Dragon Ball Push ups

So this morning I went to the gym and just did light stuff, like body weight exercises, and wrist exercises. Did the elliptical and got a sweat going.

Got home and did a lot of chores and was generally productive.

THEN I WENT TO GROUND SLAM and TRAINED for the first time in three weeks since I hurt the muscle in my leg!!! XD My knee is pretty much healed! It doesn’t hurt at all, but the muscle, I think, was torn or separated or something. I taped up my ankle and it felt okay. I hit mitts 😀 and held mitts. I didn’t spar stand up, though. I did this grappling drill that Katsumura-san showed us, where we are on all fours with our inside arm hooked through his leg, as if trying to do the single leg, and he was in the same position. Then he said “Go!” and we tried to either get on top or take the back. GOOD DRILL. I dig it. XD Then he taught us what we were doing wrong and had us do it again.

Katsumura-san is so cool. *_* His explanations are so easy to understand and I love his technique. The creator of the ninja choke. XD So cool.

This is a picture from before of me and Katsumura-san at Ground Slam. (I didn’t take any tonight)

Anyway, then he had us get in a circle and do push ups. We were about 20 people. The catch was that we all stayed in the down position, and everyone had to say the name of one Dragon Ball character in order to push up and proceed. Now, push ups aren’t fun, right? I HAD FUN. XD It was amazing.
Katsumura: Who doesn’t know Dragon Ball very well! You? Okay you go first.
guy1: Son Goku.
*push up*
guy2: Kame sennin (i.e. Master Roshi)
*push up*
guy3: uhhhh….
everyone: WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘uhhhh!’ There are so many characters!
guy3: uh Android. (jinzo ningen)
everyone: which one? *groan*
guy3: Android 18.
*push up*
guy4: Tienshinhan
*push up*
guy5: Piccolo
*push up*
guy6: um…who was it…Underwear person…(pantsu)
everyone: WHICH ONE?
guy6: uh….uh….uh…….Bra. (the second child of Vegeta and Bulma, in GT)
*push up*
guy7: Trunks!
*push up*
guy8: uh…uh……………………………………………..
everyone: HURRY UP!
guy8: ;_; uh…..Vegeta!
*push up*
Roxy: (immediately) Shenlong. (The Dragon)
everyone: ooooooh! Cool! *push up*
guy9: King Kai
*push up*
guy10: Kami-sama!
*push up*
guy11: uh uh uh uh uh
everyone: *groan and straining to hold* COME ON! guy10: *whisperwhisper*
guy11: Bulma!
*push up*
guy12: uh er hmmmm SUPER SAIYAJIN!
everyone: WHICH ONE?!?!?


It was hilarious. XD That was the best torture ever!…