PT, work, training, my Japanese Uncle

I slept very deeply Thursday night! And when I woke up at 4:40 AM, I even went back to sleep until 6:30! It was amazing.

I managed to watch Naruto! I watched Shippuden episodes 201-203. Sasuke is in the middle of fighting Raikage-sama. No spoilers, please. Raikage is so cool, despite being a hot-head. I know I’m way behind.

I did personal training with Mitsui-san in the morning from 11:30 – 12:30. This is our third time. I think I can feel a small difference in the stability of my legs. He said I’m getting better. We’re doing ViPR training and he’s helping me stretch. Before, he used this muscle roller and released the knots in my legs that I didn’t even know where there, and my injured knee felt better after that! I was kind of shocked. Yesterday, he told me the muscles on the right side of my neck were larger an bigger than my left side muscles. O_O I wonder how that happened. He suggested that’s from doing takedowns, but I do takedowns on the other side, so that wouldn’t make sense. Weird. I hoped he would release my leg again, but he gave me a neck massage, and my neck felt fabulous after that. So I can’t complain. ^^;

We only did ViPR for 20-25? minutes, but I was done after that. If you watch this vid, it looks like some happy aerobics, but it is NOT EASY. The squats and lifting and swinging that weighted rubber pole. And I did the side shuffle wrong and my back started hurting. ;_; Now I know what not to do, but man! For the little time I was doing it wrong, it really is hurting. _< My shoulders gave out their strength, prompting him to say, “Man, we gotta strengthen your shoulders, too.” Yes, please. “But these exercises will do that, so don’t worry,” he reassured me. ;_; Yay.