funfun training, stressful work! productive day

I probably should have gone back to bed after I woke up at 4 AM. I’m SO tired. Yesterday was super busy. I had so much fun training.

Katsumura-san was away, so I taught. I did warm ups and found out that a few of our regulars don’t know how to reverse shrimp or take the back properly. It’s important to build people up and not teach too much advanced technique too soon. It’s hard because we have a mixed class of true beginners, beginners within their first year, and intermediates who’ve been around about 3 years or so. So we did warm ups and I realized that people were doing crunches and leg raises wrong, and couldn’t do certain stretches properly.

It’s not their fault. Nobody does that style of warm ups in the normal class. I come from a Judo/BJJ background, so I warm up stuff necessary for safe grappling. lol At Groundslam, people usually do shadow boxing to warm up. It’s just a different style of class, and I’m not often in charge. So I taught all that and also my style of taking the back. My injury didn’t hurt too much! 😀 And it’s really satisfying to see my students come away with stuff they can use. ^^

Rikiya, the huge 18 year old, got really sharp and strong and the arm drag and taking the back. Through teaching it, I realized that the length of ones’ limbs make a difference as to if someone crunches forward or stretches back for the rear-naked choke. Arai-san goes forward, but he has shorter arms. I stretch my person back, and I have long arms and legs. I also realized that it works best for me to sink the choke in deep while flat on my back, and THEN turn them to the side, rather than turn them to the side and then try and sink in the choke, because my floor hits the elbow when I try.

….I mean, my elbow hits the floor. Lol that’s what I get when I try to listen to music and type at the same time. XD hah

jan 2013 ground slam class rikiya kaki

Then I went into work and had a meeting, an assessment and two challenging lessons. The kid knew a lot of grammar but couldn’t use it. I’m so glad I can still relate to teenagers in some way.
Roxy: What are your hobbies?
14 year old boy: I like Pokemon…
Roxy: Oh yeah? Me, too! What Pokemon do you like?
Boy: I like blahblah.
Roxy: (new one, so I didn’t know) Oh yeah? I like Pikachu! And Thunder! (Japanese for “zapados”)
Boy: 😀 😀

One fellow simply could not remember my corrections, and I felt sad for him. ~_~ I want him to learn so badly. Poor business guy is stressed out at work, has to work over time, and then drag himself to English class. I wanted to make him relax, but it was hard. :/ For another lesson, the lesson goal was supposed to be able “reporting the status of a project,” but he said, “I don’t have projects.” Uh….oh great. @_@; I thought of something, though, and it worked out well. hah

Then had a meeting with staff on my way out the door at 10 PM, when I’m actually off the clock (I’m off at 9:15) and my brain was exploding by then.

So tired. x_x Woke up at 4 Am, and should have just rolled over, but I thought ‘FRUITCAKE IN MY FRIDGE” and got up and ate it. LOL SO PATHETIC!!!! XD

But I’m looking forward to training today! 😀 😀 My beloved gym! Coach! Training partners! 😀 HAPPY! 😀

Okay, this video is NOT happy, but it really kicks ass. Somebody mixed Alien movie footage with Rammstein. Check it out! I love this song; Zwitter!