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Soooo last night I decided to go to the gym. For some weird reason nobody did striking? I was bummed. x_x Billy, Masa-san, and then Abe-san each showed a submission technique and I worked with Tama-chan. It was fun, but we are both hurt, so we were like two gimpos. x_x; (i.e. we were gimpy…did my Dad invent that word?) I have to be careful of twisting motions. It is getting better every day, though, I think.

Yesterday, I got Ayaka (Hamasaki) to take a picture of me posing in my sports bra. I decided to post it when I got home.
“Haha!” I thought. “I’m gonna post it! And nobody’ll expect me to post a shirtless pic! hahaha won’t they be surprised! I’m gonna post it!” and I got home thought, “Kay, now I’m gonna post it, I’m gonna post it…… I’m not gonna post it.”

And didn’t post it. u_U I’m too embarrassed. Not like anyone wants to see me shirtless. There are way sexier fighter chicks to gaze and drool over. ^^;; Me and my slight love handles I DON’T CARE ABOUT because I’m getting STRONGER mwahaha. I don’t have the body of a supermodel or that’s super sexy and I don’t give a flying fart! 😀 I thought I looked good last year keeping my weight down, but I was weak, so what’s the point?


Today was Friday, and I got up early to work early in a sister school that’s right above the Tokyo Pokemon Center. XD YES, OF COURSE I went in! 😀 I bought a zipper clip thingie! Zapados! He was my strongest Pokemon in the old Game Boy (red) version. 😀

There were SO many Pokemon I’d never seen before. I felt kind of sad, but I have NO idea why, because OBVIOUSLY TWELVE years have passed since I watched Pokemon, so of course they’d make new ones. ^^; It’s just I took such trouble to memorize the 150… They didn’t have Eevee. 🙁

In the afternoon, taught my Friday Rugrats. We were talking about winter sports, and I devised this coloring activity to make it fun and keep them occupied because they get restless easily, and T-kun won’t shut up. MAN they were just TESTING ME back and forth the whole time- turning the lights on and off, opening and closing the CD player, throwing stuff, not cooperating. I caught myself almost yelling at them, but I managed to swallow it. But it’s easy to get back on my good side- just speak English.

I had them design and color their own ice-skater garbed in various gear. I bribed them with stickers and it totally worked. O_o; The bribery. Except everyone’s speed was different. We couldn’t even finish them. x_x That irritated me a lot.

Then I went to ANOTHER sister school and saw……A PLUSH DIE!!!!!!!
Only the very one I’ve been searching for for like THREE YEARS!!!!! GFAHHHHHH I wants it! I wants it!!!!! XO It was right there, but they don’t sell them anymore in the stores!! I can’t finds it!!!

At least I have Zapados. My preciousssssssssssss.. Where shall I hang it?…