he purchased.
schohairie information
(click to read the enlarged pic)
uncle fran walking in nature
He’s so smart! But so stubborn! 🙁 I’m kind of mad at him for not fixing his health problem. I don’t know how much longer he has left. It makes me sick to think about it. I was kind of a mental mess yesterday at training until I did jiu-jitsu. Ah, jiu-jitsu. As they say in fight club, after fighting, the volume on the rest of the world gets turned down.

Flew home on Tuesday.

Trained on Wednesday.

My nagging injuries were completely healed…..for the first two minutes of my mitt session. x_x Oh well. Living the dream!
These next two weeks will be super busy. Invicta friends are coming to town, and the UFC Fight Expo is coming up! No, I’m not doing a signing because I don’t know how to get one. …