this week’s update of training/friends fun &work etc

Wow, I can’t believe a whole week has gone by already!

Monday was like a blur…training from 9 AM until 12. Then practice English with Katsumura-san. He’s like a sponge…he soaks everything up so fast! It’s quite amazing how fast he’s learning English. Then I went to Mihara-san and got m weekly osteopathic therapy, and then practiced English with him, too. When I got home, it was 7 PM! I was so exhausted. lol

Woke up in some pain on Tuesday at 3 AM. Worked all day, but had a bit of time in the evening, so I saw The Amazing Spiderman! I miss Spiderman’s witty comments….there was only a little bit of that in the movie. SO COOL, though. I LOVED IT!! And the creative acrobatic movements they had him pull off were JUST like in the anime I used to watch. SO COOL. And 3D. omg.

Wednesday, also slept like crap, but had a fun morning training class with lots of work on our jabs.

Then work in the afternoon/evening. I’ve lost some weight, from 137 to 134, so I treated myself to a bit of ice cream. XD I try to watch what I eat but I don’t feel like I’m losing any stomach fat, so I’m like, “Grrrr.” And then SUDDENLY I’m like three pounds lighter, and then I freak out because I don’t want to lose muscle. ~_~; IT’S FREAKING DIFFICULT TO MANAGE WEIGHT AND STRENGTH.

Thursday (wtf woke up at 3:30 ;_; but I went to bed at like 10, so I got about five something hours of sleep) I trained with Celine! 😀 (notice I’m wearing Tara LaRosa’s T shirt she gave me XD)

Yay, sparring! I felt well enough to go full MMA sparring. My first two rounds were REALLY GOOD! But of course, Katsumura-san wasn’t watching. :< Then he sat nearby but I got nervous, and got all tense and sucked in my third round. x_x So disappointed in myself. Then Celine and I worked on just clinching and wrestling practice against the wall. Man, every dojo's gotta have padded walls! Then I did most of the 10:30 class! I'm struggling with the Peruvian necktie...I KNOW I'm missing a detail and I think I figured out what it is. I'm really enjoying being the live translator for Steve. Although if I don't understand the move myself, I suddenly stop translating. So the Japanese classmates are probably like, "Uh..." ^_^;;;;

Anyway, after that, I met up with an American friend who I’ve actually known online for literally 7 years, but never met in real life!! So we met! (with his wife) That was so awesome.

I found out that Tara Larosa got a fight set in Invicta on October 6th. I’m so happy about that!…