I went to UFC 144!

Today I took a day off from work and went to UFC Japan 144!

I’ve only been to one other UFC, when it went to the Mohegan Sun in CN, when I was a college student. I went with Kozo, a guy friend who owns the restaurant Fukuzushi I often go to, and who also trains. It was a treat for both of us- I haven’t been to a HUGE event in forever, and he’s NEVER been to a huge event, since he works at his restaurant at night.

I was really surprised by the big showing! I thought that since it was like 9:30 AM Sunday morning, only die-hard fans would go. I guess I was wrong. Even on the train from Kawasaki, we saw people with cauliflower ears and MMA shirts. 😀

The event was kind of long. It started right on time at 10, opening with Mizugaki. Too bad he lost by decision. ;_; I thought he won. I was rooting for all the Japanese guys. Wow, the crowd really boo-ed Akiyama. ^^;; I really wanted Mitsuoka-san to win, but he looked pretty good, as did Okami. GGAAAAH SO CLOSE _< Okami totally should have won that. OH well, that's the name of the game. Those were really amazing interesting uppercuts. The dude practically threw them under his own arm. :O I ran into old training partners, Mizuho, Bettiko, and J-taro + adorable daughter in the hallway on the way to the rest room. 🙂 Actually, I had an appointment and Kozo had to get back to his restaurant, so we left slightly early, after round two of Rampage. If we waited until the end, we'd both might be late, and the trains would be MOBBED. I was fine with that since I mainly wanted to see the Japanese guys. I didn't see the main event. ^^;; yeah yeah I know...I'll watch it later. Overall, it was an excellent event and really fun experience. I'm inspired to fight more now! …