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Man, another “once a week” blog post.

One of my nagging injuries is really impacting my normal training routine. I did mostly jiu-jitsu last week because I couldn’t go really hard striking. But on the other hand, I could go hard grappling. I am totally fine for the competition. It should go away soon anyway. I learned SO much from Vinny. And I’m really looking forward to my grappling competition! Mike Pyle also taught me a bunch of things. I’ve been doing mitts with Coach John, learning and practicing new stuff. 😀 😀 😀 #syndicatecoachesrock

So I decided that the Fightblok poster needed to be Syndicate-ized to hang in our gym. 😀 So I used the “paint” program on the gym computer and photoshopped the pic. XD Hahaha
fightblok poster photoshopped
I can do a way better job at home, but this isn’t bad for “paint” and 10 minutes.
I want more people to buy tickets from me, and I feel like nobody understands that I’m fighting, so if my picture is there….maybe they’ll notice?

I got some Quest Nutrition Protein Chips, a new-ish product! I love them! I heard my friend Brittany in Japan talk about them, then I got them ordered, and then Serena said she got some, and then my friend Patrick heard us ranting about them on Twitter and got some. Then I gave one to my mom and she likes them, and I brought them to my coach’s house party and they ate them. Then I gave a quest bar to my teammate for helping me film my video. He likes them, and so did my coach. So yay. Spreading the Quest Nutrition love. I am a good lesion.

protein chips small

I’ve been watching the TV show #Lost Season 1 like a lunatic. Well, one or two a day. I just finished episode 14. My Japanese is suffering because I’m not watching anime or writing many blogs so I’m forgetting words. Damnit. But I love Lost.

….omg did I really just unconciously hashtag “Lost” in the above paragraph….? /me falls over

Moving on. I went to the movies (by my happy self) on Sunday and saw Maze Runner. I LOVED IT. No, I didn’t read the books but I want to now. And actually, it stimulated my creativity. I have this fantasy book about dragons called “Daughter of Fire” that I’m writing, well, I was writing during my teenage years, that I always meant to finish and publish. Now I’m re-reading what I have and gosh, the plot sucks. I couldn’t figure out how to make it more original. But I had a flash of creativity after Maze Runner, so I really wanna write it now.

But I have to self-publish my already written book to reprint it, since my publisher went out of business and I have no more hard copies left. And I’m finished writing and now editing another self-help book called “How to be Positive: Mental training by the Happy Warrior.” So I feel like I’m doing too many things. And if I sit home, I want to watch Lost, not write. lol

Maybe I should take my laptop to a coffee shop again….

This past Saturday, Coach John had us over his house and we watched the UFC. I really enjoyed it. My family! 🙂 <3 johns house for ufc and you know what party

My mom wants to move to a new apartment. I don’t want to move. She says it’s noisy. I don’t think it’s noisy at all. 🙁 I’m having this struggle because I want to live by myself. I can’t really have my friends stay over if they’re in town because we don’t have space and she’s a private person. But if I move out, number one, she is paying the rent since we live together. And number two, we’re never free at the same time, so we never DO anything. We just speak in passing. Therefore, we’d never see each other much if I move out. Gah. 🙁

I wrote a bunch of articles for . One about my training partner Jamie Moyle, one about my former training parter/rival/ Hashi who is fighting Barb Honchak (someone else I wanna fight lol) for the title.

Oh, I called my dad and we were chatting, and he said, “Oh by the way, Pete Rose is at the Mandalay Bay signing autographs.” I was like, who’s Pete Rose? and he very calmly explained it to me. lol (super duper famous baseball player). So I went and got his autograph for my dad. 😀

pic of pete rose 1

okay that’s all for now…