INSANE dream incorporating my whole life

I had this nightmare/dream about work and training and…EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE. -o-;

First, I had to travel to this different (sister) school for work, and started teaching the wrong chapter because I read the PEDA card wrong. Tried to wing it, but I’d never taught that chapter before, so I kept making small talk while I tried to stealthily scan the book to figure out how to do the chapter check, but the student was an older business man who had “FAST PROGRESS” written all over his card, so he got irritated. -_- (I have a fear of, ‘What if I’m not going fast enough/slow enough for the student’s liking?’ )

Finally, I realized that I HAD THE WRONG BOOK so I had to LEAVE the classroom (a huge no-no) and I found that I was in this mansion that was like some competition/Olympic games. Megumi was competing in Judo, along with guys from Ground Slam, and I was supposed to have gone support them? (Megumi really did do Judo in the past, and I feel guilty for not supporting GS’s Tanuma-san when he fought a while back)

So I had to change out of my work-clothes, so I was trying to find clothes, and then a place to change, and ran into Ray and Damien (former and current bosses) which reminded me that I was supposed to be teaching a group lesson! THEN the angry business man student appeared! He’d followed me and had become a huge fan of mine because I was a fighter. He fell in love with me, which was really awkward since he was like 50 years old, so I’m running around this crowded fight venue with all these mats, and this student is following me, and then I emerge and Ayaka is fighting and all the AACC people are cheering for her. (In reality, I couldn’t go to Osaka to support Ayaka fighting in Jewels)

I ran into Amanda Prentice and Cara Reilly, who were on the high school varsity soccer team with me! Huh? We haven’t spoken since high school. lol Why were they in my dream? I think they were doing some Olympic soccer. Also someone from work, I forget.

Then I emerge into Don Quixote where I buy a rice ball as energy food (dreams are so random, and yes, that super-store sells rice balls). I had this feeling that my mom was coming soon, but I didn’t know where I should meet her. So I was running around looking. The student who was in love with me was telling me, “Don’t worry about teaching the wrong material! I’ll always support you!” and I was like “At least he’s not mad…”

THEN I found myself in a tall building that had a view like the Yokohama Language Center and I had to teach this group of 3 ladies, and I had to run down the hall because the bell rang and I couldn’t find the book. I walked into the class a minute late. (I have anxiety about going into class late because we can get fired)

@___@;;; Then I woke up MENTALLY EXHAUSTED…….…