arcade game from the angsty businessman

I went to the movies today. I LOVE going, despite the expense (1,800 yen…about 23 US dollars) but even if I can afford it, I’m always so tired that I fall asleep and waste the time. 🙁 So I didn’t even get to see Harry Potter yet, or other ones I really wanted to see. But I saw the previews for The Immortals. I had to to skip training this morning, so rather than mope around home, I took a caffeine pill and went! It was good. Not spectacular, but there was, if I might use the term, “beautiful violence.” (I looked away sometimes, like when people’s throats got slit. I’m a sensitive soul! :x) It was beautifully done, but omg there were some horribly cliche lines in there. 🙁 Acting was great, though.

Before I went, I stopped in this arcade and saw this new game.

It’s for the frustrated and furious…you can choose to be a businessman or father. lol you get to choose, and the game is how hard you can slap your hands down on the table. I chose the office just because it looked hilarious.

I didn’t really know how it worked or how many times I could slap the table cuz the Japanese instructions went by so fast. Now I see my pic, and I realize I had 60 seconds.

I wanted to hit it harder, but in the end, I flipped the table over with a scream of “baka yarou!” (you IDIOT!) and got points for the shocked looks of the office ladies, and how far my employee went flying. XD LOL HILARIOUS!!!

Unreleated to that, a while ago my teapot broke, so today I bought a new pretty one on sale below the BE building in a temporary stand! 😀 I took a picture of it next to one of the pair-panda mugs, which was my birthday present from Mana. XD