training with Noripi, and my last fight

Wednesday morning, I went to Ground Slam’s morning class. Noripi was taking care of the class for Katsumura-san and Steve, who are both injured. I was the only one there at first, and he said, “I have nothing to teach!” But actually, when he held mitts for me, he helped me practice this very simple point about distancing that entered my head. I mean, I might have done it before, or been told it before, but it just didn’t get in. This time, we just kept drilling this one thing again and again until I noticed and realized my mistake and fixed it.


THANK YOU, Noripi.

Another guy showed up a little late. Noripi taught some grappling escapes. I felt dumb cuz I didn’t get the first one… my partner was a beginner and really hard to work with because he didn’t resist normally, and just tipped over when I tried to do a move. ^^;; I don’t want to make excuses…anyway … I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and then got it. I also got that move in sparring afterwards, so I felt great. 😀 Another super move by Noripi! THANKS, man!
This is the pic he took while I was wrapping my hands. I looked up and noticed just as he went ‘click.’

I sparred a bit and my neck didn’t feel too bad. I tried to be careful. I had fun. XD I went to work later in the day.

So this morning, I had a short chat in my chat room. Thanks to all who came! It was fun.
Actually, someone found my fight with Hashi online, and of course I had to watch it. *sigh* Watching it, I thought, “Wtf happened to me.” It was so pathetic. ;_; It really showed that I was injured and hadn’t trained for one month. But also, just….I could have done much better.

I cried. That wasn’t me. It wasn’t me! Who was that in there with the cornrowed hair? Some crazy, weakling foreign girl? Then, final bell rang in that fight, the fight I wanted to win at all costs but lost pathetically. Through tears of humiliation, I swore that I’ll never fight that way again. NEVER AGAIN. I’ve been going downhill for the past two years. It’s going to stop. I will remake myself at Ground Slam. Everyone is trying to support me already.…