work, training, PIZZA and ice cream

On Saturday, my work day was alright. At training, I kind of snapped … I’m frustrated I can’t do certain things to my satisfaction.

So I was totally freaking out. But then I set some goals for the class, calmed down, and DID spar. I had no problems doing striking while sparring MMA- I just really really despise kickboxing only. ~_~; Noripi was watching me and went out of his way to give me advice. I like that kid. 🙂 I spilled my guts to BJ-san, and he told me that I have ingrained bad habits from years and years of doing it, and we’ll have to work really hard to fix them, and spend a lot of time on it. My response: Do I have to? -____-;; Akano-san beat me in our fight and didn’t land a single punch!!

The answer is, yes I do have to try, and here’s why:
First of all, things aren’t all or nothing.
This goes for anything in life.
Say you have a problem, and you KNOW you can’t fix it 100%.
If you don’t try and fix it, there will be 0% change. If you make an effort to fix it, there may be even 5% or 10% improvement. Although small, isn’t it better than nothing?

Anyway. We did some wrestling after that, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as jiu-jitsu. I learned a few things, though.

Sunday was like a blur….I woke up at THREE AM……………………!!! ~_~;; I kept losing track of time and how many lessons I was teaching, I was so exhausted and sleep deprived.
Me: *class bell chimes* “Well good job today, so your homework is…”
student: “Uh I have one more lessons….”
Me: “Oops sorry ~_~; So take a break and I’ll be right back…”

BUT AFTER THAT!!! There was much greatness….in the form of PIZZA AND A HUGE HUMUNGOUS ICE CREAM SUNDAE!!! XD

It’s called Hero’s Pizza, and has pepperoni, tomato chunks, shrimp, corn, and green peppers. XD

My friend and former student Meiko, and my new American friend Brittany who sometimes comes to Ground Slam! 😀

Then we managed to get to Isami before it closed, and I bought a cell phone cover that looks like an MMA glove. Brittany one, so I got a matching one, except red version of her black! XD It was 5,000 yen 😡 Kind of splurged there….

Yesterday, Monday, my body was dragging but I went to training and had fun. I did one MMA round with Wicky, and then trained in the general class with Arai-san. We did various techniques (grappling, of course) and then sparred MMA. It was fun 😀
I lifted weights in the evening a little bit. Wanted to do BJJ but wasn’t up to it. :/ various things are hurting…

Oh, and my fish “Drifter” died. ;_;…