healed or dormant? That is the question

This week has been pretty busy with lots of kids at work, not enough sleep, eating too much, and feeling stress building up from lack of training.

Friday morning, the doctor said I could start training lightly. He said technique only and no hard sparring.
Okay, so I went to work, and then happy hurried to training to catch the end of class. We did kickboxing, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed kickboxing so much as then. Celine and Brittany were both there. 😀 Then I got my mentor G-san to teach me some techniques. He knows a lot of good stuff, but he teaches too much. My brain can’t absorb all of it. LOL It will go in, but the absorption rate is like a brick, not a sponge. Hah

I rolled very very lightly with Celine and Brittany. <3 celine roxy brittany at groundslam 3.1.13
So much fun. I feel like I have my life back. I found myself again.

But actually, I was troubled.

And yes, I woke up this morning and my injury feels a little…not so great. Not bad, but not great.

Is it healed or just dormant? This happened after Christmas, too. Maybe I didn’t let it heal enough… It felt fine during every day life, and then I trained on it, and it got swollen and bad again.

Things are not back to normal. I’m worried. My back injury is dormant. As long as I don’t aggravate it, I feel no pain. But should I start running or twisting a lot, and then bam, I’m in bed-ridden pain. It’s unbelievable.

Trying to take it day by day. And my right eye is hurting again. -_- And it’s all red.

This Sunday is the UFC and I’m totally going! 😀 I’m going with Kozo, my guy friend who owns the restaurant “Fukuzushi” that I always go to (because his cooking is magical). I’m psyched. I took the day off from work. This happens but once a year.…